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Cascais and Sintra invite you to discover one of the most beautiful coastlines in the capital, with pristine landscapes, and sandy shores ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and leisure travelers. Rent a car in Cascais and Sintra and explore the rugged and breathtaking scenery in a cheap, quality vehicle.

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Affordable Rental Car Cascais

Affordable Rental Car Cascais
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
Hyundai Trajet
€54 / day

Car Rental Sintra

Car Rental Sintra
Vans 9 Seats (H2)
Opel Vivaro
€79 / day

Superior Rental Cars in Cascais Portugal

Superior Rental Cars in Cascais Portugal
Luxury Jeeps Automatic (I4)
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Cascais Car Rental Free Delivery

Cascais Car Rental Free Delivery
Mini Vans 7 Seats Automatic (L2)
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€62 / day

Rent a Car Cascais

Cascais is one of the main coastal towns situated on the Portuguese Riviera. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sintra Mountains, Cascais is located on the western bank of the Tagus Estuary. The municipality of Sintra forms the northern boundary of Cascais and is more untouched than Cascais. Cascais is known for the Boca do Inferno chasm, long sandy coastline, luxurious resorts and high-end restaurants, and its vibrant marina. Near Marina de Cascais, you will find the royal residence of the Citadel of Cascais, the art gallery and museum of Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, and the wilderness of Boca do Inferno. In Cascais, numerous conferences, global meetings, and sailing or watersports competitions take place, such as the renowned America’s Cup.

In general, Cascais is a vibrant resort town offering a wide range of outdoor activities, elegant villas, fish restaurants, and a wide coastline ideal for beach hopping. The Portuguese Riviera's main beaches are in Cascais, such as Praia da Rata, Tamariz Beach, and Praia da Rainha. On the north side of Cascais, you can discover the rugged and dramatic scenery of Serra de Sintra with its pristine beaches, popular surfing spots, and hiking terrains. Cascais is home to seventeen vibrant or secluded beaches, all worth exploring and seeing. Drive along the coastline of Cascais and experience its lively atmosphere and breathtaking vistas. When making your reservation with Imperial Car Rental, you have the option of not paying with a credit card or making an upfront deposit. We make your trips easier and that is why we stand out from our competitors. Explore Cascais and Sintra and choose Imperial for a worry-free drive!

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During spring and summer, many festivals and concerts take place in Cascais, such as the Cascais Cool Jazz Festival and Festas do Mar. Moreover, Cascais boasts a large number of visitors thanks to its beaches and various possibilities for lovers of surfing and sailing. For instance, Cascais has been the official host of the World Championships in racing yacht sailing. In recent years, it has also become an interesting destination for golf fans, as it features more than ten golf courses. For those interested in shopping, a clothing and accessories market is held in the Municipal Market of Cascais on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today, Cascais is a beach town full of life that has not lost its aristocratic character but has not forgotten its seafaring past. People who are passionate about its history, surfers – the waves of Cascais are among the great surfing meccas of Europe –beach lovers, and tourists of all kinds choose Cascais for their holidays.

Watching local fishermen offer their catch in the main square or attending a traditional fado show in one of its numerous casas de fado and bars are also must-do activities in Cascais. Largo Luís de Camões concentrates most of the bars and clubs in the city, the best being Taberna Clandestina, O Pescador, and Dom Pedro. Dom Pedro is a small, home-style restaurant and a good option for those who want to enjoy traditional Portuguese food without spending too much money. One of the most photogenic places to visit in Cascais is the Santa Marta Lighthouse, which has a museum inside. This lighthouse, 20 meters high and decorated with white and blue tiles, was used as a military defense during the 19th century and later housed several collections of objects related to the lighthouse's operation, such as lenses and various documents. With so much to see and do in Cascais, a car rental is your best bet to make the most out of your visit. Our large fleet of quality cars in Cascais includes sedans, minivans, SUVs, and many more car types. Choose the one that is right for you and explore the long coastline of Cascais!

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One of the first things visitors choose to do in Cacsais is a leisure walk through the historic center and its cobbled pedestrian streets. Starting at Plaza 5 de Octubre, where the town hall and a statue of Dom Pedro I are located, you can walk along the Federico Arouca shopping street and continue along other narrower streets such as Rúa da Misericordia, Saudade, dos Navegantes, surrounded by colorful tiled houses with mosaics. The Cascais citadel, an ancient fortification built to defend the city from Spanish attacks by sea, is one of the most important places to see in Cascais. This historic structure originates in a castle from the Middle Ages. However, it was later reinforced by the order of Philip II. Since 1870, it has been adapted to become the summer residence of the Royal Family and later that of the President of the Republic. If you visit Cascais during the low season, you will find quiet alleys filled with chic shops and cafes where most locals hang out. Most of the structures and traditional houses are covered in tiles and decorated with flowers. The entire area between Rua de los Navegantes and Avenida Vasco de Gama is exactly like this. In addition to shopping and walking, the old town is also perfect for trying fresh fish and seafood in one of its restaurants. A good option after eating is to buy some delicious artisanal ice cream from Heladería Santini and head to Visconde da Luz Garden for relaxing.

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Sintra is one of the most wonderful towns along the Portuguese Riviera and a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its wealth and variety of landscapes and historic landmarks. The main features of Vila de Sintra's historic core are the 19th-century Romanticist architecture, estates and villas, gardens, and royal palaces and castles. Of Celtic origin, Sintra became a holiday residence for Portuguese nobles and monarchs in the 15th century, largely due to its rich natural environment. Among the famous sites in Sintra are the beautiful Pena National Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, the Portuguese Renaissance Sintra National Palace, the Park and Palace of Monserrate, and the Castle of the Moors.

Next to the Pena Palace, the Quinta da Regaleira is the most captivating place in Sintra. This mystical palace, built by a Portuguese aristocrat, is surrounded by extensive gardens full of secret corners and is loaded with symbolism and well-kept secrets. Sintra is the place where you’ll get lost in time and experience unique adventures in its parks, forests, mountains, and rugged coastal cliffs. The magnificent Sintra-Cascais Natural Park lies in the Sintra mountain range and is ideal for hiking, cycling, safaris, and outdoor activities. In addition to visiting the main palaces and castles, it is advisable to take hiking routes through the Natural Park that surrounds the city and enjoy the most typical dishes of Portuguese gastronomy, such as bacalhau à brás or sweets such as queijadas and travesseiro.

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