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Soaring cliffs, hidden sea caves, and beautiful golden beaches are what you will discover throughout the region with Imperial Car Rental Faro. Continue your journey inside the city and explore the historic old town with its medieval city walls and many other attractions with your car hire in Faro.

Car Hire Faro

★ Lowest Car Hire Rates in Faro Portugal ★

Cheap Auto Rentals in Faro Portugal

Cheap Auto Rentals in Faro Portugal
Cabrio (G1)
Opel Astra Cabrio
€54 / day

Rental Car in Faro No Credit Card

Rental Car in Faro No Credit Card
4x4 Jeeps (F1)
Suzuki Jimny (Open Soft Top)
€36 / day

Faro Rental Cars Free Delivery

Faro Rental Cars Free Delivery
Luxury Jeeps Automatic (I4)
Jeep Grand Cherokee Automatic
€107 / day

Faro Rent a Car Offers

Faro Rent a Car Offers
Family Limousine (J1)
Volkswagen Passat
€39 / day

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Imperial Car Rental Faro Portugal

Rental Car Faro

If you are looking for car rentals in Faro, Portugal, Imperial Car Rental is the only car rental company you'll need. We have a wide range of vehicles waiting for your arrival and multiple locations for you to pick up and drop off your car rental in and around Faro. Our prices are very competitive in the industry to ensure you get the best rates possible. We offer 24/7 customer support and will always provide you have a pleasant experience with our company. We encourage you to book your car hire in Faro online to ensure availability and to get the best rates. We know how stressful it can be to arrive at a new destination without a car rental, so we offer you the best services possible. You can choose your car before arriving, as we provide multiple makes and models to select from.

We assure you that you will receive the best car hire in Faro on time and without delays. Our helpful staff will be able to answer any questions that may arise and will be able to explain all of the details regarding your car rental in Faro. These are just a few reasons our company is considered among the best car hire companies in Faro. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to assist you and ensure your Faro Portugal car rental is as easy and convenient as possible.

Faro Car Rentals

Faro is an ideal destination for any vacation because of its magnificent climate and beautiful landscapes. There are many activities like swimming, kayaking, and surfing that you can do here. The beaches are spectacular and are very friendly to visit. The coffee shops, restaurants, and bars line the streets in Faro. The nightlife is considered one of the best in the world, and you will be able to find a bar or club that fits your needs. The city is also very safe and hassle-free as you walk around the streets at night.

You can visit many places while staying in Faro, such as the most famous Guia Fort Tower, one of the tallest structures in Portugal. It is located near the water and is surrounded by beautiful views. It was built in the 14th century and was restored in the 19th century. The view is magnificent, and you can also see many other towers in the distance.

You can shop for antiques, artworks, and jewelry at the markets around town. Do not forget to visit Bishop's Palace, built around 1,000 years ago by a bishop named Pedro I. Be sure to get around the city using your cheap rental car in Faro from Imperial.

Another great place to visit would be the Interpretation Centre of the Ethnocultural Park of Tavira, a great tourist attraction. There are many souvenirs to buy and beautiful places to see. You can also visit the city center, which has been awarded multiple times for being one of the most beautiful in Europe and Portugal.

Other places worth visiting are the castles and museums on the island of Pico, which provide an excellent opportunity to see various places in one day. You can walk around all of the sites and explore them.

You can also go on a trip to explore some other places nearby, like Tavira and Alcoutim.

Hire a Car in Faro Portugal

Our main priority is to provide you with a safe, reliable, and efficient Faro car rental. We will do our very best to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us. Our staff will treat you as a valued customer, and we make sure to provide exceptional service. We will never charge you more than the agreed-upon price and will offer you a transparent process. Try us today and see why Imperial is one of the leaders in the industry and will offer you the best Faro car hire with no deposit.

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