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Lagos, one of the most visited cities in the country, invites you to experience its vibrant atmosphere and engage in sightseeing, entertainment, and sea activities year-round. With an economy and secure car rental in Lagos you will discover the city without limitations.

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Situated along the Atlantic coast and at the mouth of the Bensafrim River, Lagos is one of the most visited cities in the whole country. Part of the Barlavento region, Lagos consists of numerous attractions, crystal-clear beaches, luxurious resorts, and vibrant nightlife and entertainment options. The Ponta da Piedade headland is the city’s most famous attraction, consisting of 20 m high rugged cliffs. Also, the Atlantic beaches of Estudantes, Dona Ana, and Praia do Camilo make up its lengthy coastline. Take the 200 wooden steps to reach the iconic Praia do Camilo Beach, which is situated below Ponta de Piedade. This highly photographed spot will literally take your breath away while admiring the sunset or swimming in its azure waters. Dona Ana Beach features a wilder landscape and is surrounded by impressive rock formations. The renowned Baroque-style Igreja de Santo Antonio is a few steps away and features a religious museum, intricate wood carvings, and exceptional artwork.

The nearby Forte da Ponta da Bandeira is an imposing fortress that was built at the end of the 17th century to protect the port and defend the city from possible enemy attacks. Temporary art exhibitions are usually set up inside, and its premises include a drawbridge and a chapel dedicated to Saint Barbara, completely covered in blue tiles If you’re a sea lover and want to explore the seabed as well as the coves and caves in Lagos, then a boat tour is a must. Lagos Adventure, Kayak Explorers, and Blue Fleet offer full-day boat trips, kayak tours, scuba diving, and cave trips. Enjoy your stay in Lagos and combine it with a reliable and flexible car hire service. Imperial Car Rental provides you with the best possible car rental deals in Lagos with the highest quality vehicles. Drive worry-free with absolute safety and flexibility!

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As a popular coastal destination, the best time to visit Lagos is late spring, summer, or early autumn. However, its temperate climate makes it possible to visit Lagos all year round. The unique landscapes of Lagos, outdoor activities, magnificent beaches, and lively nightlife make Lagos a must-see destination. The imposing walls of the old city of Lagos extend around the historic area and enclose the major part of Santa Maria and São Sebastião. If you have booked your stay inside Lagos's main town and want to explore its surroundings, renting a car is your go-to choice. Visit our website, find your preferred vehicle and dates, and make a quick reservation. We offer free delivery of your car and numerous pick-up and drop-off points in Lagos. Some of Lagos's best attractions and museums are in the old town and modern city center. Still, the suburbs are full of magnificent landscapes, sandy beaches, and traditional villages.

The Castelo de Lagos, also known as Castelo dos Governadores, is part of the defensive framework built throughout the city's history. Although it does not retain much of its initial charm today, it is a corner full of history. This old fortress has Moorish origins and was, after the reconquest, chosen as the headquarters of the military government of the Algarve. During the mid-15th century, Lagos was the maritime capital of the world. Dom Henrique, The Navigator, settled here to direct the African expeditions, in which, unfortunately, he began to trade in slaves. The Mercado de Escravos and the esplanade that today form a beautiful square were the only places in Europe where slaves were legally traded between the 15th and 16th centuries. It was here that, in 1444, the first African slaves arrived, creating the first slave market in Europe. This part of Lagos comprises its old town and encompasses Praça Gil Eanes, the Mercado Municipal de Lagos, the Castelo dos Governadores, Porta de São Gonçalo, and many more attractions. The most impressive part is the Porta de São Gonçalo, a gate flanked by two Albarran towers that is part of the entire defensive structure of Lagos.

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Due to its location and economic importance, Lagos was the epicenter of the so-called Portuguese Age of Discovery. During this period between 1418 and 1543, a series of expeditions were carried out that resulted in the expansion of Portugal, the opening of new trade routes, and the creation of a new map of the world. Lagos became the capital of the Algarve kingdom, and caravels were built in its shipyards that were used on these voyages. For this reason, one of the city's main avenues is Avenida dos Descobrimientos. Located next to the Bensafrim River, it is very pleasant to walk at sunset and stop to browse the local craft and souvenir shops. This is also where you will find the vibrant Municipal Market of Lagos. Although the building is from the beginning of the 20th century and does not stand out too much, the most interesting things are found in its interior. It is a food market characterized by authenticity, and it is advisable to visit it in the morning to buy fresh produce and avoid the crowds. The historic center of Lagos is full of restaurants where you can relish mouthwatering dishes and local wine. It is recommended to try the local cataplana, the most typical dish of the Algarve, which consists of a fish or seafood stew with bell peppers, onions, and herbs. Reis, Cantinho Algarvio, and the famous Casinha do Petisco are some of the best restaurants to try cataplana and other local Lagos dishes.

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Praia da Luz, or simply Luz, is a municipality of Lagos, a 10-minute drive away from Lagos center. Praia da Luz was once a small fishing town but is now one of the most popular tourist towns and has some of the best beaches in the region. Luz is a small fishing village in the Algarve that has become one of the region's most popular centers for families while maintaining its original charm. Luz sits on the seafront, its picturesque cobblestone streets winding through the city and offering things to do in Praia da Luz at every turn. The focus of Luz is on the beach, and many of the activities take place on its golden sands under the gaze of the impressive cliffs to the east. Relax on a sun lounger, walk along the coast to Praia do Burgau, or head into the sea for water sports, pedalos, and lots of fun in the waves right from Luz Beach. One of the most wonderful things to do in Praia da Luz is to walk along the pretty promenade that leads to the beach. It is full of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants and is the perfect place to watch the world go by. It is ideal for buying gifts and knick-knacks or enjoying a drink in the sun.

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