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An Aegean Island with a beautiful natural setting that is filled with mountains and coastlines with sandy cove bays is what you will see with your Imperial Rental Car Lemnos. An ideal summer holiday location for those who seek privacy, relaxation and to come and go as they please with their Lemnos Car Rental.

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Holiday Car Rentals Lemnos

Holiday Car Rentals Lemnos
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
Nissan Evalia
€50 / day

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Lemnos Auto Rentals
Economy (B1)
Hyundai i10
€23 / day

Auto Rental Lemnos Greece

Auto Rental Lemnos Greece
Family Jeeps (J1)
Suzuki Vitara
€54 / day

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Lemnos Rental Cars
Vans 9 Seats (M1)
Fiat Scudo
€67 / day

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Lemnos is a Greek Island found in the northern deep blue Aegean Sea, located northeast from mainland Greece. It is an island surrounded by natural beauty, packed with glorious verdant mountains and impressive landscapes of volcanic rock, while its stunning coastlines are fringed with gorgeous sandy bays and secret hidden coves. Lemnos is considered to be one of Greece’s most unique islands that features not only a medieval castle, picturesque villages, pristine beaches, and archeological sites but also a petrified forest, seal caves, sand dunes and an unearthed ancient city proving the existence of the oldest civilization in Europe dating thousands of years ago. Although Lemnos is a Greek island known by many, it has only been touched by few, in comparison to the other more cosmopolitan Aegean Islands. Regardless of its popularity, hundreds of thousands of people visit Lemnos each year to enjoy an authentic Greek island experience and a relaxing vacation. There are two ways to reach the island, by air from the Lemnos International Airport that caters to domestic and seasonal charter flights and by sea from Lemnos Myrina Port with daily ferry connections to the mainland and the several Aegean Islands. Of course, renting a car in Lemnos upon your arrival will give you the luxury to explore all the interesting sites and discover all the hidden gems on the island by land.

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Begin your journey with your Lemnos car rental and visit the island’s capital city Myrina, known for its cobblestone shopping streets lined with neoclassical buildings and its beautiful waterfront promenade leads to wonderful beaches. It is also home to a medieval Venetian Fortress that is perched on a hill above the town offering spectacular views to its visitors. Be sure to also visit the Archeological Museum of Lemnos that exhibits a rich collection of artifacts from the archeological sites on the island. Next visit the breathtaking location of Platy village that lies on the slopes of a hill around a beautiful beach popular for its watersport activities. Then just 6 km away Therma, a location known for its therapeutic thermal springs and famous for its mud baths made from “Lemnos Healing Earth” is believed from antiquity to have healing properties. Head out to Moudros the 2nd largest city on the island with a picturesque harbor where local fishermen quay their colorful fishing boats, also an ideal location to enjoy breathtaking sunsets. Just outside of Moudros, a large valley that extends to the east is home to a unique creation of nature, the Petrified Forest of Lemnos that resulted from volcanic activity, dating millions of years ago. Visit the picturesque traditional villages of Lemnos including Romano known for its old black stone houses and the remains of fossilized trees, Thanos surrounded by greenery with stunning views of the sea, Plaka that features a lovely harbor, old windmills and the church of Agios Haralambos as well as the village of Kaspakas built on the slopes of a mountain and home to magical waterfalls. Another two villages that must be visited is the charming village of Kontopouli found in close proximity to important archeological sites and Kontias one of the most beautiful villages in Lemnos built on a pine-covered hill with traditional stone houses, abandoned windmills and the picturesque church of Agios Dimitrios.

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Continue your journey with your Lemnos rent a car and visit the archeological site of Poliochni where archeologists have unearthed an ancient city that dates from 4,000 BC to approximately 1,600 BC when it was eventually destroyed from natural causes, considered to be one of the oldest and most organized cities of the Ancient World. Findings in the area include ruins of houses, barns, and an aqueduct as well as remains of an ancient theater and parliament. Next, visit the ancient site of Ifestia, which was named after Hephaestus the God of Fire who was also the protector of the island. Ifestia was an important religious center that dates back to the Neolithic period. Excavations in the area have discovered the ruins of a castle, a necropolis, baths, a Hellenistic theater and temples dedicated to the “Great Gods”. Then just 3 km away from the ancient Temple of Kavirion, a 6th century BC sanctuary also dedicated to the “Great Gods” where secret ceremonies of this ancient cult were conducted. Just below the excavation site, the “Cave of Philoctetes”. Legend has it, that this is the place where Odysseus, on the way to the Trojan War, left behind Philoctetes who was bitten by a snake. Philoctetes was later cured and owed his recovery to the therapy he received from the “Healing Earth” of Lemnos. Then head out to Aliki a coastal salt marsh located on the eastern part of the island that has become a resting place for migratory birds and that also attracts many flamingoes during a specific time of year. Two must-see locations are the Gomati Dunes, the largest sand dunes in all of Greece that also features a gorgeous beach nestled in a bay with fine white sand and crystalline sea waters and Fokospilia, seal caves found next to the bay of Mikro Fanaraki, a place of refuge for the rare seal species monachus – monachus. Also visit the chapel of Panagia Kakaviotissa, dedicated to the Virgin Mary that lies on a hill in a cave surrounded by steep cliffs and Koukonesi a small island connected to Lemnos by a causeway known to be an important archeological site with links to a Mycenean civilization. The island of Lemnos is also home to over a hundred beaches both crowded and secluded. Popular beaches include Myrina, Platy, Romaikos Gialos, Riha Nera, Fanari, and Thanos. Ideal beaches for windsurfing and watersports are Keros and Zematas while the more secluded beaches of Lemnos are Neftina, Papias, Stivi, and Louri. You can easily discover all of these fascinating locations as you explore this beautiful Greek Island with your rental car in Lemnos. It will surely be an experience that you will want to repeat!

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