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This Aegean Island of natural beauty can be best explored with your Lesvos Rental Car. Discover the glorious mountains filled with olive gardens and the scenic traditional villages with views of the Mediterranean Sea by driving around the island with Imperial Car Hire Lesvos.

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Experience only the highest levels of professionalism and excellent customer service when dealing with Imperial for your Lesvos car hire. We work around the clock to provide you with the best quality of car hire Lesvos at the best price because you are our number one priority! Your customer satisfaction is guaranteed as we always strive to exceed your Lesvos car rental expectations!

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There are no risks or bad surprises when selecting Imperial for your rent a car Lesvos Greece. We only offer clean cut deals with no hidden additional charges attached to your Lesvos rental car. Furthermore, at no time will we charge you more for your vehicle other than the agreed upon price. Enjoy a credible and responsible experience with Imperial rent a car in Lesvos Greece.

Lesvos Car Hire

Car Rental Lesvos Airport

Car Rental Lesvos Airport
Family Jeeps Diesel Automatic (J4)
Jeep Renegade Diesel Automatic
€60 / day

Car Rental Molyvos

Car Rental Molyvos
Economy Automatic (B3)
Fiat Panda Automatic
€20 / day

Rent a Car Plomari

Rent a Car Plomari
Medium Family (C1)
Opel Corsa
€22 / day

Rent a Car Petra Lesvos

Rent a Car Petra Lesvos
Mini Economy (A1)
Toyota Aygo
€13 / day

Rent a Car Lesvos

Imperial Car Rental Lesvos Greece

Discover the Island with Imperial Rent a Car in Lesvos Greece

With such a large selection of well-conditioned cars available to you on the island, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are searching for without having to look any further! Highly specialized in the car hire industry, we are capable and able to provide you with a car hire in Lesvos that is both dependable and affordable. Choose a Lesvos rental car from a variety of safe and reliable vehicles that we offer including mini, economy, luxury, jeeps, vans, and cabrios. When you have selected the car that will satisfy the needs of your travel arrangements, you can also choose the delivery location of your vehicle. We can deliver your car hire to any and all locations on the island and provide you with 24/7 support and service at no additional cost. Once you arrive on the island, our team of experts will have the Lesvos rent a car of your choice equipped with all the necessities you require for your safe travels. Be rest assured that Imperial will always provide you with the right car at the right price on time with no delays. You can easily discover the whole island in the luxury and comfort of your Lesvos rent a car because with Imperial you can enjoy unlimited kilometers! Reserve your Lesvos rent a car today and discover a satisfying car rental experience with Imperial. Looking forward to your arrival!

So Much to See with Your Cheap Car Hire in Lesvos

Lesvos is a beautiful Greek Island found in the deep blue Aegean Sea, located northeast of mainland Greece. An enchanting island with a long history and a rich cultural heritage that casts a spell on anyone and everyone who visits, enticing them to come back time and time again. No wonder why it is a popular summer holiday destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world each year.

In Lesvos, you can enjoy an authentic Greek Island experience! A beautiful island packed with olive trees, and mountains and surrounded by the sea that features many picturesque villages, breathtaking sceneries, gorgeous beaches, thermal springs, a petrified forest, historical monuments, Byzantine castles, and monasteries as well as delicious local products. It is also the homeland of famous ancient poets including Sappho and Alkaios that have greatly contributed to ancient Greek literature. Even the Nobel Prize award-winning Odysseas Elytis was of Lesvian descent and rumor has it that the beauty of the island greatly inspired his works of art in literature. There is so much to see and do on this fascinating island that can best be accomplished with your Imperial car rental Lesvos.

Drive to the capital of the island Mytilene which is built on the slopes of seven hills and regarded as one of the most ancient Greek cities. It is a city that provides a little something to everyone who visits with elegant mansions, historical buildings, archeological monuments, museums, a beautiful old town, a picturesque harbor, and an impressive medieval castle that stands gloriously at the top of a hill overlooking the city with breathtaking scenic views. Then drive your Lesvos car rental from Imperial and visit the beautiful medieval fortress town of Molyvos, composed of narrow alleys, traditional stone houses, marble fountains, and lovely mansions that provide an idyllic setting. The highlight of Molyvos is the medieval castle that stands on top of a rocky cliff with an impressive entrance and glorious views of the Aegean Sea.

Next drive to the seaside village of Sigri, popular for its beautiful shores, picturesque port, many beaches, and home to a petrified forest created from volcanic activity dated millions of years ago and is considered a rare geological phenomenon. Drive your Lesvos car rental to the village of Eressos known for its unique architecture, and natural beauty, and the birthplace of the lyric poetess Sappho. Here you can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches lined with seaside cafes and taverns offering fresh fish, seafood, delicious local cuisine, and traditional ouzo. Next, drive your Imperial car rental to the mountainous village of Vassilika which is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill. Rumor has it that during the Byzantine times, this village was used as a place of exile for the royal families. It is actually a magnificent place surrounded by tall pine trees and olive groves and a quite popular location to take a swim in the thermal baths

Then drive to the beautiful village of Plomari which is built around a natural bay amidst lush green hills offering stunning views of the sea. Plomari is also famous for the production of excellent local ouzo and high-quality olive oil that is sold worldwide. Continue your journey with your Lesvos car rental and visit the seaside village of Petra, the coastal village of Kaloni, the picturesque village of Sykaminia, and the traditional village of Moria. Be sure to also visit the highlights of Lesvos with your Imperial car rental including the ruins of an ancient theater, the Roman Aqueduct, ancient Maraka, the ancient sanctuary and temple of Messon as well as the petrified forest, the caves of Lesvos, the thermal springs and the salt marshes.

Finally, your visit to this beautiful island would not be complete if you didn’t explore the stunning beaches with your Lesvos car rental so you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Popular beaches include the gold-sanded beach of Petra, the pebbled beach of Molyvos, the long sandy beach of Vatera, the beautiful beach of Skala Eressou, and the popular soft sanded beach of Skala Kalonis. See and do all that and more as you drive around this fabulous Greek Island in the comfort and luxury of your Imperial car rental Lesvos!

Lesvos Car Rental with Imperial

It is always important to select a car hire company that will provide you with a safe and reliable vehicle for your travels at a reasonable price. There is no reason why you should sacrifice the quality of your vehicle because the price is too high! That is why Imperial Car Rental in Lesvos is the best choice! We can offer you the cheapest prices on the island for top-quality vehicles plus the added bonus of additional services that will benefit you. You can enjoy unlimited kilometers as well as 24/7 delivery, support, and service for your Lesvos rental car at no extra charge. Furthermore, at no time will we charge you more than the agreed-upon price with no hidden added fees attached. Trust that Imperial rental car can provide you with exactly what you need with no risks or bad surprises.

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