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The coastal town of Portimão charms visitors with its Atlantic Coast beaches, stunning rock formations, seafood restaurants, and nature reserves ideal for outdoor activities. Rent a car in Portimao and discover all these and much more with guaranteed insurance, flexibility, and affordability.

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Portimão is a coastal city spreading along the Atlantic Coast and inland towards the badlands of Ponta João D’Arens and the spectacular Ria de Alvor dunes. Crossed by the Arade River, Portimão features a rich natural heritage and intricate geomorphology. Consisting of the coastal region, the badlands, and the northern mountain range, Portimao attracts visitors who want to spend their holidays in this colorful town and explore its nature. A visit to Portimão can not be complete without a reliable and flexible car hire. Like this, you will be able to drive to its surrounding sights of interest, natural areas, and seaside resorts. Check our large fleet of different types of cars and get the best daily or weekly offers for car rental in Portimão. For instance, the Passadiços de Alvor hiking area and the long sandy stretch of Praia do Vale da Lama are a 25-minute drive away from Portimao. This is where you’ll enjoy pleasant hiking routes, kitesurfing, surfing, and flora and fauna observation.

The impressive 16th-century Fort of Santa Catarina is an old Medieval fortress overlooking the Arade River and offering breathtaking sunset vistas. This is a terrific vantage point from which to view Praia Da Rocha beach and the entrance to the marina. Praia Da Rocha is Portimão’s most lively beach, offering many amenities. Tourists take over the Praia da Rocha area, and locals stay with the city center, which includes the colorful bank of the Arade River, which offers some of the city's characteristic sights. One of the most prominent points of the center of Portimao is the Alameda da República, a large square that we could say is the city's heart. It is an area where you will find cafes, restaurants, shops, and a large number of cultural events throughout the year. The fruit and vegetable market of Portimão is a few steps away; this is where you’ll find fresh produce, baked goods, and local products. If you like visiting art galleries, Lady in Red Galeria de Arte is a contemporary art gallery that shares space with a local wine cooperative. The place is huge, above a large wine cellar, and the exhibits’ quality is well presented. Restaurante O Mata Porcos is ideal for traditional Portuguese food in a pleasant and warm environment.

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Portimao’s main points of interest are in the pedestrian and commercial streets of the center and, above all, on the bank of the Arade River, at whose mouth the city is located. The views of the river, bridges, and marina are quite picturesque places for photos or sunset views. The Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição is a wonderful landmark in Portimao and the oldest religious monument in the city. The 15th-century church features architecture that combines Gothic, Manueline, and Renaissance elements, making it an interesting example of architectural evolution over the centuries. Praça da República is the city's main square and consists of a large esplanade into which the main commercial arteries lead. With our multiple convenient pick-up and drop-off points in Portimão, you get to be as flexible as it gets for your car rental. Moreover, we offer free hotel delivery and additional car hire services that come at no extra cost. Experience Portimão from the comfort of your car and drive anywhere you wish!

In front of the marina of Portimão, you will come across the Museu de Portimão, one of the best regional heritage museums. It is located in the old canning factory of the Feu brothers, and it still features the aesthetics of the old warehouse and cannery. It is a representation of how, in the past, sardines were taken from the fishing boats to the canning factory. A highly recommended walk among the activities to do in Portimao is the one you can take along the Ribeirinha, the seafront promenade. The Ribeirinha Zone extends along the river, covering the area near the marina and the historic center of Portimao. It is an avenue full of bars, restaurants, and shops where you can have a drink and enjoy the views of the Arade River and Ferragudo. Nearby, you’ll find the Jardim 1º de Dezembro and Portimao’s Municipal Theatre. The Casa de Tocha restaurant is a gourmet, elegant space where you can enjoy tapas, carpaccio, fresh tuna, mussels, and much more!

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Portimao is full of wonderful beaches and traditional inland villages that you can discover. Praia dos Três Castelos is another central beach in Portimao that is worth visiting. The name Três Castelos refers to the rock formations that resemble castles and dot this beach's coast. With crystal clear waters and fine golden sand, the cliffs and rocks make it a must to go hiking and explore the small caves created by the erosion of the wind and the sea. At the end of Tres Castillos beach, you will then reach Praia dos Careanos, which is smaller and has some of the most striking rock formations on the Portimao coast. There, you will find beautiful rock arches, perfect for taking souvenir photos. The Praias do Alemão and Bolhão stand out for the impressive rock formations that border them, highlighting the large Bolhão cave, with an opening at the top of the rock, perfectly staging the landscape of algares (caves) that shape the town’s dramatic cliffs and scenery. As for the traditional villages, Silves, Ferragudo, and Monchique are some of the must-sees around Portimão. Silves is characterized by its imposing castle, while Monchique stands out for its thermal baths and forest trails. The charming village of Ferragudo is on the opposite bank of the Arade and features a small fishing port, as well as the wonderful Farol da Ponta do Altar.

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Carvoeiro is a traditional coastal town in the municipality of Lagoa, just 11 km away from Portimão. Carvoiero has managed to retain its authentic village vibe, and even though it receives tourists during summer, it has its simple fishing village charm. Carvoeiro is not as crowded as its neighboring Portimao, and the main reason why visitors prefer it is its sandy beaches. Carvoeiro beaches are sheltered by rugged cliffs and small bays, and they have sandy shorelines, shallow seabed, and turquoise waters. The most well-known beaches in Carvoiero are Praia do Paraíso, Praia do Carvoeiro, Praia do Vale de Centeanes, and Praia da Marinha.

Praia do Carvoeiro is the city's main beach and features beach bars, seaside restaurants, watersport activities, and many boat tours depart from this beach during summer. It is worth walking along the Praia do Carvoeiro and the Rúa do Paraíso, which takes you to one of the most interesting viewpoints, Alto da Praia do Carvoeiro. Another beach you should visit is the Praia da Marinha, one of the most typical coves of the region, thanks to its peculiar craggy cliffs and crystal clear waters. Praia da Cama da Vaca features the spectacular Paradise Cave, which you can visit by renting a boat or taking a boat tour. One of the best things to see and do in Carvoeiro is roaming its Broadwalk, a wooden walkway that allows you to walk over the cliffs and rock formations surrounding the town. Pick one of your favorite bars or restaurants and enjoy your lunch or drinks with the spectacular vistas of Carvoeiro’s sea promenade!

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Alvor is a civil parish and small fishing village situated 6 km away from Portimão. The town is famous for its beautiful views, mild climate, and traditional, colorful houses overlooking the center's streets. It is located on the edge of the protected area of ​​the Ría de Alvor, which extends between neighboring municipalities like Portimao. It is popular among watersport enthusiasts, especially windsurfing and kitesurfing, because of its favorable wind conditions. The picturesque town of Alvor is adorned with fantastic beaches that continue along the promenade, such as the Praia João de Arens, Três Irmãos Beach, or Praia da Pranha. The scenery here consists of dramatic cliffs, hidden caves, crystal-clear waters, and small beach bars where you can enjoy sunset views with a sundowner. The wooden walkways of Alvor’s promenade, recently expanded towards Alvor Beach, offer a magnificent view of its nature and pleasant hikes in Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve. Ride your bike or follow the trail along the boardwalks on a summer day and feel the refreshing sea breeze and summer vibe of Alvor. Alvor is also known for its golf courses, so if you're a fan of golf, Golfland is a must-do. For an elegant dining experience in an outdoor setting, head to Restaurante Pôr Do Sol to enjoy mouthwatering local dishes and different wine varieties.

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If you want to go partying and drinking cocktails on the beach, then the Praia da Rocha seaside resort is the ideal place for you in Portimão. This area, popular with holidaymakers, is also an interesting starting point for visiting some pretty surrounding towns. Praia da Rocha is the name that designates a seaside resort near the town of Portimão. Portimao has managed to keep its charm, while Praia da Rocha has been transformed into an immense expanse of bars, hotels, and restaurants that face the ocean. The lengthy and sandy shoreline of the Praia da Rocha area, along with Praia dos Tres Castelos, is a real marvel, with transparent waters, towering limestone rock formations, steep cliffs, and a vibrant atmosphere all day long. The vast and magnificent Praia da Rocha beach is certainly one of the first things you will do while in Portimao. Thanks to its immense size, you will always find a little corner to place your towel, even in high season. However, you can also drive to many more secluded beaches and smaller coves located below the cliffs. For families and watersport enthusiasts, plenty of water sports are on offer at Praia da Rocha, such as jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking. To benefit from a breathtaking view of Praia da Rocha, you can head up to Forte de Santa Catarina, a fortress dating from the 17th century. Accessible by a staircase dug into the cliff, it allows you to escape the crowds for a moment and travel back in time.

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