Corfu Car Rental

Discover the Ionian Sea's beautiful “Emerald Island” by booking your Corfu car rental with Imperial today! Drive your car hire Corfu to any location you desire on the island and experience all it has to offer.

Corfu Car Hire

With your car rental in Corfu from Imperial, you can hire a wide variety of new, well-conditioned vehicles to visit the entire island. With your car rental in Corfu, you can see all the island's beautiful beaches. Drive comfortably and in style with your Corfu car hire from Imperial.

Rent a Car Corfu

Unlike many car hire companies in Corfu, we do not partake in shady and unclear charges. Our transparent and honest way of conducting our business should be why you choose Imperial for your next car hire in Corfu, Greece. Corfu car rentals by Imperial is the wise, safe, and economical choice.

Corfu Car Rentals

You should expect nothing less than a quality rental car Corfu from the company you hire your vehicle with. At Imperial, we promise you a well-maintained and safe hire car Corfu. Your Corfu rental car will be in perfect working order, clean, safe, and will exceed your expectations, so try Imperial today.

Car Hire Corfu

★ We have the lowest Corfu car rental rates! ★

Car Hire Corfu Greece

Car Hire Corfu Greece
Large Hatchback (D1)
Ford Focus
€22 / day

Roda Rent a Car

Roda Rent a Car
Large Hatchback (D1)
Hyundai i30
€22 / day

Hire Car Corfu

Hire Car Corfu
Mini Economy (A1)
Renault Twingo
€13 / day

Car Rentals Dassia

Car Rentals Dassia
Medium Family (C1)
Citroen C3
€19 / day

Rental Car Corfu

Rental Car Corfu
Large Hatchback (D1)
Fiat Grande Punto
€22 / day

Car Rental Acharavi Corfu

Car Rental Acharavi Corfu
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Nissan Micra Automatic
€27 / day

Cheap Car Hire Corfu

Cheap Car Hire Corfu
Premium Automatic (P3)
Mercedes B180 Automatic
€36 / day

Rent a Car Corfu Town

Rent a Car Corfu Town
Large Hatchback Automatic (D3)
Hyundai i30 Automatic
€31 / day

Car Rental Corfu

★ Imperial is the best choice for car hire in Corfu Greece ★
Imperial Car Rental Corfu Greece

Corfu Rent a Car No Credit Card

Imperial Car Rental in Corfu, Greece, is a safe and affordable car hire company. We take pride in providing excellent customer service and renting quality cars for the best prices. We are a low-cost quality car rental company in Corfu, Greece, and have been serving Corfu for over 15 years. We are the best in our industry and a great value for you! We offer excellent service and free unlimited mileage for your journey around the island.

Car Hire Deals in Corfu Greece

Many cars are available to suit your needs: Sedans, Automatics, Minivans, etc. You can rent vehicles for family vacations, business trips, or any other occasion to provide added convenience and freedom. Our support staff will assist you with any questions or concerns you have. Our Corfu Car Rental Prices are typically 20% less than most local Rent-A-Car Companies in Corfu. We offer only reliable and safe cars for rent in all areas of Corfu, ranging from low to medium-cost and high-end luxury vehicles. We care about our customers, their needs, and their satisfaction.

Rent a Car in Corfu Free Delivery

Corfu is a beautiful island in Greece and one of the most visited. If you are in Corfu for a business or family vacation, renting a car from us will be convenient because everything you need is within your reach. It has many interesting places and sites you may visit using your rental car from Imperial. Corfu is in the Ionian Sea, surrounded by the sea and mountains. It has many rare species of flora and fauna and a valuable cultural heritage, which you can enjoy when renting a car from us. The beaches here are some of the most beautiful and vast in Greece. The best beaches are Kolimbithres, Kokkinos Pyrgos, Agrari, Kerasia, Benitses, Kontokali, and Garitsa. Corfu is an ideal island for a beach vacation with your family. It has many water sports to try, like windsurfing, canoeing, or sailing on the Ionian Sea, which is excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving! The nightlife in Corfu is also one of its biggest attractions.

Cheap Car Rental in Corfu with No Deposit

The weather is excellent for sightseeing, shopping, and dining, and Corfu has something for everyone. Tourists visit Corfu to enjoy its hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. Daily activities here include beaches, museums, botanical gardens, and sports. The village of Ano Milia has a museum dedicated to the history of Corfu and an art gallery in Agios Andronikos with a collection of works by the well-known sculptor Polydoros Sismanides. You can also visit the Archaeological Museum to see some precious archaeological findings from this area.

Quality Car Rental in Corfu Greece

The island is bustling during the summer months of June, July, and August. The climate is mild, pleasant, and not as busy the rest of the year. We highly recommend booking your car months in advance as Corfu is extremely popular with tourists worldwide. Due to limited availability, getting a car on short notice is often near impossible. If you are looking for an affordable car for rent in Corfu, Greece, at a great value, Imperial Car Rental of Corfu is the right choice! Imperial Car Rental will reduce the burden of long travel times by allowing you to explore the island and spend time with your family or friends. You will have peace of mind knowing you can access quality vehicles at affordable prices.

Car Hire Corfu Town

Corfu Town is the capital of Corfu and its most popular tourist destination. You can find an excellent selection of hotels, restaurants, shops, and entertainment options in the town. You can explore the historical sights and tour some great churches. The beautiful Town of Corfu offers an excellent time to walk around, explore the city's attractions, or relax at one of its many cafes or bars. Known for its unique culture, Corfu Town offers an excellent choice for a great holiday.

Car Rental Corfu Town

We rent cars at the most affordable prices in Corfu Town. You will get our best service and an outstanding vehicle during your rental period. You can rent a car in Corfu Town with Imperial and drive around the city's attractions. Our rental car services are superior for those on a budget. Imperial is your ideal choice when renting a car in Corfu Town. We offer 24/7 customer support and reliable services to match your needs.

Car Rental Corfu Port

Renting a car at Corfu Port is simple with Imperial. We will have one of our representatives waiting for you at the Port of Corfu with a vehicle ready to drive. Our cars are in tip-top shape and will make your trip memorable. Corfu Port is on the island's southwest coast, near the capital. The Port offers numerous displays of historical objects and ancient walls. It is also close to some of the island's most famous beaches.

Car Hire Corfu Port

You will enjoy your time in Corfu with our affordable and convenient service at Corfu Port. We rent cars at the lowest price, and our vehicles are of high quality and offer outstanding comfort and convenience during your rental period. You can rent a car in Corfu Port with Imperial, knowing that you get the best service and an excellent vehicle for a low price.

Corfu Port Rent a Car

Once you leave Corfu Port, you can start your trip with a car rental in Corfu. Drive to the nearby attractions and stop at the city's most famous beaches. You can also visit the nearby cities to explore their history. Your Corfu Port car rental will make your trip more memorable, and you will have fun remembering your favorite places. Save time and money with Imperial and rent a car at Corfu Port.

Car Rental Roda Corfu

Roda is located northeast of Corfu and is one of the island's most beautiful and visited places. Its mesmerizing views, unspoiled nature, and surrounding sea are splendid. It is known for its lush vegetation, clean air, and calm atmosphere. Roda is a quiet area with very few tourists; you can enjoy a peaceful trip without being bothered by tourists or crowds. Roda is also an ideal place to explore the rest of the island. It is easily accessible by car, with excellent roads that lead to it. You can do many activities here, such as scuba diving, hiking, biking, and windsurfing. You can also visit some of the island's major attractions. Roda is a great place to rent a car and explore Corfu more comfortably and enjoyably.

Rent a Car Roda Corfu

Rent a car in Roda Corfu and discover the stunning beauty of this northeastern village in Corfu. You can visit the nearby attractions and enjoy their scenic views. Roda is a great place to spend time with your family or friends. The town offers excellent restaurants, taverns, and shops where you can spend hours walking around and enjoying the local culture. The nearby beach offers various water sports, such as sailing, canoeing, and scuba diving. Imperial offers you the best car hire deals and the best service. We have top-notch cars and offer free delivery to Roda with convenient hotel service.

Dassia Rent a Car

Dassia is a village located on the north side of Corfu. Over the years, its location has made it a convenient stop for tourists and travelers. Dassia offers beautiful beaches, great food, and a cozy atmosphere. Things to do in Dassia include diving, snorkeling, hiking, and cycling. The town is close to the capital and other major cities, making it easy to find services. Rent a car in Dassia and enjoy this beautiful village's natural surroundings.

Dassia Car Rental

Rent a car in Dassia and spend some peaceful time with your partner or family. Visit the nearby tourist attractions for some fun activities. You can go fishing or surfing in the clear blue waters. With your Dassia car rental, you can explore the charming village and enjoy its beautiful scenery. You can also visit the nearby villages for food and drinks. Dassia is a great place to get out of the city and feel the nice breeze.

Acharavi Car Rental

Acharavi is located north of Corfu and is ideal for visiting the island's beautiful beaches. The town offers numerous activities, such as hiking, biking, swimming, and dining at ethnic restaurants. It is known for its stunning views and Mediterranean atmosphere, making it a great choice to spend a relaxing weekend. Rent a car in Acharavi with Imperial and enjoy the island's natural beauty. You can explore some sights or relax with your family or friends by the beach.

Rent a Car Acharavi Corfu

Rent a car with Imperial in Acharavi and enjoy the beauty of this village in Corfu. You can visit the nearby attractions, such as the beaches, mountains, churches, or ancient ruins. Acharavi is known for its warm hospitality and excellent service to its guests. The town offers many benefits to make your stay pleasant. You can book your car quickly with our convenient and efficient services.

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