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Discover the Ionian Sea's beautiful “Emerald Island” by booking your Corfu car rental with Imperial today! Drive your car hire Corfu to any location you desire on the island and experience all it has to offer.

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With your car rental in Corfu from Imperial, you can hire a wide variety of new, well-conditioned vehicles to visit the entire island. With your car rental in Corfu, you can see all the island's beautiful beaches. Drive comfortably and in style with your Corfu car hire from Imperial.

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Car Hire Corfu Greece

Car Hire Corfu Greece
Medium Family (C1)
Suzuki Swift
€19 / day

Roda Rent a Car

Roda Rent a Car
Economy (B1)
Suzuki Splash
€17 / day

Hire Car Corfu

Hire Car Corfu
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Nissan Micra Automatic
€25 / day

Car Rentals Dassia

Car Rentals Dassia
Family Limousine (I1)
Citroen C-Elysee
€45 / day

Rental Car Corfu

Rental Car Corfu
Medium Family (C1)
Citroen C3
€19 / day

Car Rental Acharavi Corfu

Car Rental Acharavi Corfu
Medium Family (C1)
Opel Corsa
€19 / day

Cheap Car Hire Corfu

Cheap Car Hire Corfu
Station Wagon (H1)
Fiat Tipo STW
€34 / day

Rent a Car Corfu Town

Rent a Car Corfu Town
Family Limousine (I1)
Volkswagen Passat
€45 / day

Car Rental Corfu

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Corfu Rent a Car

Corfu is a cosmopolitan history-rich island located in the Ionian Sea and the second largest island in the Ionian complex after Kefalonia. Its remarkable Old Town is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the chic Spianada Square is the largest square in the Balkans. Cosmopolitan Liston is a classic French architecture arcade standing majestically opposite the Old Fortress. The Old Town is the trademark of Corfu. The first image you will see upon arriving at the island is the Old Fortress with its moat. It was built by the Venetians in the 13th century, strengthened during the Turkish-Venetian war in 1570, and is still one of the most characteristic landmarks of the island.

Car Hire in Corfu

Corfu’s Old Town is truly like an open-air museum, and a walk inside the Old Fortress walls will enchant you as well as the panoramic view from the rocky peninsula is unique. Roam around the famous “kantounia”, the narrow alleys in the Old Town, and admire the colorful buildings with their arches, the lanterns, and the laundry hanging between the buildings. The New Fortress is also impressive from its exterior and is situated near the old port of Corfu, on the hill of Agios Markos.

Corfu offers visitors endless choices to create unforgettable holidays that will make you want to visit the island again to discover all of its hidden gems. You can find numerous seaside luxury resorts to stay at or traditional family-run apartments in mountainous villages. If you want to drive around the island to explore its beaches and take photographs of scenic landscapes, Corfu’s diverse nature is a real-life canvas that won’t let you down. As for the activities and things to do on the island, the favorable weather conditions allow for fun and adventurous watersports and for full-day boat trips to natural coves and inlets or to nearby Diapontia Islands. There’s always something to do and see in Corfu according to your needs and preferences.

Rent a Car in Corfu

Corfu is a paradise for nature and beach lovers and offers many activities related to hiking and watersports. From Palia Perithia, an abandoned 14th-century village, you can take the trail to reach Mount Pantokrator’s summit. It will take you around 1 hour and a half to reach the summit, but the views along the way will definitely compensate you. If you’re not such an adventure junkie, head to Kontokali Bay to enjoy watersport activities and boat trips to nearby secluded beaches and small islets, such as Vido.

One of the most famous areas of Corfu is Pontikonissi and Kanoni peninsula. You can first visit the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vlachernon, which is built on an islet and dates from the 17th century. From there, you can take the boat to verdant Pontikonissi, the rocky islet where the Monastery of Pantokrator dominates the area. It is also recommended to visit the ancient city of Corfu, Paleopolis, which is also located in Kanoni. Within the grounds of the Mon Repos estate, the Doric Temple of Kardaki, the Temple of Artemis, and the Temple of Hera that was built around 610 BC, are still preserved, and a walk among the ruins and sanctuaries will fill you with awe.

Cheap Car Rental Corfu

Want to stay in a traditional Corfiot village and swim in some of the best beaches on the island? The village of Pelekas is situated in the southwest part of Corfu and offers many affordable but quality accommodation options, as well as some traditional villas. You should definitely go atop Kaiser William Observatory to enjoy the stunning sunset panorama. Staurodromi Taverna is one of the best in Pelekas, and it’s recommended to try the famous sofrito, the stuffed aubergine with feta and zucchini balls. From Pelekas, the beaches of Kontogialos, Glyfada, and Mirtiotissa are a short drive away. Kontogialos Beach is composed of a lush background and crystal-clear waters ideal for children as it does not deepen suddenly. It is organized with loungers, umbrellas, and some beach bars.

Glyfada Beach is a sandy Blue Flag Beach and one of the most visited in Corfu. Its golden sand, vibrant atmosphere, and surrounding mountains make it the perfect spot to enjoy a long beach day. Mirtiotissa Beach has turquoise waters, fine sand, and a rocky but verdant backdrop. It is essentially a nudist beach, but you can still go even if you’re not into nudism. It is recommended to park your car in the small parking lot and continue toward the path leading to the beach. The beach is surrounded by imposing cliffs, and the crystal-clear waters will make you want to stay in the sea for longer. The beautiful Monastery of Mirtiotissa is near the beach, and you can visit it early in the morning before heading to the beach.

Car Rental Corfu Greece

Some must-visit villages in Corfu include Chlomos, Lakones, and Sinarades. Chlomos is a historic village in the south of Corfu near Messonghi. It was built around the 13th century and stands at an altitude of 320 m above sea level. Around its square, you will find colorful Venetian-style houses and mansions adorned with geraniums, with Thomas Palaiologos's mansion being the most beautiful and of great historical interest. Lake Korission wetland area is located a short drive away from Chlomos and if you’re a bird lover, you can visit the lake for photography and bird observation. Head for a refreshing dip in Halikounas Beach, which is on the edge of the lake and set in an untouched natural setting.

Lakones is 6 km away from Palaiokastritsa, and it’s one of the most picturesque villages in Corfu. It is also a 10-min drive away from the renowned Byzantine castle of Angelokastro. Lakones is known for its unique viewpoint of Bella Vista, hiking trails, traditional kafeneia around the central square, and small chapels. Lakones is the place to be if you want to experience the true Corfiot vibe. Enjoy endless views from Bella Vista, take the trail to Palaiokastritsa, and enjoy your coffee and baklava at Anastasis Cafe!

Sinarades is another traditional village on the southwest of Corfu and 4 km away from the sandy Agios Gordios Beach. Take a morning walk in Sinarades charming village with its colorful stone houses and narrow paved streets. Then you can visit the Folklore Museum, where you will learn more about the old Corfiot way of life, and you’ll admire collections of handicrafts, ceramics, and more. Head to Agios Gordios viewpoint to admire panoramic vistas and then go to its organized beach to enjoy sunbathing or swimming in the crystal-clear sea. In Taverna Archontariki, you can enjoy homemade local food such as sofrito, moussaka, beans in the oven with tomato sauce, and local wine.

Rent a Car Corfu Port

Corfu’s Port is situated near Corfu’s Old Town and it’s where cruise and ferry ships dock. It is a major port in the Ionian Sea, serving different routes and connecting Greece, Albania, and Italy. The cruise terminal and ferry port are situated on an L-shaped bay on the port’s western side, and this is where you will find all amenities and services. There are shuttle buses that transfer you from the main terminal to the port. There are several berths on both the eastern and western sides of the port, and most cruise ships dock on the western side of the port.

The Old Town is located 3 km away from the port, and some cruise companies provide shuttle buses to the town. The taxi will take you around €10, and there is also a public bus service operating from the port’s exit gates. Keep in mind that the port gets really crowded from late spring to September due to high traffic from cruise and ferry ships. The most convenient and affordable way to get around the port is to hire a car and avoid carrying your luggage around. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we always strive to achieve just that. We offer well-maintained cars and high-quality service combined with no deposit and no excess options to put your mind at ease and enjoy your holiday in Corfu!

Car Hire Corfu Town

The historical center in Corfu, the Old Town, is a great example of Byzantine and Venetian architecture and roaming around its cobbled alleys and marveling at the historical buildings is one of the top things to do while you’re there. The small streets in Corfu’s Old Town are called “kantounia” and a stroll along these paved Italian-style alleys is a journey on its own. As the Old Town has received many influences dating from the Byzantine era, the Italian era, and the Venetian and French rule, buildings and sights are abundant. In the western part of Spianada, you will find the pedestrian-only 19th-century French arched promenade, the Liston, where you can enjoy your coffee and brunch. Walk along the beautiful green esplanade, which is situated between the town and the Old Fortress. It is the entry point for your visit to the Old Town. Pass from Corfu’s public garden and stroll along Spianada Square to admire its landmarks.

What Can I Do in Corfu Town?

⦿ Around Spianada Square, you will find the 19th-century Casa Parlante Museum, the Serbian Museum, and the Maitland Monument.

⦿ You can enter the Old Fortress from the Gate of Saint Nicholas and cross the bridge connecting the fortress with the town. The entrance fee is €6, but definitely worth the visit. You will admire the imposing bastions, the clock tower, St. George's church, the Byzantine collection, and the ancient barracks. Reach the fortress's highest point, the obelisk, which was a military observation point.

⦿ The New Fortress of Saint Mark was built around the end of the 15th century, and it is located above Corfu’s old port. As you walk into the interior, you will understand more about the military and historical importance of the fortress. It was partially destroyed during WW2, but its walls and ramparts are still impressive, and it’s the perfect spot to take some panoramic view photographs of the port.

⦿ Don't miss visiting the palaces of St. Michael and St. George, which now house the impressive Corfu Museum of Asian Art.

⦿ The Church of Panagia Spiliotissa dates back to 1570 and is definitely worth a visit to its interior to admire the relic of Agia Theodora, the works of art, and the iconostasis.

Acharavi Rent a Car

Acharavi is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Corfu, situated in a flat area with lush vegetation. Its 6 km sandy beach is considered one of the longest beaches on the island. It is a highly-organized beach offering multiple accommodation options, beach bars and restaurants, and beach facilities. The beach is ideal for families with children as it has shallow waters, golden sand, and umbrellas.

From Acharavi, you can visit many picturesque villages, such as the abandoned village of Palia Perithia, but also the mountainous villages of Nymfes, Kiprianades, Klimatia and Agios Panteleimonas. If you’re in Corfu in early spring or autumn, head to Kiprianades waterfalls to visit this spectacular natural attraction. If you want to enjoy some authentic Greek food and grilled meat in a rural setting, head to O Prasinos Taverna in Nymfes village. To the west of Acharavi lies Roda, another popular holiday resort, and to the east, the beaches of Gialiskari and Agios Spyridonas.

Rent a Car Corfu Dassia

Dassia is a fantastic beachfront resort on the east side of Corfu, situated between Ipsos and Gouvia. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere, high-end hotels and restaurants, and vibrant half-sand half-shingle beach make Dassia a preferred holiday spot in Corfu for families and couples. The well-known Ikos Dassia Hotel is one of Corfu’s top upscale hotels and has its own beach grounds located on the southern side of Dassia Beach. The beach features umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, beach bars, and watersports. Its shallow and calm azure waters make it ideal for children and for relaxing swimming. There’s a promenade along the beach which is shaded by trees, and it’s where you’ll find most restaurants and hotels.

What To See in Dassia?

⦿ Asteras Boat Daily Cruises offers perfect boat tours to nearby beaches where you can dive from the boat and go snorkeling and enjoy BBQ aboard.

⦿ SeaWorld Scuba Diving Center also offers scuba diving courses to beginners and equipment for rent to experts.

⦿ If you want to enjoy perfect cocktails, dance music, and a night out on the beach, head to Malibu Beach Club.

⦿ For a fun day on the beach with your little ones, go to Waterland water park, where both you and your kids will have fun all day long.

⦿ In the nearby village of Kato Korakiana, you can visit the National Gallery of Corfu.

⦿ In Ano Korakiana, you’ll find Corfu Outdoor & Leisure Activities. It is one of the top places on the island offering hiking and outdoor activities as well as cooking classes, and it has received excellent reviews from customers.

Car Hire Roda Corfu

Roda is a tourist village situated on Corfu’s north coast, located 37 km away from Corfu Port. It was mostly developed for tourist purposes, and it’s a well-known holiday destination for many Europeans and mainly for the British. It’s a flat and family-friendly village, and even though it provides many modern amenities, hotels, shops, and restaurants, it has a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t expect clubbing here, but you can find some bars or restaurants hosting live Greek music during the summer months. One of the best low-cost apartments to stay in Roda is Georgia Apartments, but if you prefer an all-inclusive hotel complex, consider checking availability at Almyros Beach Resort & Spa.

Roda Beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Corfu and extends for 7 km towards Acharavi. If you want to benefit from modern amenities such as beach bars, umbrellas, and loungers, you can stay on the organized part of the beach. Otherwise, you can walk further and find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy sunbathing. At Roda Beach, you can have fun with many watersports, such as pedalos, parasailing, jet skis, and much more. And, to fulfill your day, you can enjoy a delicious gourmet Greek dinner after swimming at the excellent Roda Park Restaurant.

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