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Endless beaches and imposing mountains is what you will see when you visit this beautiful destination with your Imperial Car Hire Chalkida. Discover the thermal springs, magical waterfalls, beautiful ravines and old monasteries with your Chalkida Car Rental.

Car Hire Chalkida

Cheap Car Rental Chalkida

Cheap Car Rental Chalkida
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Car Hire Chalkida

Car Hire Chalkida
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Rental Cars Chalkida
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Rent a Car Aidipsos
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Car Rental Chalkida

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Evia is a continental island found on the western side of mainland Greece with the deep blue Aegean Sea to the east. This long and narrow island is separated from the mainland by the Euripus Strait and easily accessible from the connection of two bridges a “sliding bridge” and a “suspended bridge. It is believed that Evia was once part of the mainland but then separated from it by many earthquakes that occurred throughout the centuries. Historically, findings on the island prove that Evia has been inhabited since the Paleolithic Era. Remains and ruins of structures, tombs, and temples have been found scattered across the island some from the Hellenistic period and others from the post-Hellenic and Mycenean Era. Today, Evia is a popular island getaway from the hustle and bustle of the smaller Greek Islands and easily accessible from the mainland via your own means of transportation. Now, this where renting a car in Evia comes in handy, giving you the freedom to come and go as you please and explore all that this fascinating continental island has to offer. In no time you can arrive at the island with your Evia car hire from any major airport or port in Greece without any restrictions or timetables. Evia is well-known for its imposing mountains, thermal springs, magical waterfalls, endless beaches, and renowned monuments. To the north dense pine forests, mountainous villages, and landscapes of natural beauty fill the area and then to the south seaside villages overlook the deep blue Aegean Sea while countless beaches with crystalline waters spread along the coastline. It is definitely an island well worth the visit with your Evia car rental.

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Drive your rental car Evia across the bridge that leads you to the capital city of Evia, Chalkida famous for its unique tidal phenomena where the currents reverse in direction every 6 hours. Take a walk along the popular waterfront promenade lined with a wide selection of cozy cafes and seafood restaurants that are enjoyed all year round. Then head out to the historic coastal town of Eretria that is built on a glorious ancient city-state with ruins and remains of two palaces, four temples, baths, a gymnasium, and a building complex with mosaic floors that date back to the 9th century BC. The most important structure revealed was an ancient theater from the 5th century BC built on a man-made hill with supporting walls, limestone benches, and a vaulted passage that lead to the orchestra behind the stage. Eretria is also home to an Archeological Museum that houses a rich collection of artifacts and statues that were recovered from the ancient city. Next visit Styra village built amphitheatrically over the ruins of an ancient city known as the "Land of the Giants" where the Drakospita or “Dragon Houses” can be found. A complex of enormous stone buildings with religious importance that were built as a sanctuary dedicated to God Zeus and Goddess Hera.

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Also visit Agios Ioannis Rosos found in Prokopi village, a beautiful church that houses the relics of Saint John the Russian that is believed to have cured people that suffer from long term illnesses. Next visit the popular Spa Town of Edipsos where thermal springs flow into more than 80 thermal baths that are known for their healing qualities. During your journey visit the hiking trails in the Steni Forest and Gorge on the southern slopes of the Driftis Mountains as well as the Drimona Waterfalls surrounded by a forested area found at an elevation of 620 m where a magical waterfall flows into a pond beneath it. Then visit Kimi also known as the “Balcony of the Aegean” one of the oldest traditional towns in Evia perched on a hill with a natural harbor at its foothills that now houses the Kimi Port where ferry boats run daily to the neighboring island of Skyros. Other destinations not to be missed in Evia is the charming village of Agia Anna known for its pristine beaches, the seaside village of Nea Artaki renowned for its fresh seafood taverns, the popular tourist resort of Orei, the famous vacation destination of Pefki and the unparallel beauty found on the Petali Islands that have also attracted the attention of the rich and famous. Last but certainly not least visit the fabulous beaches in Evia including the shallow waters and fine golden sand at Gerolimano Beach, the deep blue waters of Kalamos Beach, the popular beach of Chliadou, the different colored pebbles found at Pefki Beach and of course Thapsa Beach the secluded white sanded cove beach with turquoise sea waters also known as the “Blue Lagoon” in Evia. Explore this island getaway that offers a wealth of attractions to its visitors with your Evia rent a car in Greece.

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