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Visit the tranquil but multipurpose coastal town of Elounda and discover unspoiled beaches, archaeological sites, and a glamorous stay. Rent a car in Elounda and choose Imperial's reliable and flexible service to get the most out of your visit!

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Elounda Car Rental No Deposit

Elounda Car Rental No Deposit
Luxury (K)
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Car Hire in Elounda No Hidden Charges
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Affordable Car Rentals Elounda
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Superior Elounda Rental Cars
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Elounda is a beautiful seaside town on Crete’s northern coast that belongs to the municipality of Agios Nikolaos. It is an internationally known holiday destination, famous for its archaeological sites, islets, splendid beaches, and a plethora of things to do and see. In Elounda, you can combine multiple things to do, from sightseeing and nature activities and from boating to nightlife and dining options. Elounda played a significant role in the history of Crete and actively participated in the Minoan era as the city-state of Olous, which had great development and production in trade, commerce, and agriculture. Around 480 BC, during the Persians' second invasion of Crete, is where the ancient city of Olous was located. Though little is known, this was a sizable walled city that was a prosperous port linking Crete to other Greek and Mediterranean destinations via an extensive marine network.

According to archaeologists, the Ancient City of Olous sank due to either a potential landslide or a significant earthquake that struck Crete around 780 AD. Ancient manuscripts have been discovered in the city, connecting it to the island of Rhodes and the well-known city of Knossos. In order to get there, drive past the stone windmills and the ruins of an early Christian Basilica. Ancient Naxos is another interesting archaeological site in Elounda, but it’s only accessible by mountain bike or off-road car. A very interesting trail starts from Ellinika and ends in Oxia. It is strewn with antiquities and ancient relics and offers an amazing view of Elounda Bay. Imperial Car Rental offers many kinds of vehicles, such as Jeeps, SUVs, crossovers, sedans, minivans, and much more. We offer multiple pick-up and drop-off points in Elounda as well as free hotel and port delivery. Distance and tight schedules should not concern you because we have you covered. Try our car hire service in Elounda today!

Elounda Car Rental

Elounda consists of small villages, mountainous settlements, and seaside holiday resorts. The area with the largest population is called Schisma. There are also villages with traditional Cretan houses, such as Maurikiano, Kato Chorio, Pano Elounda, and Pano Pines. It also consists of uninhabited areas in the plains where many ancient remnants are found, such as the islet of Kalydon and ancient Olous. For a unique culinary and traditional experience, it is recommended to book a visit at Cretan Olive Oil Farm. This olive farm offers tours where you will learn more about oil and cheese production, and you will have the chance to buy local and handmade products. Pottery and cooking lessons are also offered, so the experience is totally fulfilling. Monasteries and old churches in Elounda abound; the Kremasta Monastery, Areti Monastery, and the whitewashed Monastery of Saint John are among the most impressive in Elounda.

The convent of Kremaston is located south of Neapoli, on the road that leads to the village of Vryses. It is situated at a great height overlooking the plain of Neapoli and the Limnes. Built with fortress architecture on the steep and verdant hillside of Mount Kavalara, it gives the impression of hanging in the air; this is where it took its name. At a very close distance is the Monastery of Koufi Petra, which is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. For a traditional lunch or dinner after your visit to the convent, drive to Ta Filarakia Taverna. It is situated amidst the mountains in an idyllic outdoor setting and offers authentic Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine. Hospitality, local products, and homemade dishes are all combined here and offer a wonderful dining experience. So, it makes sense to rent a car in Elounda and drive to its monasteries and archaeological sites, as well as mountainous villages that offer traditional, unmemorable activities and experiences. Our car rental service comes with no hidden fees, and we always strive to provide the best possible service at the most affordable car rental rates.

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With a coastline protected from the winds, stunning beaches, and an overall scenery of breathtaking vistas, Elounda is ideal for those who wish to spend their holidays in a place without excessive tourism, but still with many things to fo and see. Family taverns and hotels, romantic locations for couples, numerous shops and local stores, and a wide variety of dining areas and bars make Elounda a complete summer destination for visitors in Crete. The bars and cafes of the port, with their lively atmosphere, are the heart of entertainment at night for both young people and families.

At a very short distance from the main square, you will find Schisma Eloundas sandy beach, which is made especially for swimming, sunbathing, and watersports. The caves that have been formed along the rocks of the coastline will tempt the most daring to dive and explore the seabed and crystal-clear waters of Elounda. For a traditional meze and raki experience in Elounda, head to The Hope Mezestaurant for small plate dishes and homemade tsikoudia in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Elounda is also a paradise for those looking to stay in luxurious hotels, seaside villas, and elegant apartments, such as Elounda Heights, Elounda Akti Olous, and Elounda Waterpark Residence Hotel. Wander through Elounda’s cobbled streets and enjoy the best fish in the area in one of the beachfront taverns, such as Rakomelo Cretan Cuisine. Options for boat trips, sightseeing, dining, and entertainment are abundant in Elounda, so plan your holidays and visit this splendid coastal resort.

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