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Heraklion, the capital city of Crete, is where the imposing Knosos Palace is located and the remnants of the Minoan civilization. With its long past, splendid beaches, outdoor activities, and unique Cretan cuisine, Heraklion is full of surprises. Rent a car in Heraklion and discover its history, landmarks, and vibrant holiday life.

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Car Rental Heraklion Port

Car Rental Heraklion Port
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Rent a Car Gouves

Rent a Car Gouves
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Professional Car Hire Iraklion
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Agia Pelagia Superior Car Rental
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Heraklion Center Cheap Car Rentals
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Car Rental Gouves

Car Rental Gouves
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Kokkini Hani Car Rental

Kokkini Hani Car Rental
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Economy Car Rentals in Heraklion

Economy Car Rentals in Heraklion
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
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Imperial Car Rental Heraklion Crete

Car Rental Heraklion

Heraklion, or Iraklion, is the capital and largest city of Crete. Heraklion is internationally known for its ancient Minoan civilization and the remarkable Knossos Palace, the home of the legendary Minotaur. The 15th-century Koules Fortress stands imposing in the old Venetian port, and the fortifications of Heraklion, first created during the Middle Ages, surround the city center. Numerous churches and chapels constructed in different eras offer Heraklion a wealth of religious attractions, including basilicas, squares, fountains, and churches. Museums are also abundant in Heraklion, with the Natural History Museum and the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion standing out in the city. Exemplary religious structures include the Cathedral of Saint Titus, Saint Mark’s Basilica, and Agios Minas Cathedral.

Saint Titus Cathedral was built in the late 18th century as an Ottoman mosque and was converted to a Christian Orthodox church in 1925. The Venetian Loggia stands a few meters from the Cathedral, is adorned with arcades and metopes, and represents the current City Hall. The Venetian Lions Square is a central hub for locals and tourists alike, and this is where you’ll find the splendid 16th-century Morosini Fountain. Agios Minas Cathedral is also in the historic city center and was built in the late 18th century; now, it is the largest cathedral on the whole island. Saint Mark’s Basilica is the oldest of these religious structures, built by the Venetians in 1239 and converted into a mosque during the Ottoman conquest. One of Crete's few Roman Catholic structures, it now serves as an art gallery. Discover Heraklion’s churches, fountains, and historical sites, and combine your stay with a reliable car hire. Imperial Car Rental offers many pick-up and drop-off locations in Heraklion’s center and nearby villages, such as Agia Pelagia and Gouves.

Car Hire Heraklion

The Venetian harbor and fortification walls are the most well-preserved historical structures in Heraklion. They were built during the Middle Ages and managed to survive during the siege of Candia. The Martinengo bastion is the only one still preserved today, and it’s also where you’ll find the tomb of the renowned Greek writer and poet Nikos Kazantzakis. When you enter the Heraklion Venetian Port, you’ll first notice the Koules Fortress or Rocca a Mare. This 16th-century Venetian fortress, the arsenal, and the ramparts still survive today. There are two gates from which you can enter the fortifications: Chanioporta and the New Gate. There aren’t many landmarks and structures remaining to this day, but the fortifications of Heraklion made it through the 21-year-long siege of Candia. The construction of the walls, bastions, ramparts, and gates started in the Middle Ages, but the Venetians rebuilt them.

The walls of Candia were built by Michele Sanmicheli and other military architects after 1460. The Kingdom of Candia was established by the Venetians in 1205, who ruled until the fall of the island to the Ottomans in 1648. The mix of cultures on the island created the Cretan Renaissance as a result of the arts, letters, and culture thriving at that time. Many structures were destroyed when the Ottomans besieged the city for 21 years during the Cretan War, but the fortifications and old port remained intact. You can learn much more about the history of that era in the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. This museum features artifacts, statues, relics, sculptures, and finds dating from the Minoan era to the Venetian rule, the Cretan Renaissance, and the Byzantine era. Heraklion Old Town and Harbor can be seen on foot, but renting a car is the way to go if you want to drive around the city and visit its sites and beaches. Take a look at our large fleet of well-maintained vehicles and choose Imperial to get the cheapest daily prices with the best possible service.

Heraklion Port Car Rental

Heraklion Port is the largest on the island and serves numerous islands in the Aegean and mainland Greece. Daily ferry routes connect Heraklion to the Dodecanese, the Cyclades, and Athens during the summer months. On the port's eastern side, you will find the terminal, kiosks, ticket counters, and some shops. Some of the major ferry companies operating routes to and from Heraklion include SeaJets, Minoan Lines, Blue Star Ferries, and Hellenic Seaways. If you’re taking the ferry from Athens, the journey takes eight hours to reach Heraklion Port. Heraklion Port has enough space for passenger ships, container vessels, and cargo ships and has both commercial and tourist traffic. The port is easily accessible from the Heraklion center through Leoforos Ethnikis Antistaseos. In order to get the most out of your stay in Heraklion, Imperial Car Rental offers free delivery of your vehicle to Heraklion Port. Like this, you’ll be ready to embark on your vehicle as soon as you arrive at Heraklion. You can choose your preferred car from our online reservation platform and benefit from unique car hire deals. With our 24/7 customer support and car rental services that come with no hidden fees, you can rest assured that you’ll get quality car hire at Heraklion and Heraklion Port.

Rent a Car Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia is a seaside settlement 25 km on the northwest coast of Heraklion. Agia Pelagia has grown to be a famous tranquil village that attracts tourists during the summer. It is one of Heraklion’s popular seaside resorts due to its accommodation facilities, restaurants, cafes, handicraft shops, and beaches. The chapel of Agia Pelagia is set on a hill near the main beach, and it is the village’s main attraction, featuring a beautiful iconostasis in its interior. Agia Pelagia has a lively main beach with beach bars, loungers, umbrellas, and a watersport facility. The sandy beach has clear waters and is suitable for families with children or those who want to have everything nearby.

Mythos Restaurant is one of the best places to taste seafood and local dishes near the beach. On the north side of Agia Pelagia Beach, you will find Filakes Beach and Psaromoura. You have to follow a steep path to get to Filakes and then climb down to the beach, or you can go swimming from Agia Pelagia. It is surrounded by cliffs and bushes and features crystal-clear turquoise waters. Psaromoura Beach is easier to get to by car and is generally more crowded. It’s a pebbly beach with amazing waters, and there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, as well as a beach bar. Nearby, the Peninsula Resort & Spa Hotel offers boat rental services and boat tours around Agia Pelagia Bay. Stay Wet Diving Center is also highly recommended if you’re eager to explore the wonderful seabed!

Car Hire Gouves Crete

The municipality of Gouves is another important area near Heraklion. It consists of 13 villages, including Kokkini Hani. It is located 14 km east of Heraklion and is highly visited due to its developed tourist infrastructure and a plethora of things to do and see. Gouves comprises a seaside resort, Kato Gouves, and the main village further north. Apart from the numerous developed tourist facilities, including hotels, apartments, restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops, there are important archaeological, natural, and religious sites in Gouves. For example, the Eileithya Cave in Amnisos was an important sanctuary during the Neolithic era and remained in use during the Roman times.

Skotino Cave is another spectacular site and one of the largest caves in Crete. It dates from the Minoan era and now features unique limestone formations. Astrakiano Gorge is ideal for those who want to go hiking, have a quick dip, and explore the Cretan wilderness. Furthermore, those who visit Gouves with their families should consider visiting Dinosauria theme park as well as CRETAquarium. Gouves Beach and Analipsi Beach are long sandy beaches offering sunbeds, umbrellas, watersport facilities, and beach bars. However, Analipsi Beach has a rocky seabed, so watch for your little ones. In any case, both beaches have crystal-clear waters to swim in and offer plenty of space for either relaxation or entertainment. Not-to-be-missed sites in Gouves include the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos, Kera Eleousa Monastery, Karteros Canyon, and the Archaeological site of Amnisos.

Kokkini Hani Rent a Car

Kokkini Hani is a village belonging to the municipal unit of Gouves, situated just 6 km from the main village of Gouves. A vibrant seaside village with beachfront hotels or apartments, lively clubs and bars, souvenir shops, and seafood restaurants awaits you just 15 minutes from Heraklion. Kokkini Hani Beach is a fully organized sandy beach with tourist facilities, beach bars, and watersports. Ideal for swimming, relaxing, dining, or entertainment, Kokkini Hani Beach is suitable for families with children or groups of friends. A lovely seafood restaurant in Kokkini Hani is Kontra Flokos, where you can enjoy prawn saganaki, grilled breams, salads, and Cretan raki. If you’re into scuba diving, Horizon Diving offers diving lessons and guided scuba diving tours to explore the magnificence of the seabed. For traditional lunch or dining, drive to Mezedopoleio Katafygio to try homemade mezedes and experience the warm atmosphere in a stone-made house. With your car rental in Kokkini Hani, you can drive to surrounding villages and beaches and go sightseeing anytime. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance and guaranteed insurance for all of our vehicles. Try us today!

Rent a Car Amoudara

Ammoudara is a 6km wide sandy beach located 6.5 km away from Heraklion city. It is crowded during the summer months because of its multiple beach facilities and things to do. However, Ammoudara has enough space to accommodate all visitors' needs. You can either rent a sun lounger and umbrella and enjoy snacks and drinks on the beach or bring your towel and find a spot there. Ammoudara Beach has clear turquoise waters that are ideal for swimming and scuba diving. Also, the favorable winds are suitable for windsurfing. The wide sea promenade features restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and nightclubs where you can eat, go shopping, or go clubbing. For luxurious and quality dining, head to Ta Kalitera Restaurant to relish fresh fish, seafood plates, and Cretan appetizers.

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