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Drive your Ioannina Rental Car and visit one of the most atmospheric cities of Northern Greece. Explore within the walls of its old fortified city, visit the castle and enjoy the breathtaking sunset at the lake that turns silver in color with impressive mountains in the background that turn lilac. Experience all that and more with Imperial Car Hire in Ioannina.

Car Rental Ioannina

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Car Rental Ioannina

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Car Hire Ioannina

Ioannina Car Rental

Ioannina is the capital and the largest city in the Epirus region located on the northwestern side of mainland Greece. Archeological research in the area has revealed that Ioannina has been an inhabitant settlement from the Hellenistic period. During the 18th to the 19th century is when Ioannina truly flourished, holding a seat of an almost independent state, ruled by Ali Pasha of Tepeleni who rebelled against the Ottoman Empire during their occupation to keep Ioannina away from their destructive tendencies. Today Ioannina is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in northern Greece and one of the more cultured and wealthy aristocratic cities that prospered in the silver trade. Impressive for its history and enchanting for its natural beauty Ioannina lies at an elevation of 500 m above sea level on the western shores of the Pamvotis Lake. Tall defensive walls surround the old town protecting the city’s most valued landmarks and historical buildings. Along the waterfront, a lovely promenade offers stunning views of the sunset as a charming inhabited island lies in the core of the lake. There is no preferred season to discover and explore the exceptional beauty of Ioannina and its surroundings as it can be enjoyed by its visitors all year around. Furthermore, Ioannina is accessible both by land via a new highway that connects all major cities in Greece’s mainland and by air with the Ioannina National Airport that hosts thousands of flights each year. Whether your plans are to stay in the city or explore the surrounding areas renting a car in Ioannina will prove to be essential for your travels in northwestern Greece.

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Once you arrive to the city with your Ioannina car rental visit the old town enclosed by the old city walls. Journey through the cobblestoned streets lined with many pastel-colored houses, elegant mansions, and historical buildings. Visit the House of the Archbishop the only old mansion that survived the fire of 1820 and the tall clock tower found at the main gate of the Ioannina Castle. The castle is located on the southeastern edge of town with several monuments within its walls including Byzantine and Ottoman Baths, an Ottoman Library, the large historical building of Soufari Sarai and two citadels that contain a Jewish Synagogue, a mosque and the tomb of Ali Pasha. As you exit the city walls a plethora of shops line the streets selling a variety of products, crafts, fashion items and jewelry stores auctioning Ioannina’s famous silverwork. You will also come across many museums that are well worth the visit including the Ethnographic Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Silversmith Museum and the Archeological Museum that exhibits a rich collection of artifacts found in the city and surrounding areas from many periods. Follow the road down to the waterfront promenade lined with a wide selection of open-air cafes, seafood restaurants and bakeries offering local delicacies.

Rent a Car Ioannina Greece

Try the delicious cuisine and the exquisite spoon sweets that Ioannina is famous for. Take a ferry trip ride across the lake and explore the beautiful island home to the glorious Monastery of Agios Panteleimonas where Ali Pasha spent his final days waiting for a pardon from the Sultan, unfortunately, that never happened and Ali Pasha found a tragic death at the hands of Ottoman soldiers who beheaded him. Today the monastery is now a museum that houses artifacts and relics from the past. On the island, you will also find another six monasteries dedicated to various saints as well as many churches, taverns and gift shops. As you arrive back to the mainland be sure to visit Perama located 4 km away from the city and explore the many caves of the Balkans scattered across a 14,800 sq./m area. The interior of the caves feature impressive stalagmites and stalactites shaped over the course of 1.5 million years that are preserved at a steady temperature of 17 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Another location of historical importance not to be missed is the archeological site of Dodoni located 25 km from Ioannina. Excavations in the area have unearthed an ancient theater, a sanctuary dedicated to the Greek God Zeus and one of the oldest oracles of the Hellenic World that dates back to the 2nd century BC. Discover all that and so much more as you explore the beauty of this fascinating city as well as the unearthed treasures and hidden gems found in northwestern Greece with your Ioannina rent a car.

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