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Amphitheatrically built on the slopes of a mountain this picturesque port city can be easily explored with Imperial Car Hire Kavala. Find historical highlights including a Byzantine Castle, many quality museums, beautiful beach resorts and plenty of quality restaurants in the city center when driving around with your Kavala Car Rental.

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Kavala Cheap Car Rental in Greece

Kavala is a seaside city and the principal seaport of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region that is located in northern Greece. It is considered to be one of Greece’s most attractive and picturesque cities, amphitheatrically built on the slopes of Mount Symvolo which in turn is home to a giant white cross that stands at its peak. At the foothills of the mountain, the remaining city is cradled within a sparkling natural bay that flows into the deep blue northern Aegean Sea where the verdant Greek island of Thassos lies. In antiquity, Kavala was known as Neapolis, a colony that was originally founded in the late 7th century BC by settlers from Thassos. It was one of the many Thassian colonies along the coastline whose occupants took advantage of the rich gold and silver deposits found in the area. Throughout the centuries Neapolis was ruled by many successors, during the Byzantine Empire, it was renamed Christoupolis to reflect the Christian identity of the city. Under the Ottoman Rule, the city was destroyed and then rebuilt to their liking. It wasn’t until Kavala joined modern Greece in the 20th century that the city prospered in the trade of tobacco and agriculture that resulted from a mass population exchange with Asia Minor. Today the beautiful and historic city of Kavala is a popular destination in northern Greece, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every year that can easily be reached by air, sea, and land. The Kavala International Airport “Alexander the Great” links the city with regularly scheduled charter flights to international destinations while the Kavala Port provides daily ferry connections to the Greek Islands in the northern Aegean Sea. In turn, the Egnatia Highway links all the major cities of Northern Greece and provides a scenic drive to whoever chooses this route with their own means of transportation. If that is not an option then of course renting a car in Kavala will prove to be the best choice to begin your adventure in this fascinating city.

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As you begin your adventure with your Kavala car rental you will discover that the city is divided into two parts. To the west, Nea Poli full of lovely squares, broad streets, neoclassical buildings, elegant mansions, and the shopping center of Kavala featuring a wide selection of stores. To the east Palia Poli, Kavala’s old town, Panagia composed of narrow cobblestone streets, small shops, and traditional tiled roof houses with secret gardens and courtyards. Further down a beautiful palm tree-lined promenade leads to a picturesque harbor fringed with open-air cafes, fish taverns, and delicious seafood restaurants while the colorful fishing boats cast their reflection on the azure sea waters of the sheltered bay. Follow the 14th-century old city walls that begin from the port and end up on a hill above the old town that surround the imposing Byzantine Castle of Kavala built in the 15th century, offering stunning panoramic views to its visitors. Continue your adventure and visit the Kamares Aqueduct, an imposing structure of 60 grand arches spanning over 280 meters that supplied the city with freshwater and the Halil Bey Complex that contains a mosque built on the foundations of an early Christian Basilica still visible through the glass floor. Also, visit the Tobacco Museum that greatly contributed to the city’s prosperity as well as the Archeological Museum of Kavala that exhibits a rich collection of prehistoric findings from excavations conducted in the city and surrounding areas of eastern Macedonia. Kavala was also the birthplace of Muhammed Ali, the founder of the last Egyptian royal dynasty and an infamous military commander of the Ottoman Empire that ordered the slaughter of tens of thousands of Greek Christians during Greece’s Independence struggle. The place that he once called home is now a museum for visitors from around the world.

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It is true that the natural beauty of Kavala will enchant you, the archeological sites and attractions will impress you and the exotic pristine beaches will intrigue you! Just 15 km north of the city you can reach with your Kavala car hire the gorgeous set of waterfalls found in the village of Palia Kavala. Hiking trails surrounded by tall trees, steep rocks, and small caves lead to a valley where the waterfalls descend from a height of 10 m creating two impressive pools with crystal clear waters. An ideal location to enjoy a dip in the cool freshwater during the summer months. Then visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Philippi, an ancient city founded by Alexander the Great’s father Philip that was inhabited from the 4th century BC until it was abandoned in the 14th century AD after the Ottoman conquest. Philippi is also the place where Apostle Paul in 49 AD first preached his teachings of Christianity and baptized Lydia as the first Christian woman in Europe. Excavations in ancient Philippi have unearthed remains of an ancient agora, a church from early Christianity, a well-preserved ancient amphitheater, and jail cells that once imprisoned Apostle Paul. On-site you can also visit the Archeological Museum of ancient Philippi and the Baptistery of Saint Lydia. Then just 5 min away visit the popular Krinides Mud Baths, deep pools of therapeutic clay in combination with hot springs, well-known for their impressive healing properties since antiquity. Next visit the village of Asprovalta a popular summer resort in Kavala as well as the small town of Keramoti, home to a large sandy beach with shallow crystalline sea waters and great views of Thassos Island. Also visit the well-organized Tosca Beach located just 6 km from Kavala that features golden sand, serene sea waters, and a seaside bar-restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean dishes as you enjoy your day at the beach. Last but not least visit the 3 km exotic beaches of Ammolofoi composed of natural sand dunes seamlessly separated by rocks creating three main beaches of fine white sand and turquoise sea waters. Discover all that and so much more with your rent a car in Kavala. A destination in Northern Greece that is well worth the visit!

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