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Drive and discover these historic cultural cities with Imperial Car Rental Kozani – Veria. Visit the museums, the old town quarters as well as historical sites and monuments as you explore with your Kozani – Veria Rent a Car.

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The city of Kozani is found at an elevation of 710 m above sea level, it is also the capital city of the West Macedonia region that is located in Northern Greece. Historically, it has been proven that Kozani has been an inhabited settlement that dates back to the Prehistoric period. Over the years many antiquities have been unearthed around the existing city and the surrounding areas, especially in the eastern part of a Kozani where an ancient acropolis and necropolis have been found. Kozani is also renowned for its production of Saffron, the (Krokos Kozanis), considered to be one of the most important and precious spices used in ancient times. It is best known for its unique flavor, color, and aroma as well as its pharmaceutical, cosmetic and aphrodisiac properties. The city of Kozani is easily accessible both by land and air. Just 5 km away from the city is where the Kozani National Airport Filippos is located that hosts thousands of flights each year. Additionally, the Egnatia Highway serves all the major cities of northern Greece giving you the option to access the city with your own means of transportation and renting a car in Kozani can help you do just that. With your Kozani rental car, you will be able to visit this wonderful city that is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape and filled with interesting archeological sites, impressive museums and important historical monuments that are just waiting to be explored!

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Drive your Kozani car rental into the heart of the modern city composed of neoclassical buildings, elegant mansions, cosmopolitan squares, and beautiful parks. Head out to Nikis Square and visit the 350-year-old church of Agios Nikolaos decorated with excellent murals, magnificent icons, and an imposing bell and clock tower. Visit the many museums along the way including the Archeological Museum and Natural History Museum of Kozani. Next visit the Municipal Library of Kozani called Kovendareios which is the second largest library in all of Greece. Kovendareios is home to more than 153,000 books, over 380 manuscripts, rare publications, valuable documents and one of the rare copies of Rigas Feraios charter. Be sure to also visit churches of Agioi Anargyroi, Zoodochos Pigi, and Analipsi that are found in close proximity to the city and are famous for the carpets and hand-woven articles made by the nuns. Continue your journey and visit the small town of Perdikas where remnants of an ancient settlement have been discovered also a small museum with important findings that have been unearthed including the skeleton of a prehistoric elephant.

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Approximately 20 km south of the city of Kozani you will come across the ancient city of Aiani the most important settlement in the kingdom of Elimeia who has proven to be an advanced civilization of their time. There are ruins of an ancient acropolis found at the top of the hill as well as remains of an ancient necropolis. Findings recovered from the site are also displayed in a museum. Next visit the village of Servia, a wonderfully preserved Byzantine fortress and settlement situated at the top of a hill fortified by walls. Inside the stone walls, the whole settlement resembles an open-air museum as an impressive fortress, grand mansions, Byzantine Baths, stone wells, and beautiful churches line the cobblestone allies. Also visit the picturesque city of Veria known for its archeological sites and many glorious churches, the city of Naoussa considered as one of the most beautiful cities in northern Greece known for its vineyards and great wineries as well as Ptolemaida a city built on a valley surrounded by mountains known for its stunning natural surroundings. Experience all of that and so much more as you explore the natural beauty of northern Greece with your Kozani rent a car.

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