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Drive your Imperial Car Hire Larnaca and explore one of the premier seaside resorts in Cyprus. A beautiful beach backed by a seafront promenade lined with tall palm trees and an old town in the background that hinders images from the past can all be found with your Larnaca Rent a Car.

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Car Rentals in Larnaca

Car Rentals in Larnaca
Sedan Automatic (E3)
Toyota Avensis Automatic
€41 / day

Rental Car Deals in Larnaca

Rental Car Deals in Larnaca
Cabrio Automatic (F3)
BMW 218i Cabrio Automatic
€53 / day

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Auto Rentals in Larnaca
Luxury Sedan Automatic (G3)
Mercedes C180 Automatic
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Low-Cost Cars for Hire in Larnaca Cyprus
Economy (B1)
Toyota Yaris
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Over the years, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our customers by always striving to exceed their car hire expectations in Cyprus. Our number one priority is you, and we work all day, every day, to offer you the support and service necessary so that your rental car experience will be one that you will want to repeat in the future. With Imperial, you can enjoy a large selection of dependable and affordable car rentals in Larnaca that will surely satisfy your holiday travel transportation needs.

Once you have selected your Larnaca car hire from Imperial, you can also choose the prearranged pick-up and drop-off location of your vehicle. We can deliver your car to any and all locations in Cyprus including the airport, port, city center, and even the hotel where you will be staying. To further accommodate your transportation needs, our Larnaca car rental support and services are available to you 24/7.

When you arrive in Cyprus, one of our professional cooperators will be waiting with the car of your choice, fully equipped with all the necessities you require for your safe travels in Larnaca at the delivery location you have specified. In no time, you can drive to any location you desire in the luxury and comfort provided to you by Imperial.

Imperial is definitely a company you can trust today and every day for your safe travels in Larnaca. Reserve your Imperial car hire in Larnaca today and join our many repeat and satisfied customers!

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Larnaca is a city found on the southern coast of Cyprus, located along the gulf of the beautiful Larnaca Bay. Archeological excavations in the area suggest that Larnaca is the oldest city in Cyprus with evidence of habitation of up to 6,000 years ago. It is a city built on the ruins of ancient Citium, a city-kingdom otherwise known as Kition created on the southern coast of Cyprus in the 13th century BC that was founded by Greek Achaean settlers. Citium was also the birthplace of the Hellenistic Stoic philosopher Zeno, founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy one of the most popular schools during the Hellenistic period and Roman era.

Today Larnaca is one of the premium seaside resorts in Cyprus, with an international airport that welcomes millions of visitors from around the world each year. This enchanting city is known for its proximity to stunning beaches, an impressive old town, a beautiful palm tree-lined promenade, a glimmering marina, archeological sites, and historical landmarks that can all be discovered as you drive around the city in your Larnaca car rental from Imperial.

Begin your journey with your Larnaca car rental and visit the heart of the city, an old town filled with traditional whitewashed buildings and houses with flowered courtyards as well as traditional shops selling souvenirs from hand-painted olive oil bottles to sea sponges and sea shells. Stop at one of the many cafes and small taverns along the way where you can enjoy a leisurely coffee and taste the exquisite Cypriot cuisine.

Then drive your Larnaca car rental and visit the glorious church of Saint Lazarus. According to the New Testament, after Lazarus arose from the dead, he came to live in Larnaca for the remaining 30 years of his life and was ordained as the Bishop of Kition, it was here that he was finally buried and the church was named in his memory with his second tomb found under the church. Also, across the church, you will find the Byzantine Museum of Saint Lazarus which features important religious icons, artifacts, and relics including Byzantine icons, gospels, crosses, and other treasures. Another museum not to be missed is the Larnaca Archeological Museum home to a collection of findings from across the surrounding regions including sculptures, vases, pottery, and terracotta figures displayed in chronological order illustrating the development of the region.

From there, drive your Larnaca car rental and visit the Kition Archaeological Museum an open-air archeological site featuring ruins of the ancient city-kingdom of Kition with remains of ancient temples, defensive walls, and sanctuaries that date back to the 13th century BC. Next, drive your Larnaca car rental and visit the Medieval Castle of Larnaca also known as Larnaca’s Fort which was constructed to defend the southern coast of Cyprus and the harbor town of Larnaca. It was later used as a prison and now it functions as a medieval museum if you climb to the top of the castle you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Then drive your Larnaca car rental and explore the old Turkish quarter of the city also known as Skala, Larnaca’s artisan community that still retains its traditional character with whitewashed cottages, decorated colorful window frames, and quaint old-fashioned architecture filled with pottery shops and ceramic workshops. Be sure to also visit with your Larnaca car rental the beautiful mosque of Hala Sultan Tekke, the impressive Kamares Aqueduct, the Buyuk Cami Mosque with an iconic minaret, and of course Larnaca’s Salt Lake and Nature Reserve where large flocks of pink flamingoes and ducks call their home from Spring to Fall season.

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Continue your journey with your Larnaca car rental and visit the popular palm tree-lined promenade also known as Foinikoudes which is surrounded by a glimmering marina filled with luxury yachts and fancy sailboats. Here you will also find the city’s finest seafood restaurants and trendy cafes.

Next visit with your car rental Larnaca’s beautiful beaches featuring soft golden sand and calm turquoise sea waters. Popular beaches in Larnaca include the 500-meter-long Foinikoudes Beach, McKenzie Beach located close to the international airport of Larnaca, as well as Mazotos Beach and Faros Beach found in the nearby villages.

Other attractions not to be missed with your Larnaca car rental is the Drapia Horse Farm found in the village of Kalvassos, The Golden Donkeys Farm located in Skarinou village as well as the Patreon Sculpture Park, and the Camel Park both located in Mazotos village.

Finally, if it is an adventure that you seek then be sure to visit with your Larnaca car rental the Zenobia shipwreck, a Swedish ferry that sank in the harbor of Larnaca in 1980. The remains of the vessel are still present in the coastal waters, a perfect diving spot to explore the underwater reef and a popular tourist attraction where a boat with a glass bottom voyages across the sunken ferry and Larnaca’s harbor. Explore all that and more as you drive around the city and its vicinity in the comfort of your Larnaca car rental provided to you by Imperial.

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