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Car Rental Agios Nikitas Lefkada

Car Rental Agios Nikitas Lefkada
Vans 9 Seats (M1)
Fiat Talento
€52 / day

Car Rental Lefkada Town

Car Rental Lefkada Town
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Volkswagen Polo Automatic
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Rent a Car Lefkas

Rent a Car Lefkas
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
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Car Hire Lefkada Town

Car Hire Lefkada Town
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
Fiat Doblo
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Lefkas Car Rental

Lefkas Car Rental
Large Hatchback Automatic (D3)
Volkswagen Golf Automatic
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Rent a Car Agios Nikitas Lefkada

Rent a Car Agios Nikitas Lefkada
Economy (B1)
Fiat Panda
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Rent a Car Sivota

Rent a Car Sivota
Medium Family (C1)
Skoda Fabia
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Car Rental Lygia Lefkada

Car Rental Lygia Lefkada
Large Hatchback (D1)
Nissan Note
€20 / day

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Imperial Car Rental Lefkada Greece

Car Rental Lefkada

The gem island of Lefkada is a paradise for both nature and watersport enthusiasts, with its renowned golden sand beaches, white cliffs, wide strands, and rich culture. Its well-known beaches of Pefkoulia, Egkremnoi, Porto Katsiki, and Kathisma attract thousands of visitors who want to experience beach-hopping, watersports, and sailing. No matter what you want to do during your holidays, whether it’s wine tourism, agrotourism, cultural tourism, or sports tourism, Lefkada is a top Greek destination, and for good reason. The lively east coast, with its neighbouring islets of Skorpios and Meganisi, and the west coast, with some of Lefka’s finest beaches, make up the island’s elegant and wild side. In Lefkada, you can combine a chic stay in a beachfront villa with outdoor activities and folklore festivals or a sailing tour around the island to explore its lacy shores with startling turquoise waters. So, wait no more, book your Imperial car, and live your dream holidays in Lefkada!

Car Hire Lefkada

Lefkada is an easily accessible island as you don’t need to take the ferry but instead drive from mainland Greece through the floating bridge of Agia Mavra. This facilitates access to Lefkada and makes it one of the preferred summer destinations for Greeks and tourists alike. Apart from Lefkas' natural wonders, the island has a rich history and culture reflecting its present. In Lefkada's main town, you will probably come across anglers and fishermen, or bouraneloi, as the locals call them. Lefkada is also famous for its local products, such as olive oil, honey, wine, olive oil pie, salami, and Egklouvi lentils. Each year, on August 6, there’s the local festival of Agios Donatos, where you can enjoy a bowl of homemade Egklouvi lentils, try local products, and watch traditional dancing. Moreover, the island boasts some of the best wineries in the Ionian region and was famous during Venetian rule due to the wine and olive oil export. Vertzami and Vardea are local wine varieties and you can try them in specific restaurants but also in wineries, such as Karsanikos, Lefkaditiki Gi, and Siflogo. In Lefkada, you will usually find wine festivals and feasts in different villages year-round. The Lefkas International Folklore Festival takes place the last week of August and hosts music, dancers, and songs not only from Lefkada but also from all around the world.

Best Beaches to Visit in Lefkada

⦿ Kathisma and Avali Beach are located on the island’s west coast and are both comprised of fine sand and shingles. Kathisma is one of Lefka’s most famous beaches with a lively cosmopolitan vibe, but it was once a campers’ paradise. In Kathisma, you will marvel at a stunning sunset but be wary of the northwesterly winds if you want to swim during the sunset. Avali Beach is a small beach with crystal-clear blue waters where you will experience a peaceful atmosphere. Note that the road to the beach is a bit tricky, but you can manage if you’re going with a small car.

⦿ Megali Petra Beach is a wide shingly beach with azure waters and a great sea to enjoy swimming or snorkelling. It is not an organized beach, so bring your umbrella, drinks, and some snacks. There’s a narrow dirt road leading to the beach bar where you can park your car for about 8 euros.

⦿ Egkremni Beach is the island’s highlight, with emerald waters and a 2 km long shore surrounded by verdant chalky cliffs. Be careful, though, because it tends to produce strong waves. To get there, you have to walk for 1 km downhill from the parking lot. In any case, although it’s challenging, the views and overall experience are definitely worth the visit.

⦿ Porto Katsiki is another renowned beach in Lefkada. The beach is considered to be the most stunning one on the whole island and features a wild landscape with imposing white rocks and turquoise clear waters. There are high waves most of the time, so be careful while swimming. From the parking, you will follow the steep path, which has several canteens, and take the 150 steps. Alternatively, you can get there via a small boat from Vasiliki. In general, the magnificent views and the beach's natural beauty make it well worth the effort.

Car Hire Lefkada Airport

The nearest airport to Lefkada is Aktion National Airport (PVK), which is 21 km away from Lefkada’s main town, i.e. 25 minutes by car. Due to the constant flow of visitors during summer, Aktion Airport is now a modern airport with improved facilities, such as an expanded runway, more check-in desks, departure gates, duty-free shops, security lanes, and more parking space. Moreover, there are frequent domestic, charter, and direct flights from several EU countries. During the high season, you can fly directly to Lefkada Aktion Airport from the UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and more European countries and capitals. In order to avoid looking for bus timetables and waiting for the bus, the easiest way to get to Lefkada is by car. With our Fly & Drive top service, your selected vehicle will be waiting for you just outside the airport. Our professional car hire staff will welcome you and introduce you to your car’s features. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re always committed to achieving this goal. If you arrive at Aktion National Airport and want to drive directly to Lefkada, you will pass from the famous floating bridge of Agia Mavra. Then, when you arrive from the causeway, you will meet lively Sikelianou Street, lined with cafes, restaurants, and the interesting Archaeological Museum of Lefkada.

Car Rental Lefkada Airport

The history of Lefkada dates back to Homer’s Oddysey and after the excavations by archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld, it was suggested that Lefkada was Homer’s Ithaca. What’s more, Ithaca was said to be reachable on foot, but it might have been Lefkada, which isn’t exactly an island because it was connected to mainland Greece by a causeway. This claim is not yet proved and was suggested by the local tourism officials and by excavations of Mycenean remains led by Wilhelm Dörpfeld. The ancient town of Lefkas was founded in the 7th century and was probably located to the south of the modern town. Lefkada wasn’t for long under Venetian rule as they were the rest of the Ionians, but it was conquered by the Ottomans and the Turks. There are still some remnants of the past, such as monasteries, chapels, castles, and archaeological ruins on the island. For instance, the Ancient town of Nirikos, the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios, the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Antzousis, and the 14th-century Castle of Agia Mavra, are some of the island’s important attractions. When you drive from the airport to Lefkada main town, you will pass by Griva Castle and Agias Mavras Fort. Make sure to make a stop to visit the castles, or if you’re in a rush for a refreshing dip, head to Agios Ioannis Beach, which is also famous among kite and windsurfers.

Car Rental Sivota

Sivota Lefkadas is located on the island’s east coast, 31 km south of Lefkada's main town. It’s a small fishing village set in a sheltered bay surrounded by lush hills. Its picturesque port is the perfect place to enjoy a lovely stroll in the afternoon and have your lunch or dinner at one of its beachfront tavernas. Sivota is quite popular with yacht and sailboat owners as its small port provides safe mooring and shelter from the winds. If you’re coming to Sivota with your car, it is recommended to park it in the parking lot as the village is small and has mostly pedestrian streets. You can easily get your bearings in Sivota and explore the village on foot. From Sivota, you can embark on sailboats and enjoy a guided or independent boat tour to discover the treasures of Lefkada’s east coast. Sivota has no main beach, but you can drive to nearby Mikros Gialos and Afteli beaches. Mikros Gialos Beach offers some sunbeds, umbrellas, and showers, and it’s a quiet, pebbly beach, ideal for families with children. Afteli Beach is a crystal-clear small rocky cove surrounded by verdant nature. There’s a beach bar to buy food and drinks, but be wary of the narrow dirt road when driving to the beach. Sivota is mostly preferred for quiet walks, seaside lunch and dinner, boat tours, and elegant stays in lovely modern villas. Ktima Aniforeli Villas, Sivota Lefkas Villas, and Arodo Seaside Villas are some of the top-quality accommodation options in Sivota.

Must-Do Activities In Lefkada

⦿ Are you a windsurfer or kitesurfer enthusiast? Lefkada’s wide sandy beaches and favourable wind conditions attract numerous watersport lovers. Agios Ioannis Beach, Miloi Beach, and Ponti Beach are the best places to learn or practice your kite or windsurfing skills.

⦿ Interested in exploring the intricate seabed of Lefkada’s seas? Pro Dive Lefkas is located near Perigiali village and offers courses for beginners and the ultimate diving experience for experienced divers.

⦿ Are you a true adventure junkie? Paragliding Special Tandem Flights is situated near Pefkoulia Beach, and it’s where your adrenaline levels will rise to the top!

⦿ Drive to the traditional Egklouvi village in the centre of the island, set in a lush environment at 700 m altitude. Take a walk in the picturesque old village and visit its old windmill. For a traditional Greek dinner, head to Ta Lytrata taverna to try lentil soup, fava, zucchini balls, and much more.

⦿ An interesting loop trail you can take is in the pinewood of Athani. The road starts from the centre of the village past Serenity Boutique Hotel. It’s a totally serene walk inside the forest and an escape from the hustle and bustle of vibrant Lefkada’s beaches.

H2- Car Rental Nikiana

Nikiana is a lively tourist resort situated on Lefkada’s east coast. One of the largest villages on the east coast, Nikiana offers tranquil holidays and many accommodation options. Its small port is home to numerous small boats and yachts and it is lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops. The main road of Nikiana separates the village in half, with some houses and hotels found near the sea and others on the foothill of Mount Skaros. Episkopos Beach is the main beach of Nikiana, and it’s a pebble beach with warm and shallow waters ideal for children. There are sunbeds and umbrellas you can rent, showers, and a beach bar. A bit further to the south, there’s Lefkas Diving Center for those who want to explore the interesting seabed of Nikiana. If you want to go for some sightseeing around Nikiana, you can drive to Neromylos, which is an old watermill of Akoni Gorge. Akoni Waterfall only has a water flow during the winter, but it’s still beautiful to visit if you like walks in nature. Nearby you will find a cave, the Hermitage of Agioi Pateres, which is a religious site and offers mesmerizing views of the bay. You can also walk there from Nikiana Beach, and there’s a circular trail you can take around the hilltop to visit another two old chapels. Moreover, you can drive to the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios in Kolivata village, a stone-built picturesque monastery set amid olive groves, perfect for meditating and walking in nature. Maybe hungry after an adventurous day? Drive back to Nikiana and have your dinner at the beachfront Pantazis Tavern for fresh seafood, grilled squid, and delicious salads.

H2- Agios Nikitas Rent a Car

Agios Nikitas is a coastal village on the northwestern side of Lefkada. Its convenient location makes it ideal for exploring nearby beaches on foot and small coves by boat. Agios Nikitas is a lovely village with three amazing beaches nearby and offers wonderful stays and unique dining experiences. The only village built right on the coast offers easy access to Milos Beach, Kathisma, and Pefkoulia. Agios Nikitas Beach is also a nice beach with sand and crystal-clear waters, protected from the waves and good for snorkelling. If you’re into adventure, you can walk on your left around the headland and head to Secret Milos Beach. Nearby Mylos is a secluded beach set amid golden sand, lush vegetation, and crystalline waters. It is one of the best well-kept beaches on the island and definitely a must-see. You can walk amid a pine forest for approximately 1 km from Agios Nikitas village or take the water taxi from Agios Nikitas Beach. The best way to discover all the inlets and sea caves around Agios Nikitas is by boat. You can navigate south towards Maximos Beach, Kathisma, and Gaidaros Beach. In any case, options are endless in Agios Nikitas, either you’re by car or by boat. Agios Nikitas boasts some of Lefkada’s nicest hotels and villas, such as Beyond Villas, Agios Nikitas Nature Village, Milos Bay Villas, and Katerina’s Village. Furthermore, for a special dinner at the seafront, head to T’Agnantio traditional taverna. It is a charming small restaurant with unique views of the turquoise sea, friendly staff, and delicious seafood and appetizers. For a night out in Agios Nikitas, Utopia Sunset is a unique place to marvel at infinite views, enjoy delicious cocktails, and listen to some chill-out music in a relaxing atmosphere.

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