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The seaport city of Nafplio is situated along the Argolic Gulf found in the northeastern Peloponnese of southern Greece. Nafplio is considered to be one of Greece’s most beautiful and historic cities that allures hundreds of thousands of people each year. It has become a popular day trip and weekend destination among the Athenians and tourists alike as it is located just 137 km from Athens and easily accessible from all major highways. Most who travel to this fascinating city do so with their own means of transportation, if that is not an option then of course renting a car in Nafplio is the best way to discover and explore all it has to offer. Historically, Nafplio is known to have been inhabited from antiquity as it was once the thriving port city of Argos in ancient Argolis. It was later ruled by the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans who in turn all left their mark on the city. At the end of the Greek Revolution is when Nafplio was chosen as the first capital city of the newly founded Greek state with the heroic Ioannis Kapodistrias as its governor. After the assassination of the governor, a period of anarchy followed until King Otto arrived, who then decided to move the country’s capital to Athens. Despite its turbulent yet glorious past, today Nafplio is a destination in Greece that is enjoyed by many all year round featuring a wealth of attractions and interesting sites that are just waiting to be discovered with your Nafplio car rental.

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Once you arrive to the city with your Nafplio rent a car the beauty of its natural surroundings will enchant you as most of the historic old town is built on a peninsula protected by a natural bay. Neoclassical buildings and elegant mansions with cast-iron balconies line the boulevard as you enter the old town. The cobblestone streets scented with bougainvillea trees in full bloom then lead you through a maze of fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, galleries and small shops selling handmade crafts and souvenirs. You will then come across the beautiful town squares including Syntagma and Philellinion where open-air cafes, traditional taverns, and luxury restaurants offer their local delicacies. Visit one of the many holy churches along the way such as Agios Georgios the Metropolis of Nafplio, Frangokklisia the oldest church in town and Agios Spyridon where the legendary governor of Greece Kapodistrias was assassinated. Explore the Archeological Museum of Nafplio home to a rich collection of artifacts from the Prehistoric and Mycenean Era. Also visit the War Museum, Stone Museum, Ouzo Museum and Komboloi Museum that features a fascinating selection of over 1,500 komboloia also known as “worry beads” that are made of amber, corals, and crystals dating from the 17th century. Other major sites not to be missed are the Vouleftikon the first parliament of the Greek nation, the Venetian Arsenals and the Porta di Terraferma also known as the “Gate of Xira” constructed in 1708 that was the only entrance into Nafplio by land. Take a walk along the beautiful promenade of Nafplio as you exit the old town where luxury yachts and colossal cruise boats have set their anchor. In the middle of the bay, a small rocky island with a 13th century Venetian Bourtzi Castle can be seen and easily visited by boat trips that run daily from the port. Above the old town, the magnificent Palamidi Castle stands like a crown over Nafplio that can be accessed by the 999 step staircase or by driving your Nafplio rental car up the hill where you can enjoy stunning views of the city and explore many historical monuments, the small church of Agios Andreas as well as the small cave cells that once imprisoned a hero of the Greek Revolution Theodoros Kolokotronis. Also visit the remains of Acronafplia, Nafplio’s oldest castle that was originally built during the Bronze Age. Then head out to Psaromachala a charming traditional neighborhood that resembles a Greek island composed of small whitewashed houses, secret courtyards, narrow alleys, and staircases. Be sure to also visit the beautiful beaches of Nafplio including the golden sanded beach of Karathona and the fine, pebbled beach of Arvanithia that both offer clean crystalline sea waters and many watersport activities.

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Beyond the city, just kilometers away you can also reach with your Nafplio car rental more destinations and sites of natural beauty and historical importance. Eight km away from Nafplio you will discover the archeological site of Ancient Tiryns that dates back to 7,000 years where excavations have revealed the well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mycenean Acropolis and Cyclopean Walls. Then 25 km away from Nafplio the Archaeological Site of Mycenae that according to Greek Mythology was the “Kingdom of Agamemnon” here archeologists have unearthed ancient palaces, fountains, fortifications as well as the famous Lion’s Gate and the Tomb of Agamemnon. Another archeological site not to be missed is the one in Epidaurus located 35 km away from Nafplio. This is where you will find a well-preserved 4th-century ancient theater with outstanding acoustics, an ancient stadium where athletic games were held in antiquity and ruins of the Sanctuary of Asclepius a sacred place believed to have healing powers that cured the ill of the ancient world. There is also an Archeological Museum on site that displays statues, coins, and artifacts excavated from the ancient site of Epidaurus. Next visit the ancient city of Argos with findings that include ruins of ancient Roman baths, an agora, the Temple of Aphrodite and a 20,000-seat ancient theater one of the largest theaters of ancient Greece. Also, visit the popular summer resort of Tolos, found 8 km from Nafplio that offers a long sandy beach, many amenities and a relaxing atmosphere to its visitors as well as the beautiful summer resort town of Porto Heli that lies on the stunning Peloponnese coast. With your rent a car in Nafplio you can easily explore not only a charming historic city but also discover a wealth of attractions and sites that are found beyond the city. Your journey in Nafplio Greece awaits you!

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