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Travel to the city of a rich history and a legendary past with Imperial Rent a Car Nicosia. Explore inside the Venetian walls and discover the old city filled with a bundle of museums, churches and mosques that reveal an evocative history that can be best experienced with your Nicosia Rental Car.

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Car Rental Nicosia

Car Rental Nicosia

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Make the easiest decision you have ever made and choose Imperial for your rent a car in Nicosia when making your travel transportation arrangements in this beautiful city of Cyprus. We can guarantee that your Nicosia rent a car experience with Imperial will be fast, easy and most of all satisfying! Featuring such a large selection of dependable yet affordable Imperial rental cars in Nicosia we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for! Our Nicosia rent a car fleet includes a variety of mini, economy, luxury, jeeps, vans and cabrios with automatic and manual transmissions to choose from. Once you have selected the Nicosia rent a car that satisfies your travel transportation needs then you can also choose the point of delivery for your vehicle. We serve the entire country, with many pick-up and delivery locations to choose from as well as 24/7 support and service for your Nicosia rent a car to ensure that your expectations are met. Upon your arrival to Cyprus, our professional and efficient team of cooperators will have the Nicosia rent a car of your choice waiting for you at the location you have specified. In just minutes, you can drive your Imperial rent a car Nicosia to any and all destinations you desire and begin your adventure in Cyprus. With Imperial there is also the added bonus of not having to worry about the kilometers you have consumed in comparison to other car hire agencies. That’s right! You can explore the city and its entirety and also enjoy unlimited driving with Imperial rent a car in Nicosia. Be sure that you have come to the experts for your rent a car in Nicosia Cyprus! Reserve your Nicosia rent a car with Imperial today and make the easiest and best choice in Cyprus!

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Nicosia also known as Lefkosia is the capital and the largest city of the island country of Cyprus, located in the center of the country with the Pedieos River that flows right through the city. Nicosia is also the only divided capital city in the world, composed of a northern Turkish section and a southern Greek section. These sections are divided by the so called \"Green Line\", a demilitarized buffer zone created by the United Nations to stop the escalation of tension between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974. During the ancient times Nicosia was a Hellenic city state known as Ledra, one of the twelve kingdoms of ancient Cyprus built by the Achaeans. Remains of the ancient city are still visible today found on the hill of Agia Paraskevi, located of the south east side of the city. Today Nicosia with its rich history and legendary past welcomes millions of visitors from around the world each year who come to explore the bustling rich capital of Cyprus filled with a plethora of museums, galleries, churches and mosques that reveal the evocative history of the city. When you arrive to Cyprus, pick-up your Nicosia car rental and drive easily to any location you desire in the luxury and comfort of your vehicle that only Imperial can provide. Begin your journey by driving your Nicosia car rental to the heart of the old city that is surrounded by a series of well-preserved Medieval Venetian walls with a plethora of attractions to explore in the core. Enter the old city from Famagusta Gate, one of the three entrances into old Nicosia, built in the 16th century by the Venetians in order to defend the city from the Ottoman Turks that is now used as a cultural center. As you journey through the cobble stone streets of the old city you will come across Faneromeni Square, an important historical square that hosts a number of historical buildings including Faneromeni School, Faneromeni Library, the Marble Mausoleum and of course the Sacred Temple of Virgin Mary Faneromeni. A beautiful historical relic of Christianity that is still functions as a house of worship filled with marvelous antiques and intricate murals and an exterior of outstanding Venetian architecture. Also visit the Marble Mausoleum located in the eastern part of Faneromeni Square that was built in memory of the four clerics including Archbishop Kyprianos, that were executed by the Ottoman governor in 1821. Then visit the oldest Byzantine church in Nicosia, Panagia Chrysaliniotissa that is believed to have been built in the 5th century in honor of an icon that was found in a flax field, an 11th century painting of the Virgin Mary with Child. Next visit the bustling Ledra Street located in the heart of the Greek old town, famous for its fashionable boutiques, art galleries, trendy cafes and delicious Cypriot taverns offering local delicacies that are housed inside of the historical buildings found in the old city. Then take the elevator to the top of the Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory that provides stunning 360-degree views of the city. At the end of Ledra Street there is also a checkpoint for the border where with the proper documentation you can pass the “green line” of the patrolled UN zone and visit the northern Turkish side of Nicosia. As you continue your journey in the old city you will come across Onasagoru street where you will end up in the popular tourist area known as Laiki Geitonia, famous for its medieval streets, traditional taverns and a wide variety of souvenir shops that sell everything from olive oil and zivania, a traditional alcoholic drink to Cypriot sculptures and lace embroidery. Then visit the Byzantine Museum of Nicosia that features the most beautiful and historically important mosaics of Cyprus, the Omeriye Mosque that was once a Latin Monastery and then converted into a mosque named after the Muslim prophet Omer, and the Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion that was home to the wealthiest man on the island that played an intricate role between the Turkish administration and the Greek Cypriot citizens. Other sites not to be missed include the Leventis Museum and Gallery, the Church of Archangelos Michalis Tripiotis, the Archbishop’s Palace, St. John’s Cathedral, the National Struggle Museum and the Pancyprian Gymnasium Museum. Another must see is the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, the oldest and largest museum in Cyprus with a large selection of exhibits and artifacts discovered during numerous excavations on the island. Finally drive your Nicosia car rental and visit the Athalassa National Forest Park located on the south eastern edge of the city featuring an enchanting lake and an oasis of greenery with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Explore and discover all that and more as you drive around this fascinating historic city with your Imperial car rental in Nicosia Cyprus.

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We treat every Nicosia rental car reservation with the same loyalty, care and personal assistance because our customers are our number one priority. For this reason, we work all day, every day to provide you with a large selection of the best quality of rental cars in Nicosia at the best prices available in the market. Furthermore, there are no risks or bad surprises when choosing Imperial for your rental car in Nicosia Cyprus. Imperial is a car hire company you can trust, one that will always honor the agreed upon price of your Nicosia rental car with no secret additional fees attached. To reserve your Imperial rental car in Nicosia Cyprus you can easily use our secure online reservation system or call one of our qualified and friendly customer service agents through our 24-hour telephone service line. The selection of your Nicosia rental car is important to us, so if you require any assistance or if you have any questions regarding the price or the choice of your vehicle, be sure that we are available to service you and provide you with the necessary answers and solutions. Expect to be treated only with the highest levels of professionalism and experience excellent customer service because with Imperial your satisfaction is guaranteed! Reserve your Nicosia rental car with Imperial today and become one of our many satisfied repeat customers in Cyprus!

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