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This popular port city with scheduled ferries that travel all year around can be easily accessed with your Imperial Car Rental Patras. There are many things to do and interesting things to see as you drive around the city with your Rent a Car Patras.

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Car Rental Patras

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Patras Car Rental in Greece

Patra is a major seaport city and the regional capital of Western Greece, located on the northwest coast of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is a city built between the foothills of Mount Panachaikon and the coastline of the Gulf of Patras that branches out to the deep blue Ionian Sea. Due to its geographical location, Patras is also known as the “Gate to the West” as it hosts one of the busiest trade and passenger ports in all of Greece, connecting it to Western Europe. Each year, Patras Port accommodates hundreds of thousands of people that arrive and depart to and from the Ionian Islands as well as many ports across mainland Greece and Italy. Then, just 40 km away from the city is the Patras Araxos Airport that accepts seasonal charter flights from various locations in Europe. Patras can also be easily reached with your own means of transportation from the Olympia Odos highway or by renting a car in Patras, giving you the freedom to explore not only the city but also the beautiful surrounding areas. In whichever way you decide to reach this fascinating city, be sure that once you arrive you will discover many interesting sites to see and exciting things to do.

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Historically, the first traces of settlement in Patras date to as early as 3,000 BC. Throughout the centuries many civilizations settled in Patras which left their mark on the city. During the Mycenaean period, Patras was known as ancient Antheia, the unification of three Mycenaean villages. Patras later flourished as an ancient city with an important port during the Roman period and continued to thrive through the Byzantine Era, Venetian Rule, and Ottoman Empire. During the Greek War of Independence, Patras was one of the first cities that rebelled against the Turks in 1821 that resulted in the total destruction of the city. Although Patras is a relatively new city, it is still home to many Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine ancient sites and historical monuments. With your Patras car rental visit the Mycenaean Cemetery of Voudeni found 8 km from the city. It is one of the most important archeological sites of the Mycenean World which lasted over 500 years from 1500 to 1000 BC and where the remains of over 75 chamber tombs of various sizes and designs were discovered. As you continue your journey towards the city, also visit the Archeological Museum of Patras that exhibits various findings from the ancient sites in Patras and the surrounding area. The most notable exhibits are those from the Mycenean and Roman periods.

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Driving with your car from Patras rent a car, you will discover that the city is separated into two sections. Modern Patras is the section by the water that was rebuilt during the 19th century after the rebellious war in 1821. Up the slope of a hill lies the old city where most of the historical attractions and monuments of Patras are found. Above the city at the highest point, the imposing 6th century Medieval Castle of Patras, known to have been built over the ruins of an ancient acropolis. Today, the castle grounds are used as a public garden that can be enjoyed by its visitors. Close to the castle, an ancient Roman Odeon that was unearthed during excavations conducted in the area. It is one of the most significant ancient monuments in Patras built in 160 AD. It has been reconstructed and is now used as an open-air theater for concerts and performances. Next to the Roman Odeon are the partially excavated ruins of an ancient stadium dating back to the 1st century AD that was used for various athletic events during its time. Visit the church of Agios Andreas, the patron saint of the city, and a pilgrimage site for Christians around the world. It contains the preserved remains of Saint Andrew, one of the twelve apostles. Voyage through the pedestrian shopping streets of Agios Nikolaos lined with a variety of stores and boutiques selling the latest fashion item. From there, take the 192-step staircase that leads you to the old city composed of narrow cobblestone streets, colorful mansions with secret courtyards, and many shops offering handmade crafts, local products, and souvenirs. Make your way to the Georgiou I Square filled with neoclassical buildings, marble fountains, and the impressive Apollon Theater. Continue down to the port area and take a walk along the seaside promenade featuring trendy open-air cafes and delicious seafood restaurants. Also be sure to visit the Patras Lighthouse, a great place to see the sunset, the 15th century Ottoman Baths that are still in use to this day, and the Municipal Gallery featuring a rich collection of paintings composed by Greek artists. Head out to the Spinney of Patras found on a pine tree-covered hill with stunning panoramic views of the city and the Gulf of Patras. Then, continue to the Achaia Clauss Winery that is built like a castle on a picturesque hillside. It offers a wide variety of wines to taste as well as their popular selection of Mavrodafni and a local liqueur called Tentoura. Patras is also famous for hosting one of the best carnivals in Greece that takes place before Ash Monday where thousands of people gather to enjoy many festivities and a large costume parade. Many beaches of exceptional beauty can also be found as you travel along the western coast of Patras. To the east of Patras is Aigio, a seaside settlement built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill that also features golden sand beaches and crystalline waters. Halfway to Aigio from Patras is the spectacular Rio-Antirrio Bridge, one of the world’s largest multi-span cable-stayed bridges that crosses the Corinthian Gulf, linking the town of Rio found in the Peloponnese to Antirrio in mainland Greece. Before the bridge was built, ferry boats would depart from the Rio Port to link the two areas, this is still an option today. Of course, as you cross the massive bridge with your Patras rental car other destinations of natural beauty including the seaside town of Nafpaktos and the pristine beaches of Chiliadou are just waiting to be discovered!

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