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Piraeus Port Car Rental

★ Rent a Car at Piraeus Port for Less ★

Budget Car Hire Piraeus Port

Budget Car Hire Piraeus Port
Large Hatchback Automatic (D3)
Citroen C4 Cactus Automatic
€26 / day

Low-Cost Rental Cars in Piraeus

Low-Cost Rental Cars in Piraeus
Sedan Diesel (E2)
Seat Toledo Diesel
€22 / day

Cheap Car Rental Piraeus Port

Cheap Car Rental Piraeus Port
Intermediate SUV (J1)
Mazda CX7
€38 / day

Economy Car Hire Piraeus

Economy Car Hire Piraeus
Intermediate SUV (J1)
Suzuki Vitara
€38 / day
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Piraeus Port Rent a Car

The Port of Piraeus is one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean Sea and the largest in Greece. It is also one of the largest ports internationally in terms of freight traffic and passenger transportation. The Port of Piraeus, or Porto Leone as they used to call it because of its lion statue, was the main port of the city from the Archaic period and gradually flourished around 480 BC. Nowadays, Piraeus Port is a busy commercial hub with an approximate passenger traffic of 18,5 annually. You can get to multiple destinations from Piraeus Port, including the Argosaronic Islands, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete, and the North Aegean islands. There are daily departures and arrivals for all destinations during the high season, i.e., from late May to September. Ferry departures fluctuate according to the season you wish to travel, but there’s no shortage of ferry routes even during winter.

Situated on the east coast of the Saronic Gulf, you can reach the Argosaronic islands in no time from the Port of Piraeus. Whichever island you visit in the Aegean Sea, Piraeus Port will be your starting point for your holidays in Greece. Fortunately, there are a ton of things to do in case you have to wait for your ferry or if you wish to stay in Piraeus for a few days. Let’s see further information and tips for Piraeus Port as well as how to move around the port and city. By choosing a car rental from Imperial, you gain flexibility, dependability, and convenience. A car hire is the way to go in order to move around Piraeus easily, avoid taking the bus, and always be on time. What’s more, we offer free hotel and port delivery of your car, so there’s no need to worry about pick-up times.

Car Rental Piraeus

Piraeus is a port city and the fifth-largest municipality in the whole country. Apart from the famous port and the visitors it attracts, Piraeus is a beautiful city with a rich history and a long coastline, offering lots of entertainment, dining, and accommodation options. If you’re in the mood for some sightseeing, head to the Electric Railway Museum to learn the history behind the Athens-Piraeus railway line. Another must-visit site in Piraeus is its Archaeological Museum, where you will admire relics, statues, ceramics, and much more dating from the Mycenaean era to the Roman period. Beside the museum, you can also see the ruins of the 3rd century BC Ancient Theatre of Zea. The Hellenic Maritime Museum is also worth visiting as it displays 2,500 seafaring exhibits and describes the long maritime past of Greece.

If you want to explore the coastline on foot, you can roam around the Bay of Zea, after your visit to the museum. A really enjoyable walk you can take from Marina Zeas is towards the east to Mikrolimano or to the west to Piraiki. Alternatively, you can walk the whole coastal route from Piraiki to Pasalimani (Marina Zeas) and to picturesque Mikrolimano. If you have the energy to explore the city on foot, the whole route is utterly rewarding. You will pass by numerous restaurants, cafes, and tavernas, as well as the ancient seaside walls, Neosoikoi, and the archaeological site of Terpsithea Square, dating from the Roman era. And, if you fancy some exquisite dining after your long walk, head to Varoulko Restaurant for the ultimate culinary experience to taste gourmet dishes made by Michelin-awarded chef Lefteris Lazarou.

Car Hire Piraeus

As Piraeus is a really big municipality containing lots of suburbs, the most comfortable and easy way to see most of its areas is by car. Whether you’re in Piraeus with your family, group of friends, couple, or your furry friend, our top-quality vehicles will definitely meet your needs. We follow a no-excess policy, and there’s no need for a deposit or credit card payment. Our services distinguish us from our competitors, and that’s what makes our clients satisfied. By renting a car in Piraeus, you can get from Piraiki to Kastella in no time or from Troumba to Neo Faliro. Whichever route you choose to take in Piraeus, a car hire is the way to go to make the most out of your visit. It’s worth mentioning that Kastella shouldn’t be left out of your bucket list of things to do in Piraeus.

Kastella is the most picturesque neighborhood in Piraeus, with neoclassical mansions, the Church of Profitis Ilias, and the renowned Veakio Theatre. On the west side of the Church of Profitis Ilias, you will find Aretousa Cave, which used to be a hydraulic structure, like a well, in the past. You’ll have to ascend 165 steps, and you’ll see the cave, which is 65 m deep in the rocks. Another important cave of Piraeus is Siraggio Cave, an ancient tunnel with archaeological interest as it was constructed from the prehistoric Minyans. It is situated behind Votsalakia Beach, near the summer cinema Votsalakia.

If you’re a more adventurous spirit or if you want to see Piraeus by night, what would you say about a sailing tour or a party night at Troumba? Athens All Day Cruise organizes sailing excursions in the Saronic Gulf, with swimming, dining aboard, and a tour led by a funny, knowledgeable staff. On the other hand, the nightlife in Troumba district is for those who wish to party all night long and get to know Piraeus by night. Cocktail bars and clubs like El Chapo, Frederica Club, and Beluga are some of the best in the area, hosting electronic or dance music nights on weekends and weekdays.

Useful Tips for Piraeus Port

⦿ Piraeus Port has 12 gates for ferry departures and arrivals. Generally, E1 Gate is for the Dodecanese, E2 for Crete and the North Aegean islands, E6- E7 for the Cyclades, and E8 for the Saronic islands. However, always check your e-ticket before your departure or contact the port’s authority to confirm your gate.

⦿ Click here to see the Piraeus Port ferry arrival and departure times of the vessels.

⦿ As the port is really big, it will take you one hour to walk from one side to the other. If you’re on foot and want to reach your gate, you can take the shuttle bus offering free transport within the port. The bus departs from the port’s main entrance.

⦿ It is advisable to purchase all necessary things prior to your arrival at the port. Cash machines are at the port (Gates E7-E8), but to be stress-free, try to be prepared on time. Remember that you should be at your gate at least 45 minutes earlier.

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