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Found between two bodies of water, this charming city that resembles a Greek Island can be best explored with your Imperial Car Hire Preveza. A popular holiday destination that features beautiful beaches, a yacht-filled marina, and many bars, cafes, and taverns that can be enjoyed with your Preveza Rental Car.

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The coastal northwestern town of Preveza lies between the Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf. This cosmopolitan but chic port town, with its rich poetic legacy, makes a superb starting point for your holidays in the Ionian Sea. You can easily reach Lefkada by car in 1 hour and 20 minutes, as well as other Ionian islands from the port of Igoumenitsa. The Aktio-Preveza undersea tunnel connects Epirus with Aetolia-Acarnania regional units. In Preveza, you will roam around paved streets adorned with colourful houses and chic cafes, discover ancient Nicopolis, and dive into a glorious and poetic past. One of the greatest Greek poets, Kostas Karyotakis, who died in 1928, wrote one of his last poems there, the homonymous “Preveza.” In general, Preveza is one of those mainland locations that are worth visiting and an island-like destination offering visitors what they need from a relaxing vacation. Plan your holidays to Preveza and book the car of your choice from our wide selection of holiday cars to drive around its coast and inland.

What to Do in Preveza?

⦿ Ancient Nikopolis is located 7 km away from Preveza, dates back to 28 BC and was founded by Octavian after his victory at the naval battle of Acitum. It is one of the best well-preserved Roman cities founded in Greece, where you will admire a Roman villa, the Odeon, the ancient stadium, ruins of Roman walls, and much more.

⦿ The Archaeological Museum of Ancient Nikopolis features artefacts, collections, mosaics, objects, and overall history from the Neolithic to the Roman Era. The admission ticket costs €8 and includes entrance to the museum and archaeological site.

⦿ Drive for 15 minutes to the 22 km long Monolithi Beach and enjoy a pleasant swim and sunbathing on this endless beach. The beach has both sand and pebbles, some beach bars with loungers and umbrellas, but also plenty of space to put your umbrella and towels.

⦿ Preveza is well-known for its fresh seafood, and a great restaurant to enjoy fish and seafood in the old town is Treli Garida. It is recommended to try the mullet, fried saganaki cheese, and of course, the mouthwatering shrimp.

⦿ Visit the 19th-century Pantokratoras and Laskaras Castles, situated in the Ionian Sea and Ambracian Gulf, respectively. Walk among the ruins and marvel at the splendid views but don’t forget to take pictures of the unique landscape. Pantokratoras Castle also has a beautiful coastal promenade you can take to reach the castle.

⦿ Take a boat tour in the Ambracian Gulf from one of the many sailboat and boat rental companies. One of the best is Amvrakikos Cruises, where you will be guided by experienced local boatmen and visit Kefalos islet and other wonderful places only accessible by boat.

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Preveza is the southernmost city in the lush region of Epirus so it makes sense to hire a car and explore Preveza but also the surrounding mountainous villages. For example, you can drive for an hour, visit the mythical Acheron Springs and take the trail leading to Hades Gate. In mythology, Acherontas was the place where the souls of the dead resided. You will walk inside the canyon amongst the forest and literally travel back in time. Note that apart from hiking, you can also engage in rafting, kayaking and canoeing along the river. If you want to enjoy your lunch before or after your hike in Acherontas, Panorama Glyki Taverna is set in a lush environment right next to the river and serves great Greek dishes. When driving back to Preveza, you can make a stop at Alonaki Fanariou Beach, which is a crystal-clear sandy beach equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach bar.

When you’re in Preveza town, take a leisure walk in the pedestrian alleyway, the Seitan Bazaar. This picturesque street is filled with small cafes, lovely tavernas, and colourful houses with hanging flowerpots. This is the area where you’ll feel like a local and share an ouzo, such as Roubou, with your friends. The best way to experience the Greek “eat, drink, and chat concept” is to order some small plates, called mezedes, like saganaki cheese, zucchini sticks, salted fish, and horiatiki salad. Like this, you will truly enjoy a night out, chat with the locals, and experience the real Preveza vibe. Maybe you’re in Preveza on a hot summer day and looking for a beach close to the town. Kiani Akti Beach is a 15-minute walk away from the main town, and it has warm and shallow waters, loungers and umbrellas, and a beach bar. Preveza offers all you might need from your holiday, and although it is not an island, there are many beach options, sea activities, bars, and traditional tavernas to make the most out of your vacation. When you trust our quality services, you have the option of renting a low-cost but high-quality car to drive around Preveza and make use of our unlimited kilometres, exceptional customer assistance, and free car gadgets!

Where to Stay in Preveza?

⦿ Melydron Apartments features 9 comfy double rooms and 4 loft-type suites, most of them with sea and garden views. It is located near Pantokratoras Castle and has its own swimming pool and gardens, and the beach is situated a 5 min walk away.

⦿ Alonaki Resort is located right on Alonaki Beach and a 10-minute drive away from the main town. It is built in a quiet location and features a small swimming pool, an olive grove and flower garden, and 8 spacious, clean rooms with all modern amenities.

⦿ Dioni Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel situated near Marina Preveza. It is a small family-run boutique hotel but offers quality premium and superior rooms and junior and deluxe suites. Guests also suggest there’s a decent breakfast to enjoy on the hotel’s rooftop.

⦿ Flower Pot Complex consists of four 50 sq.m. apartments that can accommodate from 1 to 4 or 6 persons, situated right in the center of Preveza. All apartments are equipped with one or two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a lovely garden.

⦿ Preveza City Comfort is a 3-star, centrally located hotel offering comfort and superior rooms at budget prices. It is located within a short walking distance from Seitan Bazaar, so you will be near all major attractions, cafes, and tavernas in town.

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Preveza’s cosmopolitan and elegant vibe will surely make you want to come back again. The good thing with Preveza is that is far more affordable than other nearby seaside cities and islands and it offers the same activities you would do elsewhere. Its close proximity to either seaside or mountainous areas makes Preveza ideal for those who want to tour around the south of Epirus. Concerning the beaches, Monolithi Beach, Lithos Beach, Kastrosykia Beach, and Artolithia Beach are some of the must-visit in Preveza. Monolithi Beach is a 13-minute drive away from Preveza and stretches for 50 km with a lush backdrop to admire while swimming. Lithos Beach is near Mytikas village and it’s an organized sandy beach with clear waters and a nice beach bar to have your coffee and snacks. Kastrosykia Beach is a 20-minute drive away from Preveza and it’s a family-friendly beach with warm and clear waters, ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. Artolithia Beach is a naturally protected beach with golden sand, transparent waters, and oak trees for shade.

There are, of course, many more beaches to swim and visit around Preveza, but these are among the top choices of most travellers. Note that near Artolithia Beach, you will find the monument of the Dance of Zalongo, which is dedicated to the mass suicide of women from Epirus because of the Ottoman invasion in 1803. It was a truly heroic act made by the women and children in order to avoid being captured by the Ottomans. You can reach the monument by ascending the 410 steps for 15 minutes but is really worth the try, not just for the views but for the monument itself. So, wait no more and hire the car you need for your holidays to explore Preveza and its surroundings!

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