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A town with an iconic bay featuring crystal clear sea waters, golden soft sand and clear blue skies is exactly what you will find as you drive your Imperial Rent a car Protaras. A cosmopolitan seaside resort with many pristine beaches that can be explored with your Car rental Protaras. An ideal location to sit back and enjoy the drive!

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Protaras Car Rental

Protaras Car Rental
Large Hatchback Automatic (D3)
Opel Astra Automatic
€38 / day

Protaras Car Hire

Protaras Car Hire
Large Hatchback (D1)
Peugeot 308
€31 / day

Protaras Rental Cars

Protaras Rental Cars
Sedan (E1)
Toyota Avensis
€34 / day

Protaras Car Rentals

Protaras Car Rentals
Sedan Automatic (E3)
Toyota Avensis Automatic
€46 / day

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Discover Imperial Rent a Car in Protaras Cyprus

Protaras is a coastal town found in the province of Paralimani, located on the eastern coast of Cyprus. According to historical findings Protaras in ancient times was once also known as the old city-state named Leukolla. In 306 BC this ancient city was where the military leader Demetrios Poliorketes sought refuge while waiting for Ptolemeos, a successor of Alexander the Great to arrive. During a sea battle, Ptolemeos was defeated and fled back to Egypt, leaving Cyprus in the hands of Demetrios.

Today this historic coastal town has now become a popular summer hot spot in Cyprus for both locals and tourists alike. It is an ideal location for those who seek to enjoy their days in the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters of the sea, journey through long stretches of white sand, discover hidden coves and taste the exquisite Cypriot cuisine in a relaxing and hospitable atmosphere. When you arrive in Protaras, pick up your car rental from Imperial and discover an unforgettable summer vacation in this charming Cypriot town that has so much to offer.

Enjoy your Journey with your Imperial Car Rental Protaras

Begin your journey with your car hire and visit Protara's most popular beach, Fig Tree Bay, composed of a fabulous sweep of powder white sand and crystal-clear blue mesmerizing sea waters. The name of the bay is derived from a fig tree that was planted there in the 16th century that continues to grow to this day. Above the beach is a raised esplanade lined with trendy cafes, bars, and seaside restaurants that offer both international and Cypriot dishes.

From there you can drive your car rental where you will reach the heart of the town filled with picturesque whitewashed houses and a large selection of shops and boutiques. Then, drive your rental car to the Historical Museum which displays a rich collection of archeological findings discovered in the area illustrating the historical development of Protaras.

Also be sure to visit the town’s landmark, the Byzantine church of Profit Elias, which was recently rebuilt in 1984, in place of the older chapel. Perched on a 100-meter-high hill above the town and accessible from the 150-step stairway, that is well worth the climb once you reach the top as it provides breathtaking panoramic views of Protaras and the surrounding countryside. This beautiful church was built using stones from the area while the interior is decorated from floor to ceiling with vivid paintings and scriptures from the bible. Outside of the church, you will find trees with colorful ribbons tied around the branches symbolizing the remembrance of loved ones that have passed.

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Along the Protaras shoreline, you will find many resorts and beaches that shouldn’t be missed as you continue your visit to town. Popular beaches include Green Bay Beach, a perfect location where many come to begin scuba diving courses so they can later explore the underwater reefs and sea caves in the area. The calm sea waters of Green Bay Beach begin shallow and slowly deepen providing a suitable environment for the purpose of learning. Enjoy the soft fine sand at Louma Beach surrounded by a bay, the shallow blue waters, and the fine white sand at Vrisi Beach, the popular beach resort of Kapparis, and the pebble stone beach of Vrysoudia.

Further down you will also find Agia Triada Beach, Pernara Beach, Glifades Beach, and Nisia Beach. For a more secluded atmosphere visit Sirena Beach, Skoutari Beach, and Xristaria Beach. Next, drive your car rental and visit the impressive Ocean Aquarium Park which features over 1,000 species of various marine and coastal wildlife from fishes of all shapes and sizes to jellyfish, eels, turtles, crocodiles, and penguins.

Continue your journey with your Protaras car rental and visit the National Forest Park known as Cape Greco. It is a place boasting the natural beauty that enchants anyone who visits as it offers a wide selection of wildlife, adventurous hiking trails, and remarkable sea caves that are just waiting to be explored.

Another attraction not to be missed is visiting the ancient Greek city-state of Salamis located on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Archeological findings date this ancient city back to the 11th century BC with evidence that proves Salamis was the capital of Cyprus and a thriving port city that was later occupied by many other civilizations including the Persians, Egyptians, and Romans.

Throughout the centuries, due to the forces of nature, only remains and ruins of this glorious ancient Greek city-state can be seen today, including the ruins of columns that formed a Roman Gymnasium, Roman Baths, a 15,000-seat amphitheater, the Temple of Zeus as well as ruins of Kampanopetra Basilica, and the Basilica of Agios Epiphanios. All of this and so much more can be enjoyed as you journey through the town and its vicinity with your car hire in Protaras Cyprus. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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