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Historic sites, entertainment facilities, lush forests and cosmopolitan beaches can be found with your Imperial Rental Car in Pyrgos. Explore the cultural historic city center and enjoy the friendly and hospitable people as you drive around the city with your Pyrgos Rent a Car.

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Car Rental Pyrgos

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Pyrgos is the largest and capital city of the Ilias region found in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula of southern Greece. Up until the 16th century during the Ottoman Rule, Pyrgos was an uncultivated and uninhabited settlement, when a villager by the name of Ioannis Tsernotas decided to move there and reform the area of Pyrgos. As he explored the area, he discovered a large well that contained ancient coins that he then delivered to its rightful owner the Sultan. To honor his acts of integrity the Sultan in return named him the ruler of the region and allowed him to cultivate the land. The new ruler built a great tower in Pyrgos at the top of a hill in order to supervise his flocks and fields from potential enemies. This is when the first settlement in the area occurred and how the name Pyrgos was given to the area. Today Pyrgos is the commercial, financial and administrative center of the region Ilias and a city that is in close proximity to monuments and sites of historical importance as well as picturesque villages and beautiful beaches found along the coastline of the Ionian Sea. Of course, the city and the surrounding area can be easily explored with your own means of transportation and renting a car in Pyrgos is the best way to do just that. Your Pyrgos car hire will prove to be essential for your travels and give you the freedom to explore the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece at your leisure.

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Drive your Pyrgos rent a car into the heart of the city composed of neoclassic mansions with secret courtyards and a town square surrounded by monumental buildings including the municipal market Agora, the municipal theater Apollo and the Latsio Town Hall. At the town square, you will also come across the impressive Archeological Museum of Pyrgos that houses a vast collection of 1,210 artifacts and treasures dating from 3,000 BC to the 19th century that have been unearthed and gathered from the surrounding areas. Also visit the many Byzantine churches and monasteries of Pyrgos like Agios Charalampos the patron saint of the city that according to tradition saved the inhabitants from the dangers of the plague, Agia Kiriaki the oldest church in the city, the metropolitan church of Pyrgos Agios Nikolaos and the church of Agios Georgios found in a unique location that offers breathtaking scenic views. Then with your car rental Pyrgos visit the seaside town and port of Katakolon found along the coast of the Ionian Sea. During the summer months, Katakolon Port is a popular stop for cruise ships resulting in hundreds of thousands of visitors per year. Colorful fishing boats and luxury yachts moor the harbor while open-air cafes, seafood taverns, and seaside restaurants line the waterfront. Also, visit the neighboring small village of Agios Andreas featuring a natural harbor that once served as a port for the ancient city of Olympia.

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In the bay of Agios Andreas is also where the ancient sunken city of Pheia can be found. Both the Beach of Katakolon and the Beach of Agios Andreas are great choices to swim in the shallow crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea. Visit the popular port town of Kylini that hosts all of the ferry boats and cruise ships that come and go from mainland Greece to the beautiful Ionian Islands. Kyllini is also a place where you can enjoy relaxing holidays, spectacular sunsets and pristine beaches. Next visit the peaceful town of Amaliada situated in the plains of Ilias surrounded by citrus tree orchards and olive tree groves. Popular beaches in the area include Kourouta Beach and Palouki Beach. Continue your journey with your Pyrgos rental car and visit the lovely village and beach of Zacharo, the lake and thermal springs found in Kaiafas, the Monastery of Zoodochou Pigi, the Monastery of Kremasti, the archaeological site of ancient Epitalio, ruins of the Ancient City of Oleni and the traditional village of Andritsana built on a spectacular mountain range and home to the ancient Temple of Apollo Epikourios. Finally, your journey would not be complete without visiting the world-famous site of Ancient Olympia known for its archeological significance filled with historical marvels and architectural gems. It is the birthplace of the legendary Olympic Games that were held every four years to honor the God Zeus. Ancient Olympia is a place of enchanting natural beauty surrounded by glorious mountains, gorgeous beaches, and azure coastlines as the ancient temples and monuments dot the grounds of the site. Experience all that and so much more as you explore western Peloponnese with your Pyrgos car rental in Greece.

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