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Drive your Imperial rent a car in Rijeka and experience the charm, culture, and some of Croatia’s most colorful carnivals. Rijeka is an impressive port city that features many attractions, festivals, and beaches. It has an active nightlife that is yours to discover as you drive around the city with your car hire in Rijeka.

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Rijeka Rent a Car

Rijeka Rent a Car
Mini Vans 7 Seats (L1)
Peugeot Partner
€102 / day

Last Minute Rent a Car Rijeka

Last Minute Rent a Car Rijeka
Large Sedan (E1)
Skoda Octavia
€74 / day

Car Hire Rijeka Croatia

Car Hire Rijeka Croatia
Intermediate SUV Automatic (J3)
Peugeot 3008 Automatic
€94 / day

Rijeka Car Hire

Rijeka Car Hire
Mini Vans 9 Seats (M1)
Peugeot Traveller
€128 / day

Budget Rent a Car Rijeka

Budget Rent a Car Rijeka
Medium Sedan (C1)
Skoda Fabia Combi
€64 / day

Rent a Car Rijeka Croatia

Rent a Car Rijeka Croatia
Economy (B)
Volkswagen Polo
€56 / day

Car Rentals Rijeka

Car Rentals Rijeka
Mini Economy (A)
Toyota Aygo
€52 / day

Car Rental Rijeka

Car Rental Rijeka
Luxury Sedan Automatic (I3)
Volkswagen Passat
€79 / day
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Rijeka is a coastal city and a major port in Croatia, located on the western side of the country, on the northern tip of the Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea. Historically, the city of Rijeka has existed as a settlement since the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages. Given its geographic location at the crossroads of land and sea routes as well as its natural surroundings of a fertile landscape, verdant hill slopes, many freshwater springs, and a secluded bay, this settlement had all the qualities in becoming a major seaport. In the centuries to come Rijeka was inhabited by many civilizations. Especially during the 20th century between 1918 and 1991 when it was ruled by eight different countries. Today, the Port of Rijeka is the largest seaport in Croatia with major freight and ferry connections to the surrounding islands and cities. In recent years the city of Rijeka has also become a popular destination in Croatia among hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Most who visit come to enjoy the charming city and the rich cultural heritage found in Rijeka as well as it’s intriguing festivals and Croatia’s most colorful masquerade carnival. Of course, upon your arrival in the city, renting a car in Rijeka will give you the freedom to explore and discover all it has to offer at your leisure. This fascinating city can be easily accessed not only from Rijeka Port but also from the Rijeka International Airport that is located on the island of Krk that hosts direct seasonal international flights to all major European cities. See it all with your Rijeka car hire from Imperial.

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Begin exploring the city with your Rijeka rental car and drive to the old town filled with neoclassical buildings, impressive museums and galleries, an old castle, and medieval churches. Visit the City Clock Tower, Gradski Toranj that is not only a landmark of Rijeka but also the gateway to the old town center from the waterfront. Make your way to the “Stairway to Heaven” a historically important pilgrimage path found through a stairway of 538 steps, lined with a series of small quaint chapels dedicated to various saints. The path finally ends up at Trsat Castle, Gradina Trsat, and the Church of Our Lady of Trsat, Gosna Trsat that both sit high up on a hill overlooking the city. The church is known for its miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary that is believed to have been painted by Saint Luke and the 13th-century castle built on an old Roman fort originally used as a watchtower is notable for its courtyard and its fine views of the city. Then visit the Rijeka Cathedral dedicated to Saint Vitus, a baroque structure found in the heart of the old city that features a 13th-century crucifix that according to legend bled after a disbeliever threw a rock at it. Next, visit the Palace of the Governor that was once the residence of the Hungarian governor and now houses the Maritime and Historical Museum of Croatia that contains an interesting collection of archeological findings from the Prehistoric to Middle Ages as well as an impressive display of model ships and a wide range of nautical equipment. Also visit the Natural History Museum of Rijeka that exhibits over 90,000 artifacts from various time periods, found across the city and surrounding areas. Other places of interest well worth a visit include the well preserved ancient Roman Arch, the remains of the Topedo Factory, the Palace Modello, the Astronomical Center that facilitates both a planetarium and an observatory, as well as the Peek Poke Museum filled with over 2,000 old computers, printers, handheld games, and gaming consoles.

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Drive your Rijeka rent a car and visit Korzo, the city’s bustling promenade. A long broad promenade that is very popular among the locals and tourists alike that is full of shops, boutiques, open-air cafes, and delicious restaurants. Next, take a drive and discover one of the eleven beautiful beaches that stretch along the length of Rijeka’s gorgeous coastline. The most popular beaches include Ploce Beach and Kostanj Beach found in shingle bays with calm transparent sea waters where many watersport activities can be enjoyed. Another beautiful beach not to be missed is the pebbled Sablicevo Beach located in the eastern part of town that is famous for its gorgeous mix of cobalt colored sea waters that are always warm and clear. Then head out to Risnjak National Park, Nacionalni Park Risnjak, a heavily forested area with hiking trails that also features a large variety of flora and fauna. One of the most enchanting spots in the park is the Kupa Source and Springs, a bottomless turquoise pool of water surrounded by lush greenery and rock formations known to be the starting point of the Kupa River. Be sure to also visit the small town of Kastav that dates back to the Middle Ages, famous for its old castle that once housed nobility and other public figures during the 16th and 17th centuries. The town also hosts a popular annual summer festival known as the Kastav Cultural Summer Festival that is devoted to musical and theatrical performances. Also worth the visit is the village of Bakar that has been inhabited since the 3rd century and the lovely coastal village of Moscenice perched on a hilltop with a beautiful beach at its foothills. Experience all that and so much more when visiting all the attractions and locations with your Rijeka car rental in Croatia with Imperial!

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