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Discover hidden gems and untouched sceneries in Sitia, like Zakros Gorge, and visit this vibrant coastal destination in eastern Crete. Combine your stay in Sitia with an affordable and secure car rental and live your adventure worry-free.

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Car Rental Sitia Airport Without Credit Card
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Sitia Affordable Car Rentals
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Sitia is a port town and seaside city in Lasithi’s eastern regional unit. Thanks to its charm and vitality, it is especially loved by travelers and poets but also by all lovers of classic Cretan beauty and tradition. Sitia was the birthplace of the famous poet Erotokritos. It is built on the easternmost point of the northern beaches of Crete, before Cape Sidero. Capital of the province of Sitia, it has also given its name to the gulf stretching out along the bay. It has been known since the time of the Minoans and was inhabited both in Classical times and in the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman periods. Sitia is one of the largest cities in Crete and offers plenty of options for wonderful holidays and unique experiences.

Sitia is also an ideal destination for excursions and boat trips in eastern and northern Crete, as well as for discovering the enchanting landscapes and amazing beaches of this part of the island. Here, you will find some of the most wonderful beaches on Crete, like Vai Beach, Erimoupolis Beach, and the pristine secluded beaches of Cape Sideros. The best way to explore the secluded coves and pristine beaches surrounding Sitia is by a safe and reliable car rental. When you choose Imperial Car Rental for your driving experience in Sitia, you get unlimited kilometers, a fair fuel policy, and quality vehicles for your road trips.

Beach hopping and boat tours are the main activities visitors in Sitia choose to do during their holidays. Boat tours and boat rentals from Sitia will take you to uninhabited islets, where nature thrives in a serene, idyllic scenery. Dragonada, Gianisada, and Paximada are the tiny islets facing Sitia. Sitia has witnessed a years-long history since the Hellenistic and Minoan eras. In Petra, to the east of the city, there are excavations of a part of the ancient settlement. Under the Venetian occupation, the city of Sitia was destroyed three times. In 1508, there was a terrible earthquake; in 1538, it was destroyed by pirates, and in 1651, it was caused by the Venetians to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Turks. For two centuries, Sitia did not exist as a city until 1869. The current city was built in 1870. During the Middle Ages, it was an important trading port of Byzantium. It was incorporated into the Venetian Regno di Candia during the Venetian rule and was characterized as an important port and trading center. In order to stabilize their dominance, the Venetians built many fortresses at various strategic points of the province, such as Kazarma, that are still preserved today.

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Inside the city, apart from swimming at the lively Sitia Beach, you can take a walk in the port and enjoy your breakfast on the coastal road. It is also advisable to stroll around the old town, admire its traditional houses and picturesque courtyards, and visit the castle of Kazarma and the ruins of a Venetian monastery. Built on a hillside above the port of Sitia, the Fortress Kazarma (Casa di Arma) serves as a reminder of the town's defense in the past. The Venetians destroyed the historic Castle of Sitia and its walls, leaving just the fort intact. The walls and castle, which functioned as a command center or barracks, were constructed during the Byzantine era. The Venetians never rebuilt the walls; instead, they were later destroyed to make way for stronger ones. Only the fort Kazarma and a few new structures were added during the Ottoman period.

Also, the Archaeological Museum of Sitia operates with exhibits from 3500 BC to 500 BC, which were found in Sitia and surrounding areas. The exhibits and relics of the past are unraveled in the Archaeological Museum of Sitia. Also, the Folklore Museum of Sitia operates with an exhibition of traditional objects and local products, where you can get to know the culture, traditions, and customs. Sitia's olive oil is considered the best worldwide, winning many global awards yearly.

Both the Sitia and the rest of the province are characterized by exceptional natural beauties, which are protected and highlighted. Sitia is best visited by car, so you will be as flexible as it gets with a car rental in Sitia. Note that there is no need for credit card prepayment or deposits when you book a vehicle with Imperial Car Rental. We take care of your needs, and we are here to assist you 24/7. Sitia’s nature is characterized by charming and clean beaches, rocky relief with hills, mountains, small plateaus, gorges, caves, islets, bays, small wetlands, and a variety of flora and fauna species. After all, it should not be considered completely accidental that the old inhabitants thought of enacting a sacred law that protected the forests, which belonged to the sanctuary of Diktaeus Dios (Palaikastro region), prohibiting the cutting of trees.

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From Sitia’s port, ferries depart to some Dodecanese and Cyclades islands as well as to the islets facing Sitia. Moreover, sightseeing options from archaeological sites to old monasteries and from outdoor excursions to discovering nature’s secrets are also abundant in Sitia. The Toplou Monastery is a remarkable marvel for anyone looking for a spiritual experience entwined with history. Towering defensive walls around an imposing courtyard and beautiful Byzantine icons adorn this 15th-century masterpiece. Looking up at this magnificent building, one almost feels as though they are looking into the past, where monks practiced their distillation and winemaking craft to create wines and raki that have withstood the test of time. The Gorge of the Dead, or Zakros Gorge, is an unmissable experience near Sitia. It is advisable also to visit the fascinating Minoan Palace of Zakros and embrace the spirit of discovery. This magnificent complex is a symbol of the wealth and genius of the Minoan culture, and because of its remarkable preservation, it has been included on UNESCO's list of "Minoan Palatial Centers." The gorge took its name because the Minoans used to bury their dead in the caves. Beyond its beautiful scenery and historic past, there is another reason why the gorge trail to Kato Zakros is significant.

It is the final part of the European E4 path, which begins in Portugal, travels across the southern European Mediterranean region, then travels through Greece from north to south and Crete from west to east before ending at Kato Zakros. The hike loop in Zakros Gorge takes about four hours and starts from Kato Zakros Beach. While hiking in this rugged scenery, you will walk among trees with enormous steams while you walk along the water supply pipes between heavy rocks. A little river is running down the valley, which you must cross a few times. On the way, you will find small bathing places below huge trees. This charming town welcomes visitors of all ages and proudly preserves its rich past. It does this by providing a year-round calendar of top-notch cultural events that excite both inhabitants and tourists. Sitia really comes to life in the warm summer months, with its evenings filled with the alluring sights and sounds of performances, dancing, and traditional or electronic music events. The streets are alive with activity as residents and visitors gather to see various cultural performances that animate the center of this historic city.

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Sitia Airport is a small public airport and the only one serving Crete’s eastern side. The airport is located 1 km away from Sitia's main town, so you will reach Sitia in no time. It was built in 1984, and the first domestic flights from Olympic Air took place at that time. In 2003, the airport was renovated, and new amenities were added to meet the needs of visitors. In 2016, a new terminal building was constructed, and two more aircraft stands were added. Sitia Airport has seen a rise in its passenger traffic during the summer months because many Europeans choose to fly to Sitia to explore this wonderful eastern city of Crete. Airlines companies such as EasyJet, Scandinavian Airlines, SkyExpress, and Olympic Air are among the ones offering flights to and from Sitia Airport. Sitia Airport offers charter flights to European destinations only in the summer months and only domestic flights during winter. If you’re in a hurry to go for a refreshing swim as soon as you arrive at Sitia Airport, drive to Agioi Pantes Beach and Platani Beach. The amazing deep blue waters, steep cliffs, and surrounding lush nature will give you a taste of what Sitia has to offer.

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