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With Imperial Rent a Car Sparta you can discover the most legendary historic towns of Greece. Explore the ancient ruins of a town famous for its strength and bravery enclosed in mountainous boundaries. Definitely a destination worth the visit with your Sparta Car Rental.

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Large Hatchback Diesel Automatic (D4)
Peugeot 308 Diesel Automatic
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Car Rental Sparta

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Sparta Car Rental

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Car Rental Sparta Greece

The modern town of Sparta lies between the mountains of Taygetos and Parnonas in the valley of the Evrotas River that is located in the Laconia region of southeastern Peloponnese in Greece. Enclosed in the mountains and surrounded by a fertile valley of olive, lemon and orange orchards the current town is built at the same location of the legendary ancient city of Sparta that was famous for the strength and bravery of its warriors. Today Sparta attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who come to visit a town linked to the greatest myths and legends of all time! There is no doubt that when you arrive at Sparta the beauty of its natural surroundings will enchant you as it has done for everyone who visits. It is a town steeped in history, culture, and tradition that has been able to maintain its original character despite the trials and tribulations it has endured in the past. The modern town is composed of broad streets lined with neoclassical buildings and elegant mansions while the large town squares are home to the historical buildings surrounded by trees and lush greenery. Visit the Archeological Museum of Sparta that displays a vast collection of findings unearthed from the ancient city and the surrounding region of Laconia. Also, visit the Koumantarios Art Gallery that exhibits beautiful oil paintings from various European artists from the 16th to the 20th century. Try the delicious cuisine at one of the traditional taverns offering their local delicacies. Enjoy a leisure coffee at one of the many kafeneia where the citizens of Sparta will welcome you and tell their stories of the myths and legends of Sparta. To the north of town, the archeological site of the glorious ancient city that features the ruins and remains of an acropolis, an agora, a theater, a basilica, a gymnasium as well as many statues and temples dedicated to the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Of course, renting a car in Sparta is essential when traveling to the Peloponnese as it will give you the freedom to explore not only the town but also the surrounding areas that also offer a wealth of attractions.

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Sparta is known to have been inhabited since antiquity that all began with a Mycenean civilization, then later occupied by the Dorian Greeks in 1100 BC and from there flourished to its optimal glory up until the Roman period. According to Greek Mythology, Sparta was one of the strongest Mycenaean kingdoms, ruled by Menelaos who had Helen as his wife, one the most beautiful women of ancient Greece that attracted the attention of Paris the Prince of Troy who in turn abducted her, triggering the eventful Trojan War. Historically, Sparta was known to be the most powerful city-state of ancient Greece, well known for its military strength, discipline, and heroism. From the age of seven, all-male Spartans underwent a mandatory education and training program known as “agoge” that turned the boys into men that also followed 3 important virtues austerity, equality among its citizens and military fitness. Without city walls and fortifications, the Spartans learned to protect their land at all costs. When they went to war the mothers and wives of the men would hand them their shields and say “I Tan, I Epi Tas” “With this, or Upon this” meaning that you could either return to Sparta victorious or dead. With this in mind, 300 Spartans along with King Leonidas went to war courageously against thousands of Persians in the legendary Battle of the Thermopylae in 480 BC. When Xerxes, King of the Persians demanded that the Greeks surrender to their arms Leonidas then replied “Molon Labe” “Come and Take Them!”. They fought for days until a trader told Xerxes the secrets of the Spartans military strategy, unfortunately, all 300 Spartans died in the war but caused major damage to the Persian soldiers who later retreated in defeat. Throughout the centuries the town of Sparta slowly reallocated close to the location of Mystras. After the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman Empire, the new King Otto of Greece ordered that a new town be built in Sparta to honor its ancient glory. The new town of Sparta as we know it today was the first town in Greece that was constructed on an organized architectural plan.

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With your Sparta rent a car you can also discover other beautiful destinations and interesting sites of the Peloponnese, located just kilometers away. Drive 8 km west of town and visit the archeological site of Mystras, a fortified ancient Byzantine town that lies on the slopes of Mount Taygetos. Inside the walls, a world of stone arches, tunnels, and passageways protect the Palace of Despots. Explore the impressive remains of the well-preserved Byzantine churches and monasteries that contain the most beautiful wall paintings and murals that date back to the 13th century. Continue your adventure and visit the beautiful seaside town of Gytheio that is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill around a natural bay. Taste the delicious fresh fish and seafood at the taverns that line the area of the port and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand at Mavrovouni Beach that is also home to the endangered sea turtles. Then drive to Neapoli a peaceful seaside town on the southern edge of Laconia featuring a picturesque port and sandy beach with crystalline waters. Also, visit Aeropoli a historic town located in the central part of Mani well known for its revolutionary contribution to the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman Empire. Last but not least visit the romantic, secret getaway destination of Monemvasia. A castle city wonderfully constructed in a beautiful natural setting that is located on a small island off the eastern coast of the Peloponnese and linked to the mainland by a causeway. Experience all that and so much more in the luxury and comfort of your Sparta rental car as you explore the historic town and beyond.

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