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Zagreb is known as the City of Museums and you can discover it with a car rental from Imperial Rent a Car in Zagreb. Explore the vibrant capital city of Zagreb. It features an old town filled with museums of art and history and a popular lake with recreational activities. Visit the central park with its beautiful lush gardens as well as the zoo. Discover this beautiful city with your car rental in Zagreb.

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Hire Car Zagreb
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Zagreb Rent a Car
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Zagreb is the capital and largest city in Croatia that lies at an elevation of 122 m above sea level on the northwestern side of the country, located between the Sava River and the southern slopes of the Medvednica Mountain. As with many other cities, Zagreb has also endured a turbulent yet glorious past and is considered to be among one of the oldest cities in Central Europe that dates back to the Roman Empire. When visiting the fascinating capital city of Croatia, you will find a wealth of attractions that are just waiting to be explored! From theaters, galleries, and museums to historical monuments, parks, and gardens. Zagreb has it all! It is no wonder why millions of people choose to visit this vibrant city each year from the Zagreb International Airport that is located just 10 km away. Of course, the best way to begin your adventure in this wonderful Croatian Metropolis is by renting a car in Zagreb. With the Zagreb car rental of your choice from Imperial, you can explore all the interesting sites and discover all the fun-filled locations in the city at your leisure. There is no need to waste your time on busy bus schedules or your money on expensive taxi fares. Your adventure in Zagreb awaits you!

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The city of Zagreb is divided into two parts. Located on a hillside in the northern section of the city is the Upper Town, Gornji Grad home to the charming medieval old town, composed of narrow cobblestone streets and Romanesque architecture. In the southern section of the city is the Lower Town, Donji Grad, the modern part of Zagreb with wide avenues, pedestrian shopping streets, neoclassical buildings, and green spaces. Begin your adventure with your Zagreb rental car and visit the Stone Gate Kamenita Vrata, the last of the five original city gates that were built in the 13th century that miraculously survived a large fire in 1731 as did the portrait of the Virgin Mary that was found among the ashes. Today, the Stone Gate is a religious shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary where you can light a candle and as the locals believe your prayers will be heard and granted. Then head out to Tkalciceva Street where you will find the best cafes and the finest restaurants of Zagreb. Next visit the Zagreb Cathedral, a Roman Catholic place of worship built in 1217, one of the tallest buildings in the area that is also considered to be a landmark of the city. Visit one of the many museums in Zagreb and discover why it is known as the “City of Museums”. The most popular include the Ethnographic Museum, the Mimara Museum, the City Museum, and the award-winning Museum of Broken Relationships, an innovative museum that exhibits the remnants of former relationships through descriptions and personal objects collected from around the world. Another museum not to be missed is, of course, the Archeological Museum of Zagreb that exhibits a rich collection of over 450,000 artifacts and monuments that have been recovered and unearthed over the years. The most notable pieces include the Vucedol Dove that dates back to 2,500 BC, the Head of Plautilla retrieved from the ancient city of Salona, and the 3rd century BC Zagreb Mummy wrapped in bandages containing the longest Etruscan script in the world.

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Continue with your Zagreb rent a car and drive to Jelacic Square, a popular meeting point in the modern city for both locals and visitors. Next drive to Ilica Street, the main shopping street in Zagreb that is filled with a wide selection of stores and boutiques selling the latest fashion items. Then head out to Bogoviceva Street, home to the “Grounded Sun”, a 1971 sculpture of a 3-meter-wide bronze sphere that represents the scale model of the sun with the nine planets of the solar system. Another location not to be missed is the Zagreb Eye Observation Deck found on the 16th floor of a building that offers to each of its visitors' breathtaking panoramic views of the beautiful capital city. Then visit Maksimir Park an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beautiful lush gardens, the forest, and small lakes. In the park, you will also find the 17-acre Zagreb Zoo, home to many exotic animals. Also, well worth the visit is Ribnjak Park, the most beautiful Upper Town park that features exotic plants, many trees, a pond, various sculptures, and a large children’s playground. Last but certainly not least visit Jarun Lake a popular location where you can enjoy many recreational activities such as windsurfing, canoeing, and swimming or just to sit back, relax, and bask in the sun. Discover all that and so much more as you explore this fascinating capital city in Croatia with your affordable Zagreb Car Hire from Imperial.

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