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Visit the culturally and historically rich city of Adana, right in the heart of Cilicia, and discover its variety of attractions, mosques, and hamams. Choose the Imperial Car Rental vehicle that suits you best and explore Adana at your own pace!

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Right in the heart of the Cilicia region, Adana is situated between the Seyhan River and the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is Turkey’s fifth largest city and one of the most significant cities of the classical era, with a history timeline of over seven millennia. Nestled on the pine-clad Cilician Plains, or Çukurova, Adana is situated 40 km away from the Mediterranean and extends around the Sarus River. The region's economy is based mostly on agriculture, with the advantage of having a temperate climate and fertile lands ideal for growing and producing crops, grains, and several types of fruits or vegetables.

With over 2.2 million residents, Adana is the sixth most crowded city in the country. Its long and rich history starts from the Neolithic period, and the Luwians were the first known settlements during the Bronze Age. The Hittites ruled Adana for many years, as they did for many regions in Anatolia, until the collapse of the Hittite Kingdom. The Assyrians took over Adana until 612 BC, and later, the region was briefly ruled by Alexander the Great until he died in 323 BC. The Hellenistic era brought prosperity and peace to the region, and during Roman rule, Adana became an important trading center. Adana experienced conquests and wars between the Byzantines and the Arab Muslims but saw economic growth and prosperity again under the rule of the Abbasid Caliphate. The region saw several wars, earthquakes, and conquests, with the most dreadful being the Adana massacre and the Armenian genocide. Different civilizations and cultures inhabited and reigned in Adana, a fact that gave the city a special and multicultural character, with the remaining landmarks and attractions showcasing its prominent past. Imperial’s large fleet of well-maintained cars is by your side in Adana to cover your needs and provide you with the best possible service. With a rental car in Adana, you can drive wherever you want to at your own pace without being stressed about time limitations.

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Adana consists of 254 neighborhoods and four important districts, namely Yüreğir, Çukurova, Seyhan, and Sarıçam. Seyhan and Cukurova districts are Adana’s cultural, business, and economic centers, as well as major residential areas. Both Seyhan and Yuregir districts include most of Adana’s landmarks, museums, tourist hotspots, restaurants, bars, and hotels. For instance, the famous stone bridge, Taşköprü, spans the Seyhan River and connects Yüreğir and Seyhan districts. This 2nd-century AD Roman bridge features twenty-one arches and comprised a significant trade route connecting the Mediterranean to Anatolia. It has witnessed an important part of Adana’s history and has seen different restorations over the years. Nearby Tepebag Mound dates from the Neolithic era and is one of the city’s most well-preserved archaeological sites.

If you want to wander around the city center and go sightseeing, walking along the west bank of the Seyhan River and visiting Sabanci Central Mosque is highly recommended. This impressive mosque features Ottoman-style architecture, and it is one of the biggest mosques in the Middle East. The 14th-century Adana Grand Mosque is also situated nearby and is worth seeing. You can take pictures of its interior and admire its architecture, intricate stonework, and exterior with the twin minarets and courtyards. This mosque forms part of a complex that includes a madrasah and a mausoleum. The mosque's proximity to the market and other landmarks, like the 19th-century Great Clock Tower, Taskopru Bridge, and Sabanci, enhances its appeal to visitors. This area is bustling with cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops, adding to the lively atmosphere around the mosque. As for the museums, don’t miss visiting the Ataturk Museum and the Adana Cinema Museum. Whatever you choose to do, and no matter your preferences, Adana makes an ideal place for cultural tourism, family holidays, and a unique getaway for exploring Cilicia and southern Anatolia. Try our reliable and affordable car rental services in Adana today and benefit from exclusive daily offers that come with no extra hidden fees.

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With its favorable climate and warm temperatures year-round, Adana is the perfect city for short road trips in nature, driving along the coastline, and swimming in its surrounding beaches. Furthermore, there are many parks, gardens, and walking trails even within the city. For example, Dilberler Park and the picturesque riverside Dilberler Seki spot are ideal for calming walks, picnics, cycling, and a romantic dinner. Ege Balik and Capa Restaurants are some of the best seafood and fish restaurants in the area and feature outdoor seating areas, a friendly atmosphere, and lots of different appetizers and main courses.

The 34-hectare urban park of Seyhan Merkez is the hotspot in Adana for tourists and locals alike. It is suitable for recreational activities, picnics, workouts, and relaxation, featuring running and cycling tracks, a Chinese garden, an amphitheater, and grassy areas surrounding the ponds. If you’re looking for a traditional Turkish bath in Adana, you can visit the historical hamam of Irmak Hamami, which draws its waters from the river. The coastline of Adana is equally beautiful, and even if you’re in the city during the winter or autumn, it is highly recommended that you drive there. The Yumurtalik Lagoon National Park and the Akyatan National Park adorn the coastline with their untouched nature, small lagoons, hidden coves, and sandy inlets. Port Marina Beach is situated between the national parks, and it’s a lively beach with a sandy shore, sun loungers, a beach bar, toilets, and a clean sea that is ideal for swimming.

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