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The historically rich and diverse country of Turkey invites you to discover its year-long history, stunning nature, and beaches on the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts. Make your visit unforgettable by renting a car in Turkey and benefit from exclusive offers and quality vehicles for rent.

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Find the most well-maintained vehicles for rent all around Turkey and benefit from daily or weekly offers in the country. Imperial Car Rental's fleet of quality cars is by your side for your holidays or trips in Turkey. We offer reliable and flexible car hire services that come with no hidden fees and are customized according to your needs. Rent a car in Turkey, drive around its mountainous cities and villages or seaside resorts, and explore the country from the comfort of your car. Experience quality, affordability, and dependability at its best with Imperial!

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Affordable Turkey Car Hire Near Me

Affordable Turkey Car Hire Near Me
Economy Automatic (B3)
Toyota Yaris Automatic
€65 / day

Rental Cars in Turkey Free Delivery

Rental Cars in Turkey Free Delivery
Economy (B1)
Opel Corsa
€55 / day

Turkey Long Term Car Rentals

Turkey Long Term Car Rentals
Economy Automatic (B3)
Renault Clio Automatic
€65 / day

Superior Auto Rental in Turkey

Superior Auto Rental in Turkey
Compact SUV (G1)
Fiat Egea Cross
€80 / day

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The proud country of Anatolia and right on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country rich in culture, history, traditions, and a long, wealthy past. Turkey has always been a land at the confluence of different cultures and civilizations. First, Turkish territory has, in fact, been known since the Neolithic era and later in Antiquity as Asia Minor. Turkey was influenced and inhabited by the Hattians, Hittites, Greeks, and Romans, who then placed on the Silk Road trade route. This rich and complex history and its crucial role in the construction of European civilization make this cultural hotspot a not-to-be-missed country on your travel bucket list. Generally, Europeans are more familiar with the western part of Turkey, which is the most popular tourist destination and is closer to Europe. A visit to Turkey can not be complete without a safe and reliable car hire. Imperial Car Rental facilitates your stay in Turkey by offering a large fleet of well-maintained vehicles in numerous Turkish cities. Our car rental services follow a no-excess policy, no hidden fees attached to your booking, and attention to customer service. We always strive to provide excellent car hire service in Turkey with the most affordable daily or weekly rates.

A visit to Istanbul, the multicultural city located on both banks of the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia, is one of the highlights of a stay in Turkey. However, we shouldn’t forget Anatolia's long and turbulent past and its links with the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine empires. Turkey has preserved countless traces of years-long impressive cultural heritage. Lovers of archaeology, history, ecology, and biology will be able to marvel at the wonderfully preserved remains and spectacular natural sights. Many of these ancient sites are found on the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline. Turkey has no shortage of archaeological sites, notably the Göbeklitepe Neolithic settlement, the ancient city of Troy, and the old capital of the Hittite Empire, Hattusha. Mount Nemrut is another must-see archaeological site in Turkey on the Taurus Mountains at an altitude of 2,550 m. Near Bodrum, you can also see the ruins of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the 353 BC Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

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As stated previously, Turkey is not limited to the west of the country and the coasts of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. Right at the crossroads of civilizations, the country's east side is marked by its Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences. Numerous monuments, natural attractions, national parks, and archaeological remains bear witness to this extremely rich historical past in the southeast of what is called Anatolia. The ancient site of Ephesus is home to the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, one of the world's seven wonders. You can also discover the spectacular Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, and other breathtaking attractions. Make your visit to Turkey unforgettable and drive to the spectacular seaside or mountainous areas with a safe rental car from Imperial. There is no need for a deposit or credit card when using our services, and we want you to feel at ease when traveling, so we provide you with the most affordable and flexible car hire services.

If you’re a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, there is no shortage of activities in Turkey. From flora and fauna observation to hiking, biking, mountaineering, and watersports, Turkey has it all for even the most demanding tastes. When looking for what to do in Turkey, you can find this protected nature reserve with multicolored hills, sheltering hundreds of species of endemic and European birds, amphibians, reptiles, etc. Nallihan Bird Sanctuary is located right on the Silk Road; this area is certainly a must-see for bird lovers and not only. Another must-see area is the famous Pammukale, which is located inland in Denizli Province. The Cotton Castle is so popular with tourists and has become Instagrammable for its unique geomorphology and mineral-rich thermal waters. It is an ancient Roman spa town founded in the 2nd century BC. You will admire the ruins of a theater, visit a necropolis of sarcophagi, swim in the Cleopatra Antique Pools, and marvel at the stunning travertines of Pammukale. Cappadocia is one of the most loved regions in Turkey, with tourism and accommodation facilities being mostly in Gorëme and Ürgüp, where the monastic site is located, as well as caves, mosques, and chapels dating from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. But Gorëme Historical National Park covers a much wider area around the towns of Nevşehir, Ürgüp, and Avanos (the city of pottery), as well as the impressive underground cities of Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu.

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With one part in Asia and the other in Europe, years of history and breathtaking landscapes, bright colors and dominating mountains, Anatolian and Mediterranean tastes and smells, Turkey is one of the most exciting and multifaceted countries in the world. The cities of Izmir and Bodrum, the Black Sea Coast with Samsun and Sinop cities, as well as the ancient cities of Ephesus and Pergamon, are among Turkey's must-see sites. Its vibrant culture, diversity, traditions, beaches, green valleys, and gorges make the trip to this country enchanting. Turkey has a variety of landscapes, archaeological sites, countless religious monuments, and museums of natural history. You will discover a mixture of different cultures and influences that have left indelible marks on its traditions, cuisine, art, and architecture. For instance, picturesque Mardin is strategically located on a rocky hill in the southeast of Turkey, looking towards the plains of northern Syria. It is one of the oldest cities in the region and is famous for its multiculturalism and the Artuqid architecture of the Old Town.

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In Fethiye district, you will find the famous Butterfly Valley in Ölüdeniz resort town. In the unique Butterfly Valley, you can unwind and explore your bohemian side, relax in hammocks, drink cocktails, and enjoy bonfires on the beach and music at the Rock Bar. Drive to the ancient Lycian city of Patara and head to Patara Beach to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere, watersports, relaxation, and swimming. Another famous Mediterranean destination is Çeşme, a well-known seaside town in Turkey. Thanks to its wonderful waters, amazing beaches, local cuisine, and unique architecture, it is considered a holiday paradise. Seaside promenades are ideal for leisure walks by the sea, around the city's port and marina, and sightseeing tours. The must-sees are Çeşme Castle, the 18th-century caravanserai, and the former Christian cathedral of Agios Charalambos, which today has been turned into an exhibition center.

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