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Lourdas, also known as Lourdata, is a charming village on Kefalonia's southern coast. It is nestled on a hillside, offering panoramic views of the Ionian Sea and the surrounding countryside, and is known for its beautiful beach, tranquil atmosphere, and stunning views. Get around Lourdas and the rest of Kefalonia with a car hire from Imperial.

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Car Rentals Lourdas Kefalonia Unlimited Kilometers

Car Rentals Lourdas Kefalonia Unlimited Kilometers
Mini Economy (A1)
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Low Prices for Rental Cars in Lourdas Kefalonia
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Budget Auto Rental Lourdas Kefalonia
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Discount Hire Cars in Lourdas
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Car Rental Lourdas Kefalonia

The seaside resort of Lourdas is located in the southwest part of Kefalonia near Vlachata and Simotata Villages. Lourdas, or Lourdata, is not a village but a complex of hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops, and tourist amenities. Lourdas Beach is what attracts visitors to stay and explore Lourdas, as well as the mile-long promenade with the beachfront tavernas, bars, and souvenir shops. You can easily spend many days bronzing and swimming on Lourdas Beach, buy traditional handmade souvenirs, and enjoy your lunch and beer gazing at the Ionian Sea.

To the north of Lourdata lies Mount Ainos National Park, so if you’re a nature lover and want to explore the island’s wildlife and walk on scenic trails, Lourdas is a great place to stay and enjoy pleasant walks on Mount Ainos trails. Lourdas is set on a lush hillside overlooking the deep blue sea, and it also boasts a great Mediterranean climate due to its location between the mountainous area of Mt. Ainos and the sea. As you drive around Lourdas and its nearby villages, you will notice many agricultural areas, citrus trees, and other fruit trees and vegetable crops. In general, Kefalonia’s natural environment is characterized by lush vegetation where many flora and fauna species thrive. Lourdas is one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia if you want to have easy access to the beach but also benefit from nearby nature activities in Mount Ainos National Park.

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Lourdas Beach is a long, half-pebble, half-sand beach and well-organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, and beach bars. It has crystal-clear waters and it’s ideal for families with children but also for couples who want to relax on the beach. If you want to walk along the beach, a 30 min seaside walk will take you to the 13th-century old Monastery of Sissia. Unfortunately, the monastery was devastated by the 1953 earthquake, but it’s being renovated, and the ruins are still preserved. If you prefer staying on Lourdas Beach and engaging in fun water sports activities such as sea kayaking or powerboat rental, then head to Escape Club Kefalonia on Lourdas Beach to enjoy watersports with your friends and family.

Lourdas is full of quality beach bars and restaurants, so if you want to drink some delicious cocktails or Greek beers, Sunset is a great seaside beach bar to visit whilst on Lourdas Beach. If you’re looking for a quality restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner, Lorraine’s Magic Hill is the place for you. A charming, atmospheric restaurant with romantic sea and mountain views and a very friendly service offering homemade dishes and specialties. Of course, you have plenty of other restaurants and bars to choose from in Lourdas as well as accommodation options. Some of the best hotels in Lourdas include Anna Studios, Pension Trifili, Eagle’s Nest Studios, and Rosa’s Beach Studios. As you can see Lourdas has everything you might ask for from a pleasant, tranquil, but also adventurous holiday in Kefalonia.

What to Do in Lourdas Kefalonia?

⦿ Mount Ainos National Park offers a variety of nature activities, including mountain biking, jeep safari, star gazing, and rock climbing, among others. Wild Nature Expeditions is the top agency in Kefalonia organizing outdoor activities in Mount Ainos. Alternatively, you can drive your car to Mount Ainos, park your car, and walk for approximately 4 km to the summit. The area proposes amazing forest hikes, endemic wildlife species, infinite views, and many picnic spots. You might also spot the semi-wild horses of Ainos, which are mostly located on the SE slopes of the mountain. The temperature gets cooler as you ascend the top, so don’t forget your jacket!

⦿ Kanali Beach is situated near Lourdas Beach, and it’s a remote, quiet, and non-organized beach definitely worth a visit. There’s a steep path you have to take so it’s recommended to bring your trainers. You will not find many people on the beach so it’s ideal to go there if you want to be away from the crowds but also to enjoy a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathing.

⦿ Agios Thomas Beach is a 10-min drive away from Lourdas. It is a small sandy beach with turquoise waters, perfect for everyone! You can swim, snorkel, dive from the rocks, and take in the scenery’s natural untouched beauty.

⦿ Hungry after a long day on the beach? Galini Restaurant is your go-to taverna, where you can enjoy freshly made dishes, amazing hospitality, and an overall value for money.

⦿ Massage Kefalonia 4 Elements is situated in the village of Afrato and offers exceptional massage therapies with essential oils. If you experience any back or shoulder pain or if you just need a professional massage, this is the place for you!

Auto Rentals Lourdas Kefalonia

At the center of Lourdata, you will find the village’s main square with an imposing old plane tree. This is where you’ll find a more authentic village vibe, as well as the kafeneio, where you can enjoy your coffee, soft drink, or breakfast. You can get to the beach from the village’s center in around 10 minutes, passing by numerous small apartments, hotels, and suites; if you want to explore Lourdas surroundings on foot and walk among olive groves and orchards, head to the picturesque small chapel of Agia Paraskevi.

Of course, driving is the best way to explore nearby villages and beaches without waiting for the bus. When you hire a car from our large fleet of holiday cars, you get a top-notch service that caters to your needs 24/7 when visiting Kefalonia. We offer a variety of rental cars, including minivans, offroad cars, and low-cost family cars, to explore the island worry-free without any limitations or hidden fees. With our no deposit or no credit card policy, our car rental services are as flexible as it gets, always adapting to your needs. Try us today!

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