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Car Rental Poros Kefalonia

Car Rental Poros Kefalonia
Large Hatchback (D1)
Ford Focus
€19 / day

Cheap Car Rental Fiskardo

Cheap Car Rental Fiskardo
Sedan Automatic (E3)
Citroen C-Elysee Automatic
€27 / day

Best Car Rental Agia Efimia

Best Car Rental Agia Efimia
Mini Economy (A1)
Kia Picanto
€11 / day

Cheapest Car Rental Pessada Kefalonia

Cheapest Car Rental Pessada Kefalonia
Sedan Diesel (E2)
Peugeot 301 Diesel
€24 / day

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Car Rental Kefalonia

Want to experience off-the-beaten-path holidays? Then, Kefalonia is among the leaders in the less touristy Greek holiday destinations. Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and the sixth largest in Greece. It is the most mountainous island within the Ionian complex, and it is widely known for its sea caves, with Melissani and Drogarati Caves being the most prominent ones. Kefalonia is the ideal island for those who want to experience nature activities, such as diving and hiking, explore traditional Ionian villages, and swim in deep turquoise waters. Kefalonia’s coastline is as rugged and verdant as its hinterland. Most of the island’s forest areas are covered by vineyards, oak, pine, and fir trees, and the endemic fir species Abies Cephalonica thrives in Mt. Ainos National Park area. You will explore Mount Ainos' nature by walking on its extensive trail network, observing local flora and fauna, and marveling at stunning panoramic views. Kefalonia really has it all for those who seek tranquil holidays but are not totally remote; picturesque villages with elegant seaside restaurants and innumerable beaches with imposing cliffs and crystalline seas.

Rent a Car Kefalonia

Kefalonia’s history starts from antiquity to Middle Ages and continues to Venetian, Frankish, and British rule. There are many important archaeological sites throughout the island dating from the Mycenaean era to more modern periods. One of the most important sights is the Mycenaean vaulted Tholos tomb dating from 1300 BC. Another historic landmark dating from the 12th century is the Venetian Castle of St. George. The Venetians strongly influenced the arts and culture of the island, and we can see that in the architecture, castles, and traditions of Kefalonia. Many more interesting archeological findings and monuments have been discovered in Kefalonia dating from the Paleolithic era to the Venetian period.

Due to its strategic location, many conquerors were on the island, among them the Venetians, the Franks, and the British. The British ceded the Ionian Islands to Greece in 1864 as a gesture of goodwill. During WW2, Kefalonia was occupied by the Italians and the Germans. When the Italians were ordered to withdraw, skirmishes broke out with the Germans. The Italians were defeated, and the Germans executed thousands of soldiers from the Italian troops that had remained on the island. You can visit the Memorial of Acqui Division commemorating the Italian soldiers who died in battle.

Kefalonia Car Rentals

Kefalonia has a variety of unspoiled and tranquil beaches, but it also has organized beaches with modern amenities, watersports, beach bars, and seaside restaurants. Antisamos Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, along with Myrtos Beach. Antisamos Beach was featured in Captain Morelli’s Mandolin and has gained an excellent reputation. The stunning surroundings, along with its crystalline waters, captivate visitors and this is why it constantly receives the Blue Flag award. It has a pebble shoreline, with umbrellas and sunbeds you can rent, beach bars, as well as watersport activities, such as jet-ski, tubes, banana boats, and canoes, among others.

Myrtos Beach is the most well-known beach in Kefalonia and for a good reason. Visitors flock to Myrtos to experience its unique aura, swim in the deep azure sea, and marvel at its marble cliffs adorned by pine trees. Myrtos is a 2 km long pebble semi-circular beach that creates a truly breathtaking scenery of wild beauty. It is partly organized, so you can rent an umbrella and sunbed, but it also offers many secluded spots to relax with your couple or friends. It is a great thing that there are no extensive beach facilities, and humans haven’t really exploited Myrtos Beach because this is what keeps it untouched and unique. It is worth exploring nearby Myrtos Cave, enjoying a refreshing swim, and contemplating while taking in this stunning scenery. If you’re hungry after a long day on Myrtos, there’s Myrtos Taverna at the end of the dirt road, which offers amazing grilled fresh fish and calamari, as well as delicious appetizers such as zucchini balls and Kefalonian meat pie.

Where to Stay in Kefalonia?

⦿ Most villages and areas in Kefalonia aren’t that touristy compared to other Ionian islands. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find nightlife, luxury accommodation options, tavernas offering Greek live music, and lively beach bars. You will find most of the aforementioned in the island’s capital, as well as in Fiskardo, Lixouri, and Antisamos. If you’re in Kefalonia with your friends and want to lay all day on the beach, explore Kefalonia’s nature, and go bar hopping at night, these areas are your top choices.

⦿ Are you coming to Kefalonia with your beloved one and looking for a picturesque village to stay in? Assos, Spartia, and Katelios are among the most romantic villages to stay in Kefalonia. Assos will enchant you with its sheltered bay, elegant seaside restaurants, Venetian Castle, and its pastel-colored houses. Spartia, with its traditional residences, authentic village vibe, and numerous beaches, such as Amandakis and Pessada, offers a unique romantic getaway. Katelios coastal village, with its hiking routes, local tavernas, and Kaminia Beach, offering shelter to Caretta-Caretta sea turtles, is another great village to book accommodation.

⦿ Do you want to stay in a seaside village and have plenty of beach options near you? Then Pesada, Poros, and Karavomylos villages, as well as the Erisos peninsula, are what you’re looking for. You will find small traditional apartments to stay in or chic hotels and suites. Near Pesada village, there’s Wild Nature Expeditions, where you can go on a jeep safari, caving, mountain biking, canyoning, and much more. Erisos peninsula offers a wide variety of beaches, with the typical element of Kefalonia dominating on most of them. Lush forest areas, imposing cliffs, and crystal-clear azure waters to swim in.

⦿ Are you a nature lover and want to discover Kefalonia’s hidden gems? Valsamata, Peratata, and Kaminarata are just for you! Valsamata and Peratata are mountainous villages nearby Mount Ainos. Both villages offer traditional houses to stay in, many trails to nearby villages or in the forest areas, wine tours, quality dining options, and the historical sight of Agios Georgios Castle. Kaminarata is considered the balcony of Kefalonia due to its stunning panoramic views. Orealios Gaea in Valsamata is a cooperative growing the Robola variety and offers excellent wine-tasting experiences and tours.

Car Hire Agia Efimia

Agia Efimia is a coastal fishing village on the east side of Kefalonia near Karavomylos. It is characterized by its small harbor where yachts and sailboats moor, seaside bars and restaurants, and excellent accommodation options. Although many visitors choose Agia Efimia village to stay in Kefalonia, it offers quiet holidays and small pebble beaches along its coastline, but you will also enjoy excellent cocktails with sea views, local food in lively tavernas, and beachfront hotels with swimming pools. There are also boat hire companies in Agia Efimia where you can rent your own boat or go on a guided sailing trip. Yellow Boats rents small boats with a canopy, and Kefalonia Day Trips organizes amazing boat trips to nearby bays and coves. In addition, Aquatic offers scuba diving lessons guided by professional instructors. On Lithovatis Beach, you will find Kefalonia Bay Palace, a 4-star hotel offering exceptional rooms and suites. You can also hire a kayak from Agia Efimia and head to the pristine Sikidi Beach. And, for a typical Greek lunch or dinner with local mezedes (small appetizers), head to Pergola Taverna, located next to the Roman Villa of Agia Efimia. Enjoy delicious cocktails in Cielo Cafe Bar, situated right on Agia Efimia’s harbor.

Agia Efimia is also near the renowned Melissani Cave and Myrtos Beach, as well as close to other unique beaches, bays, and villages. So, it makes perfect sense to hire a car and drive to your preferred destination, experience nature’s beauty, and discover traditional villages and tavernas to dine in. Our high-quality vehicles include mini, economy, luxury, jeeps, vans, cabrios, and automatic vehicles that will surely satisfy your expectations. Honesty is the best policy which is why we will never charge you more for your car rental service other than the agreed-upon price, and with no secret additional fees.

Car Hire Katelios Kefalonia

Katelios is situated in the southwest area of Kefalonia in the Elios-Proni region, in close proximity to the must-visit Church of Our Lady Fidousa. Katelios village is ideal for those looking for relaxing holidays in a quiet, charming village with great beaches nearby. Katelios is separated into two areas, Ano Katelios and Kato Katelios. Ano Katelios is the traditional old village where most locals reside, and Kato Katelios is the tourist area with most hotels, beaches, restaurants, and shops. In Ano Katelios, you will find Kykeon Studios, which offers fully-equipped apartments set in a rustic environment with idyllic gardens full of fruit trees. In Kato Katelios, you will find its homonymous half sand half pebble beach with shallow and calm waters, ideal for families with children. A bit further down to the beach, you will find Dimitrios and Efthimia fishing tours which is a fantastic boat tour experience to enjoy with your kids.

In Katelios Taverna, you can enjoy freshly caught fish or seafood appetizers with amazing views of the beach. There’s also Tartarooga Beach Bar, where you will enjoy yummy burgers and delicious cocktails in a relaxing beach atmosphere with chill-out music. If you’re into hiking, there are scenic trails leading to Markopoulo and Mavrata villages, which is less than an hour’s route. Another must-see in Katelios is Kaminia Beach, where the endangered species of loggerhead sea turtles breed and nest. So, it is imperative to walk carefully, and in case you see them, you should definitely not disturb them or even touch them. Near Kaminia Beach, you will find the sandy Mounda Beach, where also here Caretta-Caretta turtles lay their eggs. It’s a true heaven, but it can get rather windy on certain days.

Car Hire Fiskardo

Waterfront picturesque Fiskardo lies on the north of Kefalonia, very close to Ithaca. A picture-perfect village with hills covered by olive groves and cypress trees, the Venetian Lighthouse, its elegant harbor, and colorful waterfront buildings. Fiskardo is the only area in Kefalonia that has managed to retain its Venetian architecture, and its natural harbor attracts many visitors coming with their sailboats or from boat trips from nearby islands. It is considered one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Kefalonia, and many package tourists come to Fiskardo to experience its upscale vibe. Here you will find posh restaurants, yachts, luxurious hotels, and chic boutiques, but a generally laid-back atmosphere. It can get quite crowded during summer, and there’s a late-night bar scene, but there are no clubs. Even though Fiskardo tends to be busy, it is worth seeing it and exploring its nearby beaches with your boat or rental car. Car hire in Fiskardo is safe and easy, and our straightforward pricing policy makes us the right choice. Book with us today and benefit from a fair fuel policy, no deposit and no credit card options, and unlimited kilometers!

It’s worth mentioning that Kefalonia belongs to a seismically active area, and small earthquakes are often on the island, mainly around the Paliki peninsula. The 1953 earthquake was one of the most devastating events in the history of Kefalonia since it destroyed almost the entire island, leaving only a few villages on the northern side of the island intact, including Fiskardo. The magnitude of the earthquake was 6.9 on the Richter scale, and the epicenter was just below the southernmost tip of the island. The earthquake caused the island to rise by 60 cm, and it remains like this to this day. In some coastal places, you might even see water marks on the rocks!

What To Do In Fiskardo?

⦿ Stroll around the picturesque port of Fiskardo in the afternoon and then head to Lord Falcon Restaurant for exceptional Thai cuisine. The food is excellent and the service really warm and you will enjoy your dinner with bay views.

⦿ Looking for a luxurious place to stay in Fiskardo? Fiskardo View Villas is set in a gorgeous location and offers modern villas with a swimming pool and a sea-view balcony. Also, Emelisse Nature Resort is situated above Emblisi Bay in a wild environment and offers a swimming pool, a spa, and wellness services, all created by following eco standards. Picturesque Emplisi Beach is located in front of Emelisse Resort.

⦿ Visit the 16th-century Venetian Lighthouse and take in its stunning sea views of Fiskardo Bay. You can follow the path of Nicholas Taverna.

⦿ Go for a walk amongst the ruins of the 6th-century Byzantine Basilica.

⦿ Take a boat tour from Fiskardo to Frikes Port in Ithaca. A full-day cruise is the least you can do to get a glimpse of Ithaca’s wild nature and swim in its azure crystalline waters.

⦿ Ionian Discoveries creates amazing tailor-made boat trips accompanied by an experienced captain and sailor. It has received excellent reviews from customers.

⦿ Go for a swim in Zavalata Beach and then visit the Roman Cemetery of Fiskardo featuring Roman sarcophagi.

⦿ If you hanker for a refreshing swim, head to Foki Beach, with lush greenery surrounding it. You can take the path from Fiskardo to Foki, which will take you around 30 minutes. Note that Foki Beach is a known breeding area for the endangered species of the monk seal Monachus Monachus.

⦿ Drive to Kimilia and Dafnoudi Beach, located 8 minutes away from Fiskardo. Here, you will marvel at the woodland's serene landscape, dive to explore the sea bed, swim in the fantastic sea, and relax on the pebble shoreline.

Rent a Car Poros Kefalonia

Poros is a charming seaside village with lush vegetation dominating its backdrop. You can clearly see that from the sea if you’re coming by ferry, as this is the port where ferries from Kyllini arrive. Poros is situated on the southeast side of the island, and it's a preferred holiday destination by many due to its amazing beaches, budget accommodation options, family-run restaurants, and nearby attractions. Some must-sees include Drakaina Cave and the Monastery of Panagia Atros. Drakaina Cave is situated on the steep slopes of Vohinas Gorge at a height of 70 meters. Excavations suggest that the cave was inhabited from the late Neolithic era. The 8th-century Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Atros is the oldest in Kefalonia and stands at 760 m above sea level on Mount Atros. Imposing Mount Ainos is located near Poros, and if your hotel or apartment is in Poros, you can benefit from amazing hiking routes starting from Ainos Environmental Center.

Poros Beach and Ragia Beach are preferred mainly by families who want to be near Poros. Poros Beach is partly organized and has some beach bars and restaurants on the seafront. They are not among Kefalonia’s best beaches, but their close proximity to the village makes them convenient for many visitors. If you want to get a taste of authentic Kefalonia, head to Eleni’s Olive Garden, a 14-min drive away from Poros. You will try delicious homemade pies such as spinach pie, cheese pie, and apple pie.

Another insider tip is to go exploring Limenia Beach, Cronidis Beach, and Kako Lagadi Beach. Potisti Waterfalls are situated between Cronidis and Kako Lagadi beaches, but there’s no flow of water during the summer months. Limenia Beach is an excellent small pebble beach and great for snorkeling. Cronidis Beach is another hidden gem remote pebble beach, also great for a refreshing swim or diving. To visit Kako Lagadi, you can park your car and then take the rocky path leading to the beach. Stunning views, a charming little beach with caves to explore, and super clear waters, but you will need beach shoes because the rocks are sharp down to the beach. The entire coast from Poros to Fiscardo is full of sea caves, and you might spot monk seals swimming in the sea or towards the caves.

If you’re hungry after a long day of swimming and exploring, head back to Poros and enjoy your lunch or dinner in the restaurant To Steki. Set in a beachfront area, the restaurant offers local Greek food choices such as moussaka, giant cooked beans, stuffed vine leaves, and much more. You can enjoy all these, accompanied by a glass of local white wine, the Robola variety.

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