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Visiting İzmir means getting delved into history and a rich cultural past. Surrounded by dominating mountains and by the Aegean Sea, Izmir will enchant you with its vibrant atmosphere, Anatolian flavors, warm climate, and welcoming people. Visit Kadifekale, the Agora of Smyrna, famous Ottoman mosques, and Turkish baths, and drive around the province in your favorite Rental Car from Imperial!

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İzmir is a beautiful port town on Anatolia's west coast, overlooking the sheltered Gulf of Izmir and the North Aegean Sea. It is Turkey's third most inhabited city and has a rich historical past that started from the Neolithic era. (link embedded: ) The historic port city of Izmir is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List as of 2020, and the ancient cities of Ephesus and Pergamon are also prominent assets of Izmir’s province. The city always had an advantageous and strategic spot in the Mediterranean for importing and exporting goods. İzmir’s rich and diverse history takes us back to 3,000 BC when the Trojan and Hittite civilizations flourished in Western Anatolia. Izmir is said to be one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean as its grandeur began to emerge from the early civilizations of the Hittites, Aeolians, Greeks, and Romans. The Lydians destroyed the city around 600 BCE, but it was rebuilt by Alexander the Great around the 4th century BC near modern-day Kadifekale. Kadifekale is a 3rd-century hilltop castle in the center of İzmir on Mount Pagos. It is one of Izmir’s most visited sights, along with the Kemeraltı market, the Agora of Smyrna, the famous Kültürpark, and the Arkas Art Centre. Izmir's long and wealthy past is now reflected in its castles, mosques, museums, attractions, and art spaces, where you will delve deeper into the city’s ancient and modern history. Izmir is a modern city but still authentic and cheaper than the first most populous Turkish city. If you have adequate time to visit Izmir and its surrounding mountainous lush areas, you should include a reliable car rental in your trip planning. No holiday to Izmir is completed without visiting Izmir’s suburbs and natural areas, so a budget but quality car hire is recommended to make the most of your journey. Try our services today and benefit from multiple offers!

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İzmir is characterized by a lively city center where Turkish restaurants, cafes, and contemporary bars and pubs welcome young people, locals, and tourists. Apart from its numerous landmarks, museums, attractions, mosques, and squares, there is a wide range of nightlife and entertainment options if you want to experience Izmir like a local. If you wish to dine in a traditional meyhane, going to Hayyam Meyhanesi, situated in the Konak district, is advisable. You will taste different types of mezeler, similar to tapas, all homemade with fresh ingredients. If you’re visiting Izmir with your friends and looking for nightlife entertainment, you can get to Casablanca Night Club or Santana Club. You will find most nightlife options in the city center, i.e., in Konak, but there are many more things to do at night, depending on where you book accommodation. On the other hand, if you prefer day outings and exploring Izmir’s natural areas, Olivelo Yaşayan Park is a superb park for unwinding in a peaceful natural environment. It is situated in the Güzelbahçe district and offers extensive hiking or cycling trails, different plant species, and a cave to explore. In İzmir, possibilities are endless, whether you’re a nature lover, history enthusiast, interested in nightlife, or want to discover Turkish culture. Izmir is a big city encompassing more than twenty different districts, so depending on what you want to do and the reason you’re visiting, different things are offered for your available budget, time, and preferences. One thing is for sure: İzmir is better explored by car, and to get the most out of your visit, Imperial Car Rental services are by your side to ensure a safe, reliable, and unique driving experience and top service.

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The international port city of İzmir welcomes visitors from around the world year-round. People interested in culture and history, nature lovers, or those who want to taste Izmir’s culinary, nightlife, and entertainment aspects plan to spend at least a week to make the most out of their visit. The truth is that İzmir has emphasized the development of its tourist facilities towards Western preferences, but you’ll still feel the traditional Turkish vibe when visiting the suburbs or less tourist areas. In general, it is one of the most Western-oriented cities in the country. A highly recommended excursion you can do with your car from Izmir is to Ovacik National Park. Here, you’ll discover the indigenous flora and fauna, engage in outdoor activities, and enjoy a peaceful day in nature. This is also where Mount Boz is located, which is a favorite winter destination for locals who want to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Boz Mountain is over 1500 meters high and lies between Manisa and Izmir. It provides breathtaking scenery, from the ski resort to the rivers, the walking trails, and observation hills; its beauty fascinates anyone who visits the area. Landscapes vary depending on the time of your visit; you’ll get to see snow in the winter and blossoming trees in the spring.

Consider visiting Gölcük Lake, home to numerous fir, beech, and other tree species, providing the perfect spot for picnics and relaxing walks. Ovacik National Park offers numerous cycling and hiking trails, observation spots, and a wide range of flora and fauna species, such as the Turkish roe deer. Izmir is one of the few Turkish cities that offers a wealth of natural areas, mountains, rivers, and short-distance road trips in close distance. It is surrounded by the Madra mountains, known for their rare geological formation, and the remarkable Gediz river, which flows into the Aegean Sea and passes through Izmir. Other must-do road trips you should do around Izmir are towards the south to Kuşadası Gulf to visit its impressive Ottoman castle and to the greenery of Küçükmenderes River, which provides fantastic spots for wildlife photography and observation.

Izmir Must-Do’s

⦿ Wander around the open-air Agora of Smyrna and its 4th-century BC ancient city and let the ambiance travel you back in the past. You’ll admire numerous impressive buildings and ruins, such as the stoa, stone arches, and mosaics, and you will be filled with awe at the greatness of the basilica.

⦿ Kestanepazari and Kemeraltı markets are Izmir's most lively and diverse markets. When you roam around the markets, you will be filled with spice, coffee, and tea scents and take an authentic taste of a Turkish bazaar. Dried fruit, local tea, spices, clothing, furniture, vintage items, and much more decorate the stalls of the tradesmen.

⦿ Enjoy the historical Kızlarağası caravanserai with its unique architecture and visit various shops, stalls, and hotel rooms. The biggest mosque in Izmir, Hisar, is also situated nearby. These traditional Ottoman buildings were both built during the 1950s.

⦿ Climb atop the fascinating elevator, or Asansör, to marvel at the Aegean views. It was constructed in 1907 to connect two districts separated by a rocky cliff, and it now serves as an essential iconic landmark in the city.

⦿ Try open lavash with different varieties of cold cuts, like the traditional söğüş, from Tahir Baba, one of the best near Kemeralti market.

⦿ Enjoy the fresh scent of tea, coffee, and spices, have a fortunetelling coffee, and roam around the cozy traditional cafes in the lively area of Kahveciler Sokağı.

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Izmir Center is known for its many attractions, historical buildings, and squares surrounded by vibrant markets. Kadifekale Castle is one of the significant landmarks in İzmir, showcasing the glorious past of the ancient city of Smyrna. Right in the city's center, this castle was built around the 3rd century BC atop Mount Pagos, and its fortifications were part of the ancient acropolis. The castle has witnessed a long history from the Hellenistic period to the Roman era and from the Byzantine times up to the Ottoman era. Before the Turks arrived, the Greeks called the castle Pagos. It is still recognized by this name today. Kadifekale is located in the southern part of the city above a hill at a height of 186 meters. Not many remnants are left in the interior, but the mosque ruins, the remains of a Byzantine cistern, and engravings remain there, reminding visitors of the conquests of the past. As you ascend to the castle, take the path from your right side, and you will pass from Hava Şehitleri Kadifekale mosque. It is an imposing mosque where many believers pray and find inner peace. A park-like area and narrow alleys surround it and offer beautiful vistas of Izmir.

A short drive from Kadifekale will take you to the Archaeological and Ethnography Museum of İzmir. It is located near Konak Tunnel and features an extensive permanent collection of ancient objects, in addition to statues, sarcophagi, pottery, and jewelry, from the Neolithic to the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman times. The impressive collection, rich with artifacts from the Aegean region, provides a comprehensive journey through Turkey's ancient past. Exquisite statues, mosaics, and pottery displays are beautifully preserved and presented. If you’re still interested in sightseeing, visit the well-known Fatih Camii Mosque. This gorgeous mosque is situated high up on a hill, but it’s easy to access. In addition to its stunning mosque, the Fatih complex has a lower and upper terrace consisting of gardens, a patio, and a viewing area. Marvel at the colorful interior and ascend the steps to the minaret to take photos from this unique vantage point.

Izmir Bornova Weekly Rent a Car

Bornova is a metropolitan district of İzmir Province and the third largest municipality in İzmir’s Greater Metropolitan Area. Bornova showcases high levels of development with a 98.6% urbanization rate and growing levels of industry and services. Bornova is located 8 km northeast of the traditional center of İzmir and 5 km west of the seashore at the tip of the Gulf of İzmir. Bornova is characterized by a dynamic and bustling city life due to its proximity to the city center but also because of the existence of Ege University, the multitude of cultural activities, cheaper rents, and student life. Many tourists also prefer it because of its attractions, archaeological sites, and recreational areas. Two of the oldest neolithic settlements in Izmir can be found in Bornova, in Yeşilova Höyük and Yassıtepe Höyük areas. Excavations carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Aegean Museum state that the history of these prehistoric areas dates back to eight thousand years ago. The areas were first discovered in 2003 and are still being studied. There is no space for visiting, but you can go around the site on foot and take photos. If you want to learn more about the history of these settlements, you will find most of the artifacts and findings displayed in Izmir’s Archaeology Museum. Yassıtepe Höyük is near the Forum Bornova shopping mall, so you can also go shopping, watch a movie, have fun with your kids, and eat fast food! This multipurpose shopping mall is an excellent spot for a stroll, shopping, and entertainment. It features a diverse selection of high-end and more casual or conventional brands. While the dining options primarily cater to midday cravings with fast food, coffee, and tea, the convenience of ample parking spaces makes it an ideal area to visit with your family, even if you’re not interested in shopping. Moreover, there are kid-friendly areas in addition to the sizable market.

Izmir Buca Rent a Car Deals

Buca is 9 kilometers southeast of Izmir and is located on the southern foothills of Mount Nif. Its surface area is 180 square kilometers, its altitude is 38 meters above sea level, and it is the most populated district of Izmir province. Woodlands and mountains in the north surround Buca, Torbalı district in the northeast, and Karabağlar district in the west. Regarding landscape and natural environment, Buca has fertile lands and numerous hilly areas rich in surrounding hills, valleys, and vegetation. Exciting hills offer panoramic viewpoints, such as Tıngırtepe, Zeytintepe, and Koşutepesi. Melez Stream, which originates from Nif Mountain’s summit, passes through Şirinyer, flows into the sea in Halkapınar, and irrigates the district's lands. What’s more, Buca is one of the oldest settlements in Izmir. It has 48 neighborhoods and villages, the most well-known being Kırıklar, Karacaağaç Kaynak, and Belenbaşı. All settlements were established in the plains, and no villages were in mountainous areas. Kemalpaşa and Bornova are located in the north of the district, Konak is in the west, Menderes is in the south, and Torbalı is in the east.

Buca is your go-to destination in İzmir if you opt for history, architecture, outdoor activities, and road trips in nature. One of the most beautiful natural areas in Buca is the Seven Lakes recreation and picnic area. Here, you will find a tranquil green space away from the hustle and bustle, filled with gardens, water mills, and flower-adorned walking paths. There are also picturesque bridges and ponds, a cafeteria, a restaurant, an open-air theatre, and playgrounds. Buca is one of the best districts of Izmir in terms of roads, proximity to Izmir’s center, and untouched scenery of natural areas. That’s why it is recommended to rent a car to get the most out of your trip to Buca. Our services and clients’ experiences guarantee a safe, reliable, and error-free driving experience wherever in Izmir. In addition, there’s always the option of free hotel delivery as well as car pick-up from your preferred point in Buca.

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Karşıyaka district extends into an area of 84 kilometers north of Izmir Bay. Karşıyaka, which includes the southern slopes of Mount Yamanlar, has soil rich in sedimentary rocks, authentic natural scenery, and a warm Meditteranean climate. Districts such as Bostanlı, Alaybey, and Nergiz were established on the plain, while districts such as Bayraklı, Gümüşpala and Yamanlar were established on hillside lands. Excavations and archaeological findings prove the area was inhabited since the Bronze Age. The earliest ceramics and pottery found on the slopes of Mount Yamanlar date back to the late Neolithic age, around 5000 BC. Especially from the 15th century to the 5th century, Western Anatolia experienced its brightest and richest period under the rule of Rome for approximately 400 years. During this period, Smyrna competed with Ephesus and Pergamon and was the wealthiest and most prosperous city of the Izmir province. The findings on the rocky summit of Küçük Yamanlar Hill date back to 6000 B.C. The hill is located at a point overlooking the Alaybey and Karşıyaka plains, formed by three flood streams that carry the rainwater on the south-facing slopes of Yamanlar Mountain and create fertile soil from the slopes to the bay. These lands hosted fertile vegetable and fruit cultivations from prehistoric times until nowadays.

The most crucial feature of Karşıyaka is that it forms a significant recreation area in Izmir with its Yamanlar dense forests, orchard gardens, and lush green areas extending to the seafront. Famous western travelers who passed through this region until the end of the 18th century could not help but talk about this paradise-green coast named Cordelio until the late 20th century. During the 18th century, Levantines and foreign merchants who bought large plots of land along the coastline settled there and began to build waterside Levantine mansions. The most notable examples of Levantine and Ottoman architecture in Karşıyaka are the Loehner Mansion, the Aliotti Mansion, the Sakiz houses, and traditional Ottoman konaks. The expansion of the railroad, the increase of businesses, the construction of residences, and the historical and cultural interest have brought considerable growth to Karsiyaka. Both tourists and locals alike choose Karşıyaka to go out, engage in cultural and educational activities, and visit the famous sports club of Karşıyaka SK.

Izmir Selçuk Long Term Rent a Car

Selçuk is one of Izmir’s districts and the most visited area in Turkey. This is because it is located 2 km from the ancient city of Ephesus and contains a variety of majestic archaeological sites. Selçuk was one of the most important settlements of Antiquity. Most of the historical buildings in Selçuk are still standing. Ephesus ruins are a vital historical and archaeological hub for Turkish and international tourism. Ephesus Archaeological Museum is one of the most visited museums in the country. The history of Selçuk dates back to 6000 BC, that is, to the Neolithic Period. Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of the ancient era, dating back to 5000 BC, was founded near the gulf where Menderes River discharges its waters. The city became one of the crucial maritime trade centers of the Mediterranean. Ephesus, which came under the rule of the Romans in the 2nd century, began to develop rapidly and became the capital of the Roman Empire in Asia Minor in the 2nd century AD. It experienced its brightest period until the 2nd century.

In addition to being at the starting point of major trade routes to the East, it was also a critical religious center for the sanctuary of the Ephesian Artemis, making it go down in history as a remarkable city. This is because Ephesus was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, i.e., the Temple of Artemis. No vestiges of the temple are left apart from tiny fragments of the last form of the temple that used to exist there. Ayasuluk Hill, part of the Ephesus World Heritage Site area, stands imposing with numerous historical buildings and archaeological ruins. Some of these buildings include the House of the Virgin Mary and the imposing 6th-century Basilica of Saint John the Apostle.

The İsa Bey Mosque is another must-see in the area, situated near the Basilica. It is one of the most impressive and well-preserved mosques, built in 1374 by the Aydinids. Its fantastic architecture, peculiar geometric shapes, domes, and courtyards will fascinate you. İsa Bey Mosque, one of the most important works of Seljuk art, is the oldest known example of the courtyard Turkish Mosque type and the Anatolian columned mosque. A walk around the Ayasuluk Citadel and Ephesus archaeological site will travel you back centuries ago and make you experience the authentic vestiges of the past. If you plan to book accommodation in Selçuk, you will find several hotels and apartments to rent, but remember that you have to book well in advance as the area tends to be fully booked year-round. You should try Selcuk Pidicesi restaurant, which specializes in sfiha, tahini pide, and lahmacun, traditional Turkish dishes. Make your stay in Selçuk İzmir much more enjoyable by trusting Imperial Car Rental Services, and let the adventure begin!

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