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Discover Kalthea Rhodes with a rental car from Imperial. Kalithea is a pleasant place to spend your holiday, offering many beautiful sights and activities. With the benefits of renting a car in Kalithea, you can explore the town and surrounding areas on your own accord.

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Car Rentals Kallithea Free Hotel Delivery

Car Rentals Kallithea Free Hotel Delivery
Family Jeeps (J1)
Peugeot 3008
€66 / day

Low Cost Auto Rentals Kallithea

Low Cost Auto Rentals Kallithea
Family Jeeps Diesel (J2)
Suzuki Grand Vitara Automatic
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Rent a Car in Kalithea No Deposit

Rent a Car in Kalithea No Deposit
Large Hatchback Automatic (D3)
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Car Rental in Kalithea Rhodos

Car Rental in Kalithea Rhodos
Mini Economy Automatic (A3)
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Kalithea Car Rental

Kallithea municipal unit is located 14 km away from Rhodes Town. It consists of three municipalities, Kalithies, Koskinou, and Psinthos. The famous seaside resort of Faliraki belongs to Kalithies municipality, and it’s one of the most visited areas in Kallithea. Psinthos is a mountainous village perfect for those seeking tranquil walks in nature. Colorful Koskinou is filled with alleys decorated with flowers and offers a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Faliraki. One of the most remarkable attractions in Kallithea is, of course, Kallithea Springs. As you can see, the municipality of Kallithea has something to offer for all types of holidays.

Kallithea Springs was opened in 1929 by the Italians, but their therapeutic properties have been used since antiquity. The springs remained open until 1967 and reopened to the public in 2007. In 1985 the complex was designated as a work of art in need of special state protection because it presents exceptional architectural and morphological interest. Although the complex consists of reinforced concrete thanks to the geometrical shapes, it fits into the natural environment on a slope that ends in the cove with the thermal waters. Its characteristic Art Deco architecture, mosaics, seaside spa, and ornate gardens attract thousands of visitors who want to get a taste of this unique experience.

Kalithea Rental Car

In Kallithea, you can find different accommodation options, from upscale hotel complexes to villas and from budget apartments to family-run guesthouses. There’s also a wide range of entertainment and dining options, from gourmet restaurants to traditional tavernas and from vibrant clubs to rooftop bars. Kallithea has a plethora of things to see and do, and it’s a rather big area, so it is best to rent a car to visit most parts of it. You can choose between a large variety of vehicles, from luxurious to more economical cars, and hire a car in Kallithea to explore its attractions and beaches at your own pace. With our fair fuel policy, reliable service, and unlimited kilometers, renting a car in Kallithea has never been easier!

The beaches in Kallithea are also abundant and can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Awarded with 24 Blue flags, the beaches comply with all 32 criteria regarding cleanliness, organization, information, safety, and environmental protection. Some of the best beaches in Kallithea include the picturesque Kathara, with sand and pebble, particularly known for its nudist Mandomata beach. Ladiko Bay, the beach of Anthony Quinn, with the beautiful fortress of Erimokastro, is famous from the movie "The Guns of Navarone". Moreover, organized Kallithea Beach, with its pine trees, emerald green waters, and small creeks, and nearby remote Kokkini Beach, where you get into the sea from the rocks, are the top beach choices in Kallithea.

What to Do in Kallithea Rhodes?

⦿ Famous Traganou Beach is located 14 minutes drive away from Kallithea Springs. This pebble beach is a great place to go snorkeling and explore its caves. Fortunately, most part of the beach has remained untouched, and a small part is organized.

⦿ Visit the village of Koskinou and roam around its colorful streets and little gardens. If you want to try the traditional Rhodian pastry made of honey and sesame, head to Melekounia, Sofia.

⦿ Psinthos is full of natural beauties such as the Fasouli spring and the small valley that crosses the village with its large century-old plane trees. You will find two Byzantine monasteries in Psinthos, the Monastery of Agia Triada and Parmeni Monastery. Both monasteries are in the countryside on the road to Archipolis. There is a big feast every year during Easter at Agia Triada after Resurrection Day. Also, the beautiful Butterfly Valley is not far from the village. It is an enchanting valley crossed by the river Pelekanos and hosts various endemic species of flora and fauna. In this valley, we meet the rare species of butterfly, Panaxia Quadripunctaria.

⦿ Rhodes Rib offers excellent boat tours where you can explore and swim in Kallithea Bay, Anthony Quinn, and Traganou.

⦿ The largest Greek Water Park is located in the municipality of Kallithea and offers plenty of fun activities and water slides to enjoy with your friends and family.

⦿ Walk a bit further from Kallithea Beach and head to the nearby emerald-green rocky bays of Kokkina, Oasis, Tasos, and Nicolas. Each of these bays has a taverna, with the best being Oasis Beach Kallithea.

Car Hire Kalithea Rhodes

Kallithea is also near the well-known seaside resort of Faliraki. So, you can reach Faliraki in just 10 minutes if your hotel is near Kallithea Springs or Koskinou village. Like this, you can swim, have fun, and dine in Faliraki Bay. You can find our car rentals at Kalithea Beach, where you can enjoy a beautiful swim on its sandy beach and then drive to Faliraki to have your lunch. Rent a low-cost car to get around Kalithea and the surrounding area and take advantage of our great prices, quality cars, and exceptional service. Imperial offers economical rental cars in Kalithea and throughout Rhodes Island, ensuring a fun and safe visit. All of our vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, power steering, power windows, ABS, and much more.

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