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Low-Cost Rental Cars Rhodes
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Economy Car Rental Rhodes Island
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Budget Rodos Car Rental
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Rent a Car Rhodes Cheap Prices
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Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and it is known for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is also the fourth largest Greek island, situated at the southeastern edge of the Aegen Sea, just opposite the shores of the Turkish Mugla Province. Rhodes's name derives from the word “rodon” which means rose, but many other different names were used in antiquity. The Medieval City of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the best-preserved medieval towns of Gothic Architecture.

Its rich past and history were influenced by many different civilizations dating from the Late Neolithic Era to the Byzantine Era and from the Order of Saint John to modern history. Besides its archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, and medieval castles, Rhodes is famous for its stunning beaches, lush vegetation, vibrant resorts, great nightlife, and local traditions. It is recommended to spend at least one week in Rhodes because there are many things to do and see. Ideal for both family holidays and for groups of friends, Rhodes has something to offer for anyone who wants to experience dreamy holidays in the Dodecanese!

Rent a Car in Rodos Greece

As Rhodes is the fourth largest island in the Aegean Sea, the best way to explore the island is by hiring a car. Like this, you will be able to discover off-the-beaten-path beaches, villages, and secluded areas to enjoy your day away from the crowds. The most popular tourist locations are located on the east side of Rhodes. On the west side of Rhodes, there are more secluded areas to discover with cheaper accommodation and with fewer nightlife options.

For example, Agios Isidoros village is situated at 520 meters on the foothills of Mount Attavyros (1215 m), the highest mountain in Rhodes. You can take the hiking trail from Agios Isidoros leading to the top of Attavyros. There are trail markings along the path, so reaching the top is relatively easy. The trail is mostly composed of rocks and it will take you around 3 hours to reach the top. Keep in mind that it can get chilly even during summer, so be well-prepared before ascending the mountain.

From Agios Isidoros, you can visit Monolithos village, Kymisala Tower, pebbly remote Limni Beach, and engage in the unusual activity of hiking in the rocky Koufos Canyon or Jacob’s Canyon. It is a truly unique experience for those seeking to enjoy their holiday with some privacy and explore Rhodes’s lesser-known villages, beaches, and activities. So, it makes sense to rent a car in Rhodes and drive from one village to another whenever you see fit!

What to Do in Rhodes?

⦿ Ancient Kamiros is located on the island’s northwestern shore, and it was one of the three great Doric cities and trade centers of Rhodes. It dates back to the 6th century BC, and it was discovered after the 1929 excavations. There are still ruins from the ancient agora, the temenos, and the temple of Athena.

⦿ Go on a boat trip to nearby Symi island. Located only an hour away, you can book a full-day boat trip, or if you have the time, consider spending at least 2 days in picturesque and lesser-known Symi.

⦿ The Church of the Virgin Mary Tsambika is situated between Kolymbia and Archangelos. You can park your car and then go up the 350 steps. The views from there are magnificent and it’s a great spot for contemplation. Don’t miss swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Tsambika Beach.

⦿ Rodini Park is located 4 km away from Rhodes Town and it’s a perfect family getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

⦿ Embonas village is situated at an altitude of 850 m on the north side of Mount Attavyros. It is Rhode's important wine production area and has many great wineries and wine-tasting tours available, such as Kounaki Wines. From Embonas, you can hike up the top of Mount Attavyros and pass through the Temple of Zeus. If you choose to take your car you can drive until some point but it can be tricky. The road starts with tarmac and then gravel.

⦿ Monolithos is a mountainous village situated on the southeast side of the island. The main attraction there is the 15th-century Castle of Monolithos. Take the scenic road to reach the castle ruins, marvel at the tiny white church, take in the breathtaking views, and enjoy the sunset. Moreover, Alyki Beach and Fourni Beach are just a short drive away from Monolithos.

Rhodos Car Rental

Rhodes is a really big island and has something to offer to everyone. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil holiday, upscale accommodation, and unusual activities, or you want to enjoy watersports, stay all day on the beach, and party all night long, Rhodes has you covered! And, not to mention Rhodes’ large variety of beaches. Family or remote beaches, golden sand or pebbles, rocky or lush landscape, secluded or organized, you can always find the beach you’re looking for. Whether you’re staying in Ialysos, Faliraki, or Lindos, you will always have a plethora of things to do.

You can visit Rhodes year-round, from autumn to winter and from spring to summer. Its Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers, is ideal for visiting the island from late March to late June. You can easily visit Rhodes by air or ferry year-round. Rhodes Airport also has daily connections to Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as direct flights from many EU countries. There are daily ferry connections from Piraeus Port and with other Greek islands in the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete.

Where to Stay in Rhodes?

⦿ Rhodes Town is a great place to stay if you’re visiting Rhodes for the first time. Rhodes Old and New Town have many attractions, castles, pedestrian-only alleys, restaurants, bars, clubs, and many accommodation options. Stay Hotel Rhodes is an affordable hotel or hostel in Rhodes New Town. Petrino is a traditional family house located right in the heart of Rhodes Medieval Town.

⦿ Kolympia is located between Afantou and Archangelos, 25 km away from Rhodes Town. It is ideal for couples and family vacations as it offers a laid-back atmosphere, relaxing strolls on Eucalyptus Avenue, and swimming in Afandou or Tsampika Beach. Kolymbia Village consists of modern villas offering all kinds of amenities and comfort for you and your family.

⦿ Faliraki is the main buzzing town of Rhodes, ideal for groups of friends. Faliraki beach is a sandy beach with shallow waters full of watersport activities, hotel complexes, beach bars, and restaurants. There are many budget accommodation options in Faliraki such as Zoes Hotel, Malibu Boutique Studios, and Alexander Studios & Suites.

⦿ Lindos is a popular place to stay in Rhodes, situated 47 km away from Rhodes Town. It is a charming area to stay when in Rhodes, ideal for history buffs and for those who want to explore Rhodes’s local traditions. However, try to avoid staying in Lindos during the peak season as it gets overly crowded with many visitors going there on day trips. Casa Lindos, Lindos Blue Sky, and Lindos View Hotel are the top choices to stay in Lindos.

⦿ Monolithos or Emponas are great villages to stay in Rhodes if you opt for accommodation away from the crowds and vibrant nightlife. These traditional villages offer plenty of sightseeing, hiking, nature activities, and nearby secluded beaches. You can choose between Limeri Traditional Guesthouse in Monolithos or Hotel Ataviros in Emponas.

Rent a Car Rhodes City

Rhodes town is the capital of Rhodes island as well as its main port. Rhodes consists of the Old Medieval Town and the New Town. There aren’t many cities that share Rhodes’s distinctive architectural and historic character. In the Old Town, you will travel back in time and admire the ruins and architecture dating from the Classical to the Byzantine Era and from the Knights Hospitaller to the Italian Era. In the modern New Town, you will find all comforts and necessities you need, including all kinds of accommodation, tavernas and restaurants, shops and supermarkets, and basically anything because it's a modern city.

The Medieval Old Town of Rhodes is the most visited attraction on the island and one of the oldest medieval towns in Europe. History buffs, and probably anyone, will fill with awe when walking along the street of the Knights, seeing the inns where the knights drank their ale, and discovering the gems of the Palace of the Grand Master. Don’t miss visiting Our Lady of the Castle church as well as the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in the building of the Hospital of the Knights.

Car Hire Rhodes Town

Apart from the Medieval Old Town, don’t omit to visit the Monte Smith neighborhood. You’ll get to visit the Acropolis of Rhodes and the Ancient Stadium dating from the 2nd century BC, as well as the Cave of Archangel Michael Panormitis, a place of serenity and spirituality.

Rhodes Town is well-connected by the public bus, which links the main city to the outskirts. There are also the KTEL buses that link Rhodes Town to some major towns in the east of the island. Keep in mind that the road network in Rhodes Town isn’t that good. There are mostly one-way narrow roads and there’s generally a lot of traffic year-round. Parking is also difficult near the centre and there is a lack of free parking lots. You can use some private parking areas to park your car, but it’s recommended to move around in Rhodes Town on foot, especially if you’re visiting Rhodes Town in the summer.

By choosing a vacation car from our large fleet of cars you can explore all corners of Rhodes without being in a hurry. With its 220 km of coastline, Rhodes has a great road network that leads you to magnificent villages or vibrant towns to enjoy unique road trips. With so many beaches to enjoy swimming or sunbathing and different watersport activities, a car rental in Rodos is the way to go. Holidays equal relaxation, so leave all stress behind, take your rental car, and live a unique driving experience in Rhodes!

Rhodes Port Car Rental

Rhodes Town has 4 ports that stretch along its coastline. From north to south, the ports are Mandraki Port, Kolona Port, Rhodes Central Port, and Akandia Port. Rhodes Central Port is situated a 7-min walk away from Saint Catherine’s Gate. This port only serves international routes, and cruise ships, such as the cruise line Costa Cruises.

Kolona Port is situated just opposite of Rhodes Central Port and serves Dodecanese and Cyclades islands’ routes. Akandia is the southernmost and the newest port of Rhodes Town. During summer and when Rhodes Central Port is full of traffic, it is used for the docking of boat lines arriving from Piraeus, Thessaloniki, and Crete. Akandia Port is mainly used for general-purpose and domestic traffic but also for cargo services.

Mandraki Port is where the famous Colossus of Rhodes was located. The statues of “Elafos” and “Elafina” and St. Nicholas Castle are the main landmarks of Mandraki Harbour. If you’re visiting Rhodes with your sailboat or yacht, Mandraki Marina is where you’ll moor your boat. During summer, there are daily boat trips to Lindos and Symi.

There are two other ports on Rhodes, Kamiros Skala Dock and Lardos Dock. Kamiros Skala is a small port located 46 km west of Rhodes Town. There are regular boat excursions from Kamiros Skala to Halki island and Alimia and Makry islets during the summer months. It takes approximately an hour to reach Halki from Kamiros Skala. It takes approximately an hour to reach Halki from Kamiros Skala.

Lardos Dock is situated on the southeast shore of the island near Lardos lively village. Lardos Port is only used when the other ports are unavailable due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Rhodes Port Rent a Car

The main ferry companies offering routes to and from Rhodes are Blue Star Ferries, Saos Ferries, and Dodekanisos Seaways. There are regular ferry services to most of the Dodecanese islands, including Kalymnos, Leros, Kos, Lipsi, Patmos, and Symi, with Dodekanisos Seaways and Blue Star Ferries. Furthermore, Dodekanisos Seaways has less frequent ferry connections with Halki, Kastelorizo, Arki, Nisyros, Tilos, Samos and Marmaris in Turkey. Aegeon Pelagos Sea Lines, Anek Lines, and Blue Star Ferries offer regular routes to and from Piraeus and Crete but also to some of the Cyclades islands, such as Paros, Naxos, Santorini, and Mylos, among others.

Rhodes Main Port is the ideal starting point to rent a car and begin exploring Rhodes. If you plan to book accommodation in Rhodes Town, the port’s location is also practical due to its distance from the Old and New Rhodes Town. Our reliable services offer free hotel and port delivery in order for you to pick up your car whenever you are in Rhodes. We have a large selection of well-maintained vacation cars that range from small and low-cost to luxurious cars, Jeeps, and minivans. Get ready to drive around Rhodes with Imperial!

Car Rental Gennadi

Gennadi is situated 24 km south of Lindos, and it’s a popular village resort. Gennadi has an organized, long pebbly beach with crystal-clear waters. There are some beach bars and tavernas along its coastline. On some Sundays during summer, some beach bars host parties with great DJs playing tunes all night long. Gennadi is basically a place that can offer both calmness and a local atmosphere but also a vibrant nightlife. If you’re keen on surfing, then go explore some of the unspoiled beaches stretching from Gennadi to Prasonisi. Alternatively, you can take your car, drive for 20 minutes, and let yourself immerse into Agios Georgios Beach. If you want to taste local cuisine in a quiet family taverna then Zorbas tavern is the place to go.

We offer 24/7 customer support and can provide any vehicles or services upon your request. Our rental cars include economy, compact, sedans, and minivans, to name a few. We also offer quality services, such as car rental insurance options, baby seats, booster seats, GPS systems, and more. Imperial Car Rental in Gennadi Rhodes is your one-stop shop for all your car rental needs in Rhodes and Greece. Our staff members are here to help you with all your car rental services, no matter the need!

Rent a Car Theologos

The seaside resort of Theologos is located 22 km southwest of Rhodes Town. Theologos (or Tholos) is attracting many windsurfers and kitesurfers due to its favorable windy conditions. Its long sand and pebble beach extends for 10 km and offers umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bars, watersport activities, and taverns. Theologos Beach is great for families as there are other watersport activities apart from windsurfing and kitesurfing, like banana boats, water skis, and super sofas. However, keep in mind that the sea is deep and due to the frequent winds, there are often high waves.

Theologos is a low-key resort, definitely not like Lindos or Faliraki. There are some luxurious hotels like Logos Beach Village but Theologos mostly offers budget accommodation options. In general, it’s a quiet tourist resort where you can find all kinds of amenities but not so much nightlife. The locals there are very friendly and they’re always happy to welcome you to their village. Theologos village follows the Rhodian-style traditional architecture, so don’t miss strolling around its narrow streets and saying hello to the locals. You can visit Agios Spyridon Church and admire its interior and belfry.

What to See in Theologos?

⦿ Butterflies Valley is a 12-min drive away from Theologos and certainly not-to-be-missed. This unique lush 600-acre ravine is home to the Jersey Tiger butterfly species but also to other butterfly species and flora species, such as the oriental sweetgum trees. Enjoy serene walks in nature and observe the species in their local habitat.

⦿ Kalopetra Monastery is located within the Butterflies Valley in a tree-covered mountainous area. The monastery has an interesting interior so make sure to get in. There’s a 1h 20 min circular route you can take to enjoy a real walk in nature and then relax in the beautiful yard.

⦿ Farma of Rhodes is a unique area in Rhodes where you can pet and take care of lemurs, ostriches, camels, and other animals. It is the ideal animal education excursion for both children and adults.

⦿ Agios Soulas Monastery is a great place for a family outing. It has lots of greenery, a football court, and a beautiful yard to relax and have your picnic after your visit to the monastery.

⦿ The ruins of the Temple of Apollo Erethimios are located just outside the village of Theologos. It takes around 20 minutes to reach the site and it is a lovely walk amongst the ruins with beautiful views. There is not much left of the temple but there are some artifacts found in the excavations and ruins of the altar.

Car Rentals Haraki

Haraki is situated 36 km away from Rhodes Town and 13 km away from Kolympia. It is a quiet holiday resort with a crescent-shaped sandy beach dotted with seaside tavernas and beach bars. Charaki Beach is fully organized and offers watersport activities, with scuba diving being the most preferred one by visitors. The crystal-clear waters of Charaki make it ideal for swimming and for exploring the nearby coves. There is also the nearby Agia Agathi Beach which is considered one of Rhodes's most beautiful beaches. At a short distance from Agia Agathi, you will find the quieter Red Sand Beach to relax with your couple away from the crowds.

Charaki’s seaside promenade makes it the ideal location for romantic walks and dinners. On one side, you get amazing views of the sea and from the other, you’ll find small tavernas and family-run hotels or guesthouses. Charaki is one of the preferred villages in Rhodes for families and couples due to its laid-back atmosphere and charming character. The main landmark in Charaki is the ruined medieval fortress of Feraklos, dating back to the Byzantine Era. You’ll walk for around 30 minutes along a steep walk to reach the castle, but you’ll be rewarded by the amazing views overlooking the bay with its turquoise waters.

After relaxing, swimming on Charaki Beach, and visiting Feraklos Castle, head to Costas and Elena family taverna to enjoy fresh seafood, homemade cooked dishes, and great ouzo to accompany your food. The perfect way to fulfill your day!

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