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Professional Car Rentals Kayseri

Professional Car Rentals Kayseri
Economy (B1)
Renault Clio
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Kayseri Low-Cost Rental Cars
Vans 9 Seats Diesel Automatic (M4)
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Kayseri International Airport Car Rentals
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Nissan Micra
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No Credit Card Kayseri Auto Rental
Compact SUV (G1)
Fiat Egea Cross
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Kayseri lies at the foothills of the inactive volcano Mount Erciyes, or Argaeus. It is a historically rich city situated in Central Anatolia, and it was known as Caesarea, or Mazaca, during the Hellenistic and Roman times. Once the capital of Cappadocia and now an industrialized and modern Turkish city, Kayseri is also a preferred holiday destination or a short stop for visitors to Cappadocia. The city’s skyline consists of the imposing dormant volcano of Mount Erciyes, several residential neighborhoods, and historical monuments, such as the Hunat Hatun Complex and Kayseri Castle.

Like other Turkish cities in Central Anatolia, Kayseri was inhabited by the Hittites and the Assyrians and was formed part of major trade routes in Anatolia and Cappadocia. Its second most important era which made the city flourish, was during the Roman rule. Kayseri was an important center for Christianism during the Roman times and, more specifically, in the fourth century BC. In 1080, it was captured by the Seljuks, who reigned for more than two centuries, and the city became the capital of the Sultanate of Rum. A significant monument from this era is the Hunat Hatun Complex, which consists of a 13th-century mosque, a hammam, a medrese, and more Islamic religious structures. This historic district of Kayseri, Melikgazi, is the ideal area to book a hotel or apartment in Kayseri due to its proximity to museums, attractions, parks, and shopping centers. With a reliable car rental in Kayseri, you can now explore the city center and its surroundings with your friends and family at your own pace. Imperial takes care of your needs and offers 24/7 customer support and a large fleet of vehicles to choose from. Check our website and make your reservation today!

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If we compare Kayseri to other towns in Central Anatolia, we could say that it isn’t a major tourist hotspot. However, it still has a variety of landmarks and an authentic traditional character. Furthermore, Kayseri has all kinds of tourist facilities and great hotels in which to stay. In its historic neighborhood and near the historic basalt walls that once surrounded the city, you will find several affordable and quality hotels. Some of the most well-rated by visitors are The Four Mansions, Wyndham Grand, Buyuk Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Seyir Evleri Suit Sube apartments. Whether you’re visiting Kayseri with your couple, group of friends, or family, there is always an available accommodation option in Kayseri.

In this area, you will find the best remnants of the past and exemplary Seljuk art and architecture. Some of them include the Döner Kümbet mausoleum, the Sahabiye Medrese, the Kayseri Grand Mosque, and the imposing black-stone Roman citadel. The Döner Kümbet mausoleum is the most impressive of the remaining domed tombs in Kayseri, and it’s certainly worth visiting. Getting back to the historic city center, one of the most outstanding religious schools and mosques is the Sahabiye Madrasa near the Kayseri Clock Tower. It now serves as a bazaar, but it still features the typical Seljuk architecture. The Kayseri Archaeology Museum, which is now housed in Kayseri Castle, features extensive collections and exhibition halls representing different eras, from the Early Bronze Age to the Ottoman period. The castle and museum are part of Cumhuriyet Meydani's vibrant square, which is an unmissable sight within Kayseri’s center. Whether you’re making a short stop in Kayseri or you’re visiting the city as part of your Cappadocia holidays, Imperial Car Rental provides car hire services wherever you are located in Kayseri. With our no excess insurance and no hidden fees attached, there’s no need for you to worry about paying more and you’ll always be protected no matter what.

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When you drive into Kayseri’s city center, you will be amazed by the bustling atmosphere and the historical landmarks, as well as the bazaars, Turkish cafes, and Anatolian flavors and smells dominating the paved alleys. For instance, the lively Kapalı Çarşı market is a favorite place for both locals and tourists alike. Here, you will find cheap souvenirs, clothes, accessories, furniture, fresh produce, and more. When you go sightseeing in Kayseri, this is your go-to spot to enjoy your visit as much as possible. Within a short walking distance from Kapalı Çarşı market, you will find Kayseri’s most visited museums and attractions. Hatuniye Madrasa and Ulu Cami are certainly not to be missed. It is definitely recommended that you leisurely roam around the historic center and visit the monuments that draw your attention the most. To the north of the Grand Mosque, you will find the 15th-century Kurşunlu Camii and the homonymous park, which is great for relaxing, working out, or having a picnic. The well-known kebap restaurant of Elmacıoğlu İskender Kebap is one of the top in the area to try doner kebap, manti, and other Anatolian local dishes. Kayseri offers visitors a charming and authentic holiday in Central Anatolia and an ideal getaway for driving in surrounding cities, villages, and national parks.

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Kayseri Erkilet Airport is Kayseri’s main airport and a major transportation hub for those who want to visit Cappadocia. It is located only 6 km away from Kayseri’s city center in the district of Kocasinan. The airport was built in 1998, and its international terminal was completed in 2007. However, the terminal was renovated and now offers modern infrastructures and facilities. Its total passenger capacity has increased, as have international and domestic flights. Daily flights within Turkey are available year-round, and flights abroad are mostly made during the season. Eurowings and Corendon Airlines operate flights to and from Germany, Pegasus, and SunExpress to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria. It's a highly visited airport within Kayseri Province and a practical starting point for exploring Cappadocia.

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Kayseri Airport has seen a significant rise in its annual passenger traffic due to improved services and infrastructure. Many Turkish and Europeans choose to book their flight to Kayseri Airport and embark on a real historical journey in Cappadocia. Erkilet International Airport welcomes visitors and serves as the main transportation hub for Kayseri and its surrounding towns. Mount Erciyes is a highly recommended excursion in Kayseri, especially if you’re there during winter. Apart from being a famous ski and snowboard resort, it’s also ideal for mountaineering, hiking, and ecotourism activities. Erciyes Mountain is an inactive stratovolcano boasting unique geomorphology, petrology, and diverse flora and fauna species. The breathtaking scenery, encompassing snow-capped peaks and serene landscapes, creates an extraordinary backdrop. Whether you’re an avid skier or just seeking a nature retreat, Erciyes offers an unparalleled experience. The well-maintained facilities, diverse trails, and welcoming atmosphere make it a must-visit destination.

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