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Oia is one of the most scenic areas on the island of Santorini, but it still has a laid-back and quaint feel. We believe that choosing us is your best option for a cheap, high-quality car rental in Oia Santorini. Trust Imperial Car Rental in Oia and discover the difference.

Car Hire Oia Santorini

★ Best Quality Low-Cost Car Rentals in Oia Santorini ★

Low-Cost Oia Rent a Car

Low-Cost Oia Rent a Car
Mini Economy (A1)
Volkswagen Up
€26 / day

Auto Rental Deals in Oia

Auto Rental Deals in Oia
Economy (B1)
Hyundai i10
€30 / day

Oia Car Rentals

Oia Car Rentals
Large Cabrio (G1)
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio
€53 / day

Cheap Car Rental Oia

Cheap Car Rental Oia
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Nissan Micra Automatic
€45 / day
Car Hire Oia Santorini @ <i>★ Best Quality Low-Cost Car Rentals in Oia Santorini ★</i>

Rent a Car Oia Santorini

Oia is the gem of Santorini, situated at the northwestern tip of the island. It is the most famous spot worldwide to marvel at the imposing sunset. Visitors from around the world come to Santorini to experience Oia’s charm.

But Oia is not only about the sunset. Its winding pedestrian-only alleys, the artisan small shops, the Byzantine Castle ruins, and the Atlantis bookshop are some of the things that make Oia one-of-a-kind.

Keep in mind that you can’t drive in the center of Oia. A parking lot allows you to park your rental car and then enjoy walking in its cobblestone streets. Like this, you will better explore its labyrinth-like streets and stop to marvel at the blue and white landscape.

However, you will need a car to explore more parts of the island. Our top-quality large rental fleet with bargain prices and no hidden fees is at your service to make your stay in Santorini unforgettable.

Car Rentals Oia

The Byzantine 15th-century castle ruins are the perfect sunset viewpoint in Oia. Unfortunately, the 1956 earthquake destroyed the castle; only a small part is preserved today. You can see the ruins from the northwest side of Oia. The hilltop on which the castle stands makes the perfect spot for panoramic vistas of Oia and the volcanic island archipelago.

Apart from Oia’s sights, Oia is a great spot to explore the surroundings with your car. Villages like Finikia, Ormos Armenis, and Cape Columbo are a short drive from Oia. Some of these locations are remote but worth the visit.

With your rental car, you won’t have to worry about anything. Imperial Car Rental services include 24/7 roadside assistance and a fair fuel policy. Need your rental car somewhere specifically? The Fly and Drive package is available to facilitate your stay in Santorini!

What Are The Top Things To Do In Oia?

⦿ Visit Panagia Platsani Church in the center of Oia. The murals and ornaments are really impressive, as well as its overall interior.

⦿ The beach of Paradisos is a 7-minute drive away from Oia. The dark volcanic sand and the swallow waters are ideal for families. However, it can get quite windy during July and August.

⦿ The historic windmill of Oia is a perfect spot for taking pictures!

⦿ Ammoudi Bay is situated 300 steps below Oia. The picturesque small port, the elegant tavernas, and the colorful boats will captivate you. If you’re a diving enthusiast, walk past the restaurants, and you’ll see an islet. This is where you’ll enjoy cliff jumping!

⦿ Take a boat tour to the picturesque island of Thirassia. You can spend several hours hiking on the island and swimming in its crystal clear waters. The village of Manola sits on top of the caldera and offers great views of Santorini.

Rental Car Oia Santorini

Oia is ideal for couples but also for families. This romantic destination with unique vistas offers plenty of elegant boutiques and luxurious restaurants. However, budget options are always available, as well as traditional artisan shops. Kallisto Gallery and Epilekton are one of the top choices if you want to bring some souvenirs back home.

Each spot in Oia has its unique charm. Exploring the village on foot is the way to go, as almost every place in Oia is worthy of a photo. So, wander around its alleys early in the morning and find your favorite cafe, boutiques, or spots to enjoy the view. Head for lunch at Oia Vineyard, and don’t forget to try the delicious fava and the local cheese Chlorotyri.

Hidden Gems in Oia

⦿ Want to experience a less-crowded Oia? Get up early in the morning and go to Saint Spyridon Church to marvel at the sunrise and the famous blue domes.

⦿ Visit the tranquil village of Finikia right next to Oia. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary Holy Chapel is a unique church to visit.

⦿ Want to go wine tasting? Domaine Sigalas offers local wines and an excellent yard for an exceptional dinner.

⦿ Atlantis Bookshop is a must when in Oia. The bookshop has books in many different languages focusing on literature and classic fiction. What is truly amazing is its unique location. A two-room basement that used to be a captain’s house and a picturesque rooftop terrace!

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