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Rental Car Santorini

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★ Many Offers for Car Rental in Santorini Greece ★

Cheap Rent a Car in Santorini Greece

Cheap Rent a Car in Santorini Greece
Luxury Vans 9 Seats (M2)
Mercedes Vito
€65 / day

Rental Car Santorini Port

Rental Car Santorini Port
Medium Family (C1)
Fiat Grande Punto
€22 / day

Economy Car Rentals Santorini Greece

Economy Car Rentals Santorini Greece
Economy (B1)
Hyundai i10
€20 / day

Car Rental Perissa Santorini

Car Rental Perissa Santorini
Small Open Top Automatic (G2)
Peugeot 108 Automatic
€33 / day

Santorini Rental Car No Deposit

Santorini Rental Car No Deposit
Large Cabrio (G1)
Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio
€41 / day

Rent a Car Perissa Santorini

Rent a Car Perissa Santorini
Large Cabrio (G1)
Renault Megane Cabrio
€41 / day

Low-Cost Car Rental in Santorini Greece

Low-Cost Car Rental in Santorini Greece
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Nissan Micra Automatic
€27 / day

Akrotiri Car Hire

Akrotiri Car Hire
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Renault Clio Automatic
€27 / day

Santorini Car Rentals

★ Discover the Island with Imperial Car Hire Santorini Greece ★
Imperial Car Rental Santorini Greece

Car Rental Santorini Greece

Santorini or Thera is located on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea between Ios and Anafi islands. Its archipelago consists of 5 volcanic islands created after the Minoan volcanic eruption around 1600 BC. Many archaeologists claim that this inspired Plato’s works that connect Santorini with the great legend of Atlantis.

The caldera’s formation was created by multiple eruptions, and it stands at 1,200 ft above sea level, expanding to approximately the same level in the seafloor. What is truly amazing is that it was formed by shield volcanoes that were separated by four overlapping calderas, with the oldest one dating back to 200,000 BCE.

The lava rock islands of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni in the caldera's center still emit hot sulfur gases. An interesting fact is that even though the volcano is dormant, it is still an active volcano, and it has transformed the Santorini island group over the centuries.

Best Activities in Santorini

⦿ A boat tour of the volcano and hot springs of Nea Kameni and Palaia Kameni is a must-do activity! There’s a tour available daily during the summer months departing from the old port of Fira, Gialos. You can take the cable car to reach the old port, or if you prefer walking, you can descend the 600 steps in 30 minutes.

⦿ Another famous tour in Santorini is the Caldera tour. Want to know what you will see on this tour? You will swim in the thermal spas of Palea Kameni, visit the National Geological Park in Nea Kameni, and enjoy hiking in Thirasia!

⦿ The picturesque villages of Santorini perched atop the rim of the caldera’s steep cliffs, like Imerovigli and Oia, are the top spots to enjoy the Assyrtiko wine. Wine tasting in Santorini shouldn’t be left outside your to-do list. You can visit Domaine Sigalas in Oia or Vassaltis Vineyards for a mouthwatering experience.

⦿ Are you a hiking enthusiast? One of the top adventurer things to do in Santorini is the trail from Oia to Fira. You will walk along the caldera for 10 km, so be prepared to get sweaty! Don’t forget your hiking shoes, your flask, and of course, your camera.

⦿ Situated on the island's northeast coast, Cape Columbo is the perfect beach for those seeking relaxation. This is also where the underwater volcano Columbo erupted in 1650, so the waters there are still warm! You can access the beach with your car, park it on the street, and then follow a short narrow path on foot.

Where to Eat in Santorini?

⦿ One of the best restaurants to marvel at the sunset and enjoy delicious local food is Dimitris Ammoudi Tavern at Ammoudi Bay. It is recommended to try grilled octopus, shrimp saganaki, and the local specialty “fava.”

⦿ Armeni Restaurant is located in Oia Port on the seaside. It’s a small and quiet restaurant offering exceptional food. Its great service, freshly caught fish, and spectacular setting will captivate you. You can take the boat from the old port or walk down the steps if you’re not starving!

⦿ Looking for cheap but quality food? Well, Geromanolis Taverna in Megalochori village is the place to go. You’ll get to choose between a variety of grilled fish as well as simple but tasty appetizers.

Cheap Santorini Rent a Car

Santorini is one of the Cyclades’ most well-known islands, attracting millions of tourists every year, and for a good reason. The unique sunset views from Oia, the ancient volcano, the white and blue architecture, and the volcanic beaches are among the things that make Santorini stand out from its neighboring islands.

The road network in Santorini is relatively small, with a total length of around 18 km. It will take you around 40 minutes to drive from Oia to Akrotiri. So, renting a car in Santorini is the way to go if you want to explore the island at your own pace. With Imperial’s services, you can find the best car rental option in Santorini that suits your needs!

Rental Cars Santorini

The best and most comfortable way to visit Santorini is by renting a car. With a car rental, you’ll explore most of Santorini’s villages, beaches, and sights. You can choose between various vehicles and rent a cheap car with Imperial Car Rental.

During the summer months in Santorini, it is tricky to wait for the bus to go from one place to another. This is because the island gets crowded, and sometimes you might not even find a spot on the bus.

Car Rental Santorini Port

Santorini Port or Athinios Port, on the southwest of Santorini, is the main port where ferries arrive. Keep in mind that it gets really crowded during the summer months. Moreover, there’s a lot of traffic when ferries depart or arrive at the port.

The hot weather combined with traffic and crowds is a common thing when arriving on the island. To be well-prepared, consider renting a car before you arrive at the port. From Santorini Port, you can drive to Fira in 20 minutes, to Oia in 35 minutes, and to Kamari in 20 minutes.

Rent a Car Santorini Port

Santorini Port is well-connected with the Port of Piraeus as well as with other islands in the Cyclades. Ferries from the port of Piraeus depart daily, and there are various companies operating the route, such as Seajets or Blue Star Ferries. It will take approximately 5 hours to arrive in Santorini from the port of Piraeus.

If you want to visit other islands in the Cyclades, there are daily connections to Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Anafi, and Crete, among others.

Renting a car in Santorini Port is your best option if you want to visit the island without being in a rush. The municipal bus departing from the Port of Santorini is generally packed with people during the peak season. So, if you want to avoid being stuck in traffic while being on the bus, then renting a car from Santorini Port is the way to go!

Keep in mind that the Fly & Drive service is available to serve your needs whether you arrive at the airport or the port of Santorini. We can also offer a free transfer of your rental car to your hotel. With our reliable services and our low-cost cars, your driving experience in Santorini will certainly be unique.

Car Hire Perissa Santorini

Perissa is a seaside village located on the southeast side of Santorini, on the foothills of Mesa Vouno Mount. Perissa village is mostly known for its black lava sand beach and the archeological site of Ancient Thera. The best way to get around Perissa and visit its attractions and nearby beaches is by car.

Perissa is a great village in Santorini for both families and friends. It’s far quieter than Oia and Fira, and you can engage in many fun and educational activities. You can relax and swim at Perissa and Perivolos beaches and enjoy your drinks at one of the seaside beach bars. Alternatively, you can visit the Museum of Minerals and Fossils, the Church of the Holy Cross, and the Chapel of Panagia Katefiani.

Best Tours in Perissa

⦿ The ruins of Ancient Thera are an important archaeological site near Perissa. This ancient city was located at Mesa Vouno Mount, 370 meters above sea level. Visiting the ruins will make you understand more about the life of the Ancient Greeks. At the end of your tour, try to capture the best possible views of the Aegean Sea.

Attention: The 10-min road to Ancient Thera from Kamari is tricky, with hairpin turns and steep drop-offs.

⦿ Emporio village in the south part of Santorini is the largest village on the island. Located on the foothills of Mt. Profitis Ilias, it is a must-see for history and architecture lovers. Discover the medieval castle of Kasteli, the Church of Panagia Mesani and the Church of Nikolaos Marmaritis, the Venetian Goulas Tower, and the 19th-century Gavrilos windmills.

⦿ Feeling hot? Take your car to Vlychada Beach, a short 10-minute drive away. This otherworldly black sand beach with its quirky-shaped cliffs will awaken your wild side!

Car Rental Akrotiri

Akrotiri is considered “the Pompeii of Greece” due to its prominent archeological site dating back to the Bronze Age. This Minoan archeological site was a flourishing settlement from the 3rd to 5th century BC, expanding all the way from today’s village to the beach. However, the ancient city of Akrotiri was devastated after the volcano of Thera erupted around 1620 BC. The tour inside the ruins is a must if you want to delve into the rich past of the Minoans.

After your visit to the archeological site, why don’t you take your rental car and swim in the Red Beach? The Red Beach's rocky landscape and volcanic lava cliffs make it one of a kind. Just a 7-minute drive from Akrotiri village, you’ll experience this colorful sight. Fancy some snorkeling? Don’t forget your snorkel mask!

Another must-see beach near Akrotiri is White Beach. Even though it is not accessible by car, there’s a trail you can take. Otherwise, there are boat tours from Red Beach. Swimming in its crystal blue waters and admiring the steep white rocks is a truly unique feeling!

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