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Drive your Imperial Car Rental Alexandroupolis and discover this fascinating port city found at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Visit the city center filled with shops and then journey to the waterfront lined with bars, cafes, taverns and seafood restaurants. Enjoy all that and more with your Alexandroupolis Rental Car.

Car Rental Alexandroupolis

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Car Rental Alexandroupolis

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Alexandroupolis Car Rental

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Alexandroupolis Car Rentals

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Alexandroupolis is the capital city of the Evros region located in the northeastern part of Greece. Under the Ottoman rule, Alexandroupolis was only a simple fishing village with a small harbor that catered to the needs of the local fisherman. During the late 19th century is when Alexandroupolis\'s beneficial geographical position was finally recognized. It then became a city with the potential to thrive as it was strategically located at the crossroads of both the land and sea routes that connected Europe to Asia. Today Alexandroupolis is the last major Greek city before the Turkish border and although it is fairly one of the newest cities in Greece, it currently facilitates a major port and an international airport that caters to millions of passengers per year. It is true that the region of Evros is blessed with exceptional natural beauty, verdant mountains, lush forests, thermal springs, amazing beaches as well as many archeological sites, ancient cities, historical monuments and museums that are easily accessible when renting a car in Alexandroupolis. Discover all that this modern city and the beautiful natural surroundings of northeastern Greece has to offer in the luxury and comfort of your Alexandroupolis car rental. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Begin your adventure with your Alexandroupolis rental car and visit the city’s landmark, a 19th-century lighthouse found on the western side of the harbor that stands 27 m tall and is regarded as the tallest lighthouses in Greece. Take a walk along the waterfront lined with open-air cafes, fish taverns, and seafood restaurants. Journey through the pedestrian streets filled with neoclassical buildings that lead to many squares surrounded by a variety of local shops. Visit the Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos which is also the city’s patron saint as well as the impressive Historical Museum and the Ethnological Museum of Alexandroupolis. Head out beyond the city and explore the natural beauty that surrounds the Evros Delta, a 200-thousand-acre area where freshwater mixes with the sea creating a rich wetland habitat and sanctuary for the hundreds of rare species of flora and fauna. Discover the hiking trails in the protected Dadia Forest that is also home to the last bird refuge in all of Europe.

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Visit the Cave of Cyclops in Makri where legend has it was the cave was Polyphemus the infamous one-eyed giant, son of the Greek God Poseidon once lived. Traces inside the cave also reveal signs of inhabitation from the Neolithic period. Continue your journey with your Alexandroupolis car hire to Dikella and visit the archeological site of Mesimvria Zoni, an ancient Hellenistic city that dates back to the 4th century BC that features ruins of a building complex, houses, a fortification wall, a cemetery, a sanctuary of Demeter and the temple of Apollo. Another archeological site not to be missed is that of Traianoupolis found in Loutros village, a popular location during the Roman period that housed medicinal baths and the Hanna a large building where the travelers to the area stayed. Ruins of these ancient structures remain today and are located near the natural thermal springs that are believed to have healing qualities. Be sure to also visit the beautiful beaches found in the city of Alexandroupolis and the surrounding area. Popular beaches include Agia Paraskevi Beach, Makri Beach and Dikella Beach. If your feeling adventurous be sure to also visit an island of unique beauty Samothraki, that is easily accessible from Alexandroupolis Port, well-known for its magical waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, archeological sites and the homeland of the famous statue of Nike. See and do it all that and more with the help of your rent a car in Alexandroupolis Greece.

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