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A coastline strung with stunning beaches, seaside resorts, ancient ruins and eerie ghost towns can be seen when travelling to this region with Imperial Rent a Car Dalaman. This exciting destination has a little something for everyone who visits! Experience it all with your Car Rental in Dalaman.

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Dalaman Car Hire

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Hyundai I30
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Visit all the Sites with your Dalaman Car Rental

Dalaman is a district and a town in Turkey, located on the southwestern coast of the Mugla province. The region of Dalaman was once also called Ahhiyava, an ancient Greek settlement that dates back to 3,000 BC. Throughout the centuries many civilizations settled in the region including the Persians, Ottomans and Romans. However, the longest residents were the Lycians who lived in the region for approximately 1,600 years, leaving behind traces of their habitation that are visible to this day. Today Dalaman is a popular holiday destination well-known as “Turkey’s Turquoise Coast” that attracts millions of visitors from around the world each year. In Dalaman you can enjoy stunning shorelines, gorgeous beaches, natural wonders, glorious mountains, ancient ruins and historical sites. With no time to waste, once you arrive pick-up your Imperial car rental Dalaman so you can begin your adventure and visit all the fascinating geographical and historical sites in the district. Drive your Dalaman car rental and visit the beautiful river town of Dalyan, with a river that runs right through the town into the Mediterranean Sea. From the town’s harbor take a boat ride through the canals of the river and visit the spectacular Iztuzu Turtle Beach, a four-mile crescent shaped golden sand beach with turquoise blue waters that is home to the rare loggerhead sea turtles and an ideal location to take a swim, walk along the beach and soak in the sun. Continue the boat ride further down the canal and visit the infamous landmark of the Lycian Rock Tombs that are carved in the imposing mountains above the river. These glorious ancient tombs were the resting place of the Kings from the ancient city of Kaunos that date back to 400 BC. Once you arrive back from the boat ride then drive your Dalaman car rental and visit the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos, which according to legend is a settlement that was founded by the grandson of Apollo. Some of the principle monuments found in this ancient city include ruins and remains of a theater, Roman baths, the temple of Apollo, an agora and a marketplace. Then head out with your Dalaman car rental and visit the village of Sultaniye, a natural spa resort featuring thermal springs and mud baths with therapeutic effects that have been attracting visitors since Roman times. Next drive your Dalaman car rental and visit the beach resort of Oludeniz home to the Blue Lagoon, a stunning UNESCO world heritage site, composed of clear blue waters, soft sands and a beautiful mountainous background. Another location not to be missed is the charming Butterfly Valley that is only accessible by boat, a secluded and enchanting spot where thousands of colorful butterflies swarm to the valley, attracted to the scents of jasmine, thyme, oregano and mint. Then drive your Dalaman car rental and visit the beautiful coastal town of Fethiye built over the ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Telmessos. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Fethiye offers many beautiful beaches, a delicious fish market, an impressive old town, an interesting bazaar, a wonderful museum and breathtaking views of the town from the ancient Tomb of Amyntas that is carved in the mountain much like the Lycian tombs found in Dalyan. While you are here be sure to also visit with your Dalaman car rental the lovely beach town of Calis featuring a promenade lined with cafes and delicious restaurants, shops, bars and a stunning sandy beach with a breathtaking sunset that should not be missed! Next drive your Dalaman car rental and visit the charming coastal town of Sarigerme where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches, delicious authentic food and adventurous windsurfing and scuba diving activities. Then drive and visit the popular holiday coastal town of Gocek, that is surrounded by gardens, azure seas, picturesque coves, majestic mountains, pine forests and a glimmering marina home to Turkey’s most prestigious yachting centers. Continue your adventure with your Dalaman car rental and visit the ghost town of Kayakoy, an abandoned village once home to Greek Orthodox residents that were forced to leave everything behind after a series of historical events that resulted in the Turkish - Greek Population Exchange in the 1920’s. Here you will find the ruins of over 350 buildings including houses, schools, shops and churches that are now maintained as a museum and historical monument. Be sure to also visit with your Dalaman car rental the Hippokome Ruins otherwise known as the “Horse City” with remains and ruins of structures from the Roman and Byzantine eras, the ancient city of Tlos believed to be one of the most important religious Lycian sites that dates back over 4,000 years with ruins including a theater, a stadium, an agora, rock tombs and fortresses, as well as the Kapidagi Peninsula that was home to many ancient civilizations throughout history. You can easily visit all the sites in the comfort and luxury of your Imperial car rental Dalaman. Just sit back and enjoy the ride! Your journey awaits you!

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