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Enjoy the sun, sea and sand when travelling to this harbor town with Imperial Car Rental in Kusadasi. A popular holiday destination with beautiful beaches, a vibrant entertainment scene and many attractions that can be explored with your Kusadasi Rental Car. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Luxury Jeep Automatic (I3)
Volvo XC90
€58 / day

Kusadasi Car Rental

Economy (B)
Hyundai Getz
€12 / day

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Luxury Jeep Automatic (I3)
BMW X5 Automatic
€58 / day

Car Rental Kusadasi

Medium Family (C1)
Fiat Grande Punto
€14 / day

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Economy (B)
Hyundai Getz
€12 / day

Kusadasi Rental Cars

Family Jeep (I1)
Mitsubishi Outlander
€44 / day

Kusadasi Car Rentals

Large Family (D2)
Volvo S40
€20 / day

Kusadasi Car Hire

Large Automatic (E1)
Hyundai I30 Automatic
€21 / day
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Kusadasi is a resort town found in the province of Aydin, located on the gulf of Turkey’s Aegean Coast. This beautiful historical town has been the center of art and culture since earliest recorded history with many civilizations that have settled in the area throughout the years. According to historical findings the town was originally founded by the Leleges in 3,000 BC and was then ruled by the Lydians, Persians and then also conquered by Alexander the Great along with many other coastal cities in Anatolia that became a center of Hellenistic culture. In the years that followed the Roman Empire also took possession of the coast making it their provincial capital. Later ruled by the Byzantine Empire, the settlement was known as Ephesus Neopolis. According to Roman Catholic tradition it was also the place where St. John Evangelist and the Virgin Mary both came to live in their later days to spread the word of Christianity and at that time the settlement was also known as Ania. Today Kusadasi has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey that hosts over half a million of visitors from around the world each year. In Kusadasi you can enjoy a plethora of archeological and geographical attractions including stunning beaches, crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea, beautiful nature, an impressive old town, a bustling harbor, a huge colorful bazaar and proximity to abandoned and unearthed glorious ancient cities. Upon your arrival to this beautiful coastal city pick-up your Kusadasi car rental from Imperial and drive to any location you desire so you can explore all it has to offer. Drive your Kusadasi car rental into the heart of the old town surrounded by medieval city walls and a southern gate that protects its entrance, inside you will find a labyrinth of cobble stone alleyways filled with old Greek style houses, hidden courtyards and gardens. From there drive your Kusadasi car rental and visit the city’s famous colorful bazaar with open air kiosks that offer anything and everything one could ask for from leather goods, jewelry and clothing to herbs, spices and souvenir items at bargain prices. Then drive to the bustling Kusadasi harbor that is filled with luxurious cruise ships accommodating the travel transportation of the city’s visitors. At the harbor you will also find a seafront promenade lined with trendy cafes and fancy restaurants offering delicious Turkish delights. Next drive your Kusadasi car rental and visit the charming Pigeon Island also known as Guvercin Adasi, an islet connected to a 350-meter-long causeway found in close proximity to the harbor. On the island you will find a 13th century old picturesque Byzantine fortress sitting on a cliff that houses a historic museum while the exterior is surrounded by outer walls that enclose gardens, a park and a small lighthouse at the peak of the island. A peaceful and relaxing place with terraced landscapes, teahouses and cafes where you can also enjoy beautiful views of Kusadasi and the sun as it sets over the sea. Then visit with your Kusadasi car rental the popular beaches found around the city including the popular Ladies Beach – Kadinlar Denizi featuring a powdery sandy beach lined with palm trees and full of seaside cafes and restaurants, Pigeon Island Beach a private beach situated on the shores of the island with translucent deep waters of the Aegean Sea and Yilanci Burnu Beach a quiet sandy beach found on a peninsula. Also visit the beaches offering a plethora of water sport activities such as Kustur Beach and Tusan Beach where you can have some fun while enjoying the sun and sea. Continue your adventure with your Kusadasi car rental and visit the Dilek Peninsula featuring a national park with a gorgeous mountain scenery, rugged coastlines and many beaches for swimming. Top attractions include Aydinlik Beach, Karasu Koyu Beach and of course the Cave of Zeus which according to Greek mythology is the cave where Zeus would hide and escape from his brother Poseidon when he would anger him. It is actually a beautiful location with rugged interior walls and a deep pool of blue green colored waters that are a mixture of spring waters that flow from the mountains and salty sea water that attracts the attention of visitors all year around who come to bathe in the waters. Then drive your Kusadasi car rental and visit the ruins of the abandoned Hellenistic ancient port city of Priene featuring the glorious Temple of Athena and a well-preserved 6,500 seat theater. From there continue your journey and also visit the Hellenistic ancient harbor city of Miletus that dates back from the Greek era and then reconstructed by the Romans. On site you will find ruins of a vast 15,000 seat theater that provides excellent views of the city from the top tiers, Byzantine fortress walls, the Temple of Apollo, the well-preserved Baths of Faustina and the impressive museum found on site dedicated to the history of both of the ancient cities Miletus and Priene. Be sure to also visit with your Kusadasi car rental the ancient Hellenistic center of Didyma, home to the ancient world’s second largest temple the Oracle of Didyma. Here you will also find the Temple of Apollo with ruins of the towering columns which once numbered 122, one of the best-preserved Greek temples found in Turkey. Another site not to be missed is the House of Virgin Mary, located in the Bulbul mountain hidden in the lush green forest, a Christian shrine dedicated to the place where Mary spent her last days. Last but certainly not least, drive your Kusadasi car rental and visit the glorious unearthed ancient Greek city of Ephesus with ruins of many ancient sites that can still be seen today including an ancient theater, the Temple of Hadrian, the Gate of Augustus, the Celsus Library and the Temple of Artemis that is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Explore and discover all that and more as you drive to any location you desire any time you wish with your Imperial car rental in Kusadasi Turkey!

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The selection of your Kusadasi rental car is important to us that is why we work all day every day to provide you with the best selection of vehicles at the best prices possible. With Imperial customer satisfaction is guaranteed as we continuously strive to exceed your Kusadasi rental car expectations in Turkey. You can expect only clean-cut deals with no risks or bad surprises when reserving your Kusadasi rental car with Imperial. At no time will we charge you more for your Kusadasi rental car other than the agreed upon price, with no hidden additional fees attached. Our online reservation system is secure and easy to use and our customer service agents are friendly and courteous. If you have any questions regarding the price or the selection of your vehicle be sure that our team of professionals will provide you with the necessary answers and solutions while offering you 24-hour personal assistance for your Kusadasi rental car in Turkey. Whether you are travelling with children and you require car seats or if it is your first time travelling to this beautiful city and you require a GPS device, no need to worry because the Kusadasi rental car of your choice will be fully equipped with the necessities you require for your safe travels. You are our number one priority that is why you will always be treated with the highest levels of professionalism and provided with excellent service. Enjoy a large selection of top quality Kusadasi rental cars at affordable prices only with Imperial. We are sure it will be an experience you will want to repeat time and time again!

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