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Car Hire Mykonos Town

Car Hire Mykonos Town
Medium Family (C1)
Toyota Yaris
€16 / day

Cheap Car Rental In Mykonos

Cheap Car Rental In Mykonos
Mini Economy (A1)
Volkswagen Up
€12 / day

Rent a Car Ornos Mykonos

Rent a Car Ornos Mykonos
Family Jeeps (J1)
€56 / day

Car Rentals Ornos Mykonos

Car Rentals Ornos Mykonos
Sedan (E1)
Skoda Rapid
€25 / day

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One of the hottest party islands in Europe, where luxury meets elegance at its best, Mykonos is the place to feel like a star and indulge in pleasure and glamour. Right in the heart of the Cyclades, The Island of the Winds boasts 5-star hotels, exquisite dining, chic boutiques, and endless partying. Many international celebrities and jet-setters prefer Mykonos for their holidays, which led to buying villas or navigating around the island aboard their luxury yachts. But Mykonos is not just about clubbing, glitz, high-end restaurants, and upscale beaches. Mykonos offers great sightseeing tours, and outdoor activities, as well as less visited remote beaches and a large variety of watersports. From cycling to hiking and from kitesurfing to scuba diving, nature activities and tours are always available from spring to autumn on the island. The artistic Hora of Mykonos, Panagia Paraportiani whitewashed church, visiting the archaeologically unique island of Delos, and many more amazing experiences await you in Mykonos. So, even if you’re looking for relaxation away from the crowds, visit historical sites, and enrich your knowledge about the past, Mykonos can surprisingly provide you with all these. However, most people visit Mikonos to enjoy this party atmosphere, stay in top-rated resorts, relish fine dining, and experience a luxurious holiday. No matter what the reason for your visit to Mykonos is, we’re here to provide you with the best Mykonos car hire service with multiple benefits, offers, and excellent customer service. With Imperial, you’ll get to complete your one-in-a-lifetime Mykonos experience!

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As stated earlier, there are numerous activities to engage with in Mykonos, apart from beach hopping and wild partying. If you want to feel your adrenaline levels rising, head to Korfos Beach, more specifically, to Duotone Pro Center. Here, you will enjoy kitesurfing, windsurfing, and wing foil at its best. Even if you’re a pro or a beginner, there are courses offered for all watersports by skilled instructors as well as professional equipment. In addition, Jeep safaris, sailing trips to Delos, sunset cruises, and escape tours for groups or individuals are always available in Mykonos. A great and well-rated Jeep safari is the authentic Jeep adventure tour organized by Mykonos Exclusive Tours. This tour will take you to numerous beaches, unpaved roads, and remote spots. Moreover, culinary tours and wine tours are also organized by various tour operators and agencies in Mykonos, but the best experience is offered by the Mykonian Land & Wine Tasting Mykonos. This is a truly authentic Greek experience where you’ll get to visit a traditional winery, learn about the wine and olive oil-making process, and taste local foods and ingredients from the hospitable owners.

Another must-do activity while in Mykonos is, of course, a sailing trip to the historical island of Delos. Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most significant archaeological and historical sites in the whole country. There’s been an extensive work of excavations in Delos dating from the 19th century, which continues throughout the years, and archaeologists have discovered religious sanctuaries, temples, terraces (such as the Terrace of the Lions), and several ancient markets, otherwise known as agora. The whole island of Delos is a gem on its own and it’s truly the place where you’ll travel back in time and be immersed in centuries of history. The only place on which Leto, a lover of Zeus, was able to give birth to Apollo and Artemis became a sacred island between 900 BC and 100 AD, and later an important pilgrimage site to the god Apollo. You will have to experience Delos with your own eyes in order to feel the aura and delve deeper into the vestiges of the past.

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Apart from the renowned Hora and its artsy Cycladic neighbourhoods, there are many other villages to explore on the island. Villages such as Ano Mera, Faros Armenistis, Ornos, and Kalafati are worth visiting, and perhaps also book accommodation in case you want some privacy and tranquillity during your stay. Ano Mera is a quaint village in the centre of Mykonos featuring a more traditional and laid-back lifestyle. Here, life goes on with slower paces, locals hang out at the kafeneia, and visitors seek the more traditional Myconian side. With its small family-owned tavernas, traditional whitewashed houses, charming boutique hotels, and picturesque cafes, Ano Mera has gained a place in the hearts of many. Must-visit sights in the area include Panagia Tourliani Monastery, situated near the central square and the Byzantine Monastery of Paleokastro, where you can also hike the 3 km trail and enjoy walking in nature. Faros Armenistis is located on the northwest side of Mykonos, and it’s where you’ll find the homonymous lighthouse offering panoramic vistas, remote beaches, and hiking trails. Armenistis Lighthouse is a unique vantage point looking over to the Aegean Sea and it’s the perfect spot to go if you want to admire the sunset. The well-organised beach of Agios Stefanos is also near Faros Armenistis, offering plenty of options for eating and chilling out at the beachfront bars and tavernas.

Top-Rated Stays in Mykonos

⦿ Koukoumi Vegan Hotel is designed and built sustainably with extra attention to design and detail. Located in Ano Mera, it features 6 eco-friendly modern suites and amazing spa and gym facilities, this gorgeous hotel will offer you a unique, guilt-free stay.

⦿ Anax Resort & Spa is situated at Agios Ioannis Diakoftis on the southwest of Mykonos. It is a premium hotel overlooking the sunset, with 12 modern suites, a spa, 2 sunset bars, and Kyma Restaurant. Apart from its ideal location towards the sunset, the suites are spacious, comfortable, and full of light, with a minimal and luxurious decoration style. Near the hotel, you’ll find Greece Sailing, which offers extensive sailing and sunset cruises to nearby islands.

⦿ The exclusive 4-star Vencia Boutique Hotel is located near Little Venice in close proximity to the windmills. It features 13 rooms and suites that can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. The hotel is equipped with one of the best infinity pools on the island, a wellness area, and the gourmet Karavaki Restaurant. Daily prices start at 295€.

⦿ Nissaki Boutique Hotel is located near vibrant Platis Gialos. It’s a 5-star seaside hotel looking above Psarou Beach and provides guests with a premium stay characterized by comfort, elegance, and luxury. The prices off-season start at 360€.

⦿ At Amazon Mykonos Resort & Spa, you will get to experience the ultimate luxurious service and stay. Apart from its multiple hotel and room facilities, here you can also organize your wedding, event, or even a business conference. Its Greek Mediterranean Restaurant serves gourmet dishes and fine wines to enjoy unique dining in a top-notch setting. With 60 stylish and creatively decorated suites and villas, the in-room facilities and services will make you feel like a real king or queen!

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Mykonos attracts visitors from all around the world because of its party lifestyle, luxurious holidays, and highly organized beaches. Mykonos is comparable to Ibiza, and that’s why young people and large groups of friends mostly prefer to spend their holiday on the island. On the other hand, Mykonos is also great for couples and families. For those of you who want to experience glitz, fine restaurants, well-equipped beaches, and top-notch boat tours, Mykonos is the right destination for you. Keep in mind that general prices in Mykonos are above average, so if you’re on a budget, prefer to spend a few days in Mykonos and then sail off to other Cyclades islands. However, if you’re travelling with a large group of friends or if you’re sharing a villa or apartment with another family, your stay and tours will be much cheaper. Moreover, there are several hostels and affordable hotels to stay in, but it’s always advisable to book your stay on the island well in advance. You can also book your stay outside of Hora, for instance, in Ano Mera, and choose to eat in local family-run tavernas. In any case, when visiting Mykonos, one should definitely not think about money. The good thing is that your car hire rates will not be related to Myconian prices. Meaning that our exceptional and reliable car rental service on Mykonos offers competitive and economical vehicle rental prices. You can choose to pick up your car from any place in Mykonos, or we can deliver it to you to your preferred destination, free of charge. We always strive to provide you with the best service possible, and this is what matters most to us. Try our car hire service today and prepare to live a superior holiday experience on Mykonos!

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Mykonos Port is one of the busiest ports in Greece, especially during the summer months. The Port of Mykonos is located in Tourlos, approximately 2 km north of Mykonos Hora. Mykonos is well-connected to other islands and mainland Greece and all major ferry companies operate to and from Mykonos Port. Most known companies operating frequent ferry routes to and from Mykonos include Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, and Highspeed Ferries. Also, there are frequent routes year-round to Mykonos from Piraeus and Rafina but also from other Cyclades islands. During summer, the daily ferry routes increase, as does the visitor influx. From Mykonos Port, you can go on island-hopping to the Cyclades but also travel via ferry to the North Aegean islands as well as Crete. In general, you will never be left stranded in Mykonos Port as there’s a ferry arriving and departing every 3-4 hours. Keep in mind not to get confused with the Old Mykonos Port, as this is located in Hora and there are no ferries arriving there. The only ferry routes operating from the old port sail to Delos, and these are usually smaller boats organizing tours to Delos. In the summer, you will find numerous yachts and sailboats moored in the old port, as well as small traditional boats. The new Mykonos Port is ideally located near Hora as well as near the lively beach of Agios Stefanos. If you’ve just arrived at Mykonos Port and want to go for a swim, Agios Stefanos is a short drive away from the port. It does get windy, though and the water deepens abruptly, but it’s the best and quickest option for swimming near the port. If you’re hungry after your swim, head to the traditional Limnios Tavern for seafood, stuffed vine leaves, and zucchini fries!

Rent a Car Mykonos Port

Mykonos Port is a really busy port and when you’re travelling from there, you should plan your trip well in advance. Apart from booking your car and passenger tickets earlier, you will also have to be at the port 1 hour prior to your departure, especially if you’re bringing your car aboard. This is due to the increased traffic occurring when a ferry arrives or departs from the port. The good thing is that if you’ve just arrived at Mykonos Port, you can drive to your hotel in less than 30 minutes. Distances in Mykonos are really short and easy to drive, meaning you can get from Tourlos to the other side of the island, for instance, Pano Tigani Beach, in 30 minutes. If you’ve booked accommodation in Ano Mera or Platis Gialos, you can be there in just 20 minutes. Roads in Mykonos are far better than the other islands of the Cyclades, but there are still some unpaved dirt roads leading to secluded beaches. It’s important to note that you have to be careful when driving in Mykonos, especially at night because there are many careless or drunk drivers, most of them tourists. The best time of the day to drive around the island and visit its beaches is around 08:00 to 11:00. The roads tend to have fewer cars during these hours, and the beaches are not so crowded. It is possible to experience Mykonos away from the hustle and bustle, even during summer.

If you arrive at Mykonos Port at night, it’s preferable to go straight to your hotel. We can deliver your car to Mykonos Port whenever you arrive, even if it’s early in the morning or late at night. Note that if you’re staying in Hora, you will find difficulty parking on the roads, but most hotels and apartments offer free parking areas. Hora, Ornos, and Platis Gialos, are the most crowded areas of Mykonos during summer, so if you’re looking for peace and quiet while in Mykonos, prefer to book accommodation elsewhere. However, if you want to go clubbing and want to spend some time in the lively areas of the island, Hora and its surrounding neighbourhoods are the best places to stay. It is recommended not to take your car when going out partying at night in Hora. You can easily reach Hora within short walking distance from all of its neighbourhoods, e.g. Epano Mantogianni, Mparkia, Kato Milous, etc. The most crowded and lively areas in Hora are Gialos, Lakka, and Matogianni Street, where you’ll find most shops, clubs, bars, and restaurants.

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Your holidays in Mykonos will be a unique experience, no matter what you opt to do. Even though Mykonos has the reputation of being a party island, you can easily find some peace and quiet away from the crowds. But, if you’ve decided to come here for partying, clubbing, and experiencing luxury, then the island is exactly what you’re looking for. Mykonos has some of the best clubs and beach bars in Greece, as well as top-rated restaurants. Worldwide famous DJs, techno and house music, swimsuits, cocktails, and dancing until dawn are some of the things describing Mykonos party scene. Some of the best outdoor clubs and late-night bars include Cavo Paradiso, Scarpa Bar, VOID, Paradise Beach Club, and Skandinavian Bar, among others. In these clubs, you will enjoy clubbing, dancing with friends, and partying until the early hours of the morning. If you’re looking for recommendations for fine dining, don’t forget to check out Rizes Farmstead Mykonos, To Maereio, Krama Mykonos, Gastronomy Project, and the Michelin-awarded Spondi Restaurant. This is where you’ll indulge in the finest tastes, try unique and well-cooked dishes, and enjoy dining in an exquisite setting with impeccable service. So, treat yourself with pleasure and luxury, and let the Myconian vibe lure you into its distinct, alluring atmosphere!

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The most picturesque neighbourhood and capital of Mykonos is Hora. The overall scenery is comprised of 18th-century mansions, colourful balconies adorned with flowerpots, and cobblestone alleys, with the white-blue colour being everywhere apparent. Souvenir shops, boutiques, restaurants, and rooftop bars dot the narrow streets and offer you plenty of options for shopping, dining, and walking. However, if you want to experience Mykonos with fewer people and noise, prefer to visit the island in spring or early autumn. When in Hora, it is impossible to miss wandering around the Little Venice of Mykonos and marvelling at the sunset from a rooftop bar, such as Galleraki Cocktail Bar and Kastro’s. In Little Venice, you will also find the famous Windmills of Mykonos, the View of Alefkandra for amazing photos, and many art galleries and chic cafes. Rarity Gallery is one of the few examples in Little Venice where you can admire works of art and paintings from various artists. Are you in search of a unique dining and cocktail experience? Then, you should not miss dining or having cocktails at Kastro Panigiraki, which is built atop a hill overlooking Hora and the harbour. The castle follows the traditional Cycladic architecture, and it’s surrounded by wonderful lush gardens, a venue and events area, and a picturesque all-day lounge and bar. The prices here are above average, but you will get a taste of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, panoramic vistas, unique tastes, and overall exceptional service.

Little Venice got its name because of the similarities shared with the homonymous, colourful city of Venice. Most of the buildings there share a mix of Cycladic and Venetian architecture dating from the 18th century. The area is not only famous for its architecture and vibrant atmosphere but also for its artistic vibe. Many local and international artists and photographers draw inspiration from the beautiful landscape, capturing the unique beauty of the area in their works of art. Another significant attraction in Little Venice is Panagia Paraportiani Church. This 14th-century church is basically a complex of five chapels that were gradually built over a span of centuries, resulting in its peculiar and asymmetrical architectural design. A walk from Panagia Paraportiani to the Windmills of Mykonos will immerse you in the real Aegean vibe, which will make you understand how the old town once was. The famous windmills of Mykonos were built in the 16th century, and most of them are found in Hora. The windmills were primarily used in the past for grinding wheat. It’s a really picturesque iconic landmark which one should visit when in Hora.

Best Mykonos Beaches for All Tastes

⦿ Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are the most well-known and most visited beaches on Mykonos. This is where most young people go for partying, drinking, and dancing. These are the most gay-friendly beaches with top-notch beach bars, such as Cavo Paradiso. You can also get to Super Paradise Beach from Platis Gialos by boat.

⦿ Platis Gialos is another highly popular beach with clear waters, a vibrant atmosphere, and numerous beachfront hotels and restaurants. It is not a party beach, so you can get there with your kids.

⦿ Elia Beach is the longest beach in Mykonos and some of the most quiet beaches on the island. There are many sun loungers with umbrellas for rent, and the beach is very clean and family-friendly. The beach consists of soft sand and pebbles and crystal-clear waters to swim in. There’s also a nudist area at the east end of the beach.

⦿ Kalo Livadi Beach is an excellent beach for those seeking quiet while on the beach. It is an organized beach with sand and pebbles, utterly clean waters, and offers many spots to relax away from the crowds. It’s also great for watersports and snorkelling.

⦿ Agios Sostis Beach is the most beautiful beach on the north coast of the island. There are no beach facilities here, so make sure to bring your own towels and umbrella. It is the perfect beach for relaxation, sunbathing, and swimming.

⦿ Fokos Beach is another secluded beach not known to many people, 12 km away from Hora. It features a wild landscape with no tourist facilities and a wide, sandy shore. This is another beach you can go to if you seek calmness while you're on the beach or if you want to swim peacefully.

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