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Zadar is located at the heart of the Adriatic Sea. This fascinating city should be explored by using a rent a car in Zadar from Imperial. Discover the old town with its Venetian architecture, the sites of Roman ruins, and many other interesting attractions as you drive around the city in style with your car hire in Zadar.

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Car Rental Zadar

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Discover Croatia with Your Zadar Car Hire

Zadar is a coastal city that lies at the heart of the Adriatic Sea in the northern Dalmatia region of Croatia. Known for its historical past and rich cultural heritage, Zadar is considered to be one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations that is visited by thousands of people each year. This fascinating city and its entirety is built on a peninsula providing each visitor not only a wealth of attractions found within the old city walls and Venetian gates of the old town but also the option to explore the beautiful neighboring Adriatic Islands and islets. The city is easily accessible from the International Airport of Zadar found just 14 km away linking it to the other major cities of Croatia through its domestic flights as well as the European capital cities via the international flights that are offered. Additionally, the city of Zadar hosts two ports with daily ferry connections to the Adriatic Islands and an international ferry line that links the city to Italy. With whatever transportation means you choose to visit the city, be sure that once you arrive, renting a car in Zadar will prove to be essential for your travels in Croatia.

So Much to See with Your Zadar Rent a Car by Imperial

Begin your adventure with your Zadar rent a car and visit the old town surrounded by limestone walls that were built in the 1500s to protect its interior. Enter the old town from one of the two gates the Land Gate or the Sea Gate and journey through the white cobblestone streets filled with ancient Roman ruins, historical Venetian buildings, medieval churches, and interesting museums. Visit the ancient site of the Roman Forum, created by the first Roman Emperor Augusts that was once used as a center for the civic and religious gatherings during the Roman Empire. Few remnants of the structures in the Roman Forum exist today, including traces of a basilica, a temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva as well as the legendary “Pole of Shame” where criminals were shackled and punished before the public eye. Visit the glorious churches of St. Donatus and St. Chrysogonus, St. Anastasias Cathedral and of course the miraculous church dedicated to St. Simeon where the remains of a patron saint are kept in a cedar coffin that is decorated in gold and silver reliefs depicting the journey of Saint Simeon’s life, death and the miracles he performed. Then head out to the Archeological Museum of Zadar that exhibits a wide selection of artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine and Medieval Era that were recovered from the city and surrounding area. Be sure to also visit Zadar’s National Museum, City Museum and the Museum of Ancient Glass that is home to one of Europe’s largest collections of antique glass artifacts where you can also enjoy live demonstrations of glass blowing techniques.

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Continue your adventure with your Zadar car rental and visit the Peoples Square, also known as Narodni Trg, the center of the public life that features the old city guardhouse, a large clock tower and the Loggia named Gradska Loza, a place used for important public announcements back in the day. Next visit Five Wells Square, where a series of five stone wells were once used to supply the city with a clean water supply. Then drive to the promenade and take a stroll by the sea to enjoy the Sea Organ a structure that transforms the sound of the waves into melodies, through a system of pipes and whistles. Sit at one of the seaside cafes during the late afternoon and appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets in Croatia. Also, stop to taste the delicious Croatian cuisine at one of the many restaurants in town. Once the sun sets, a must-see is the Getting to the Sun attraction which is a circle of glass that captures the daylight through solar cells and emits it at night to produce a spectacular light show. Last but not least, visit the local beach of Kolovare that is next to the old town and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. Another popular beach includes Borik that is located 4 km away from the city where you can enjoy a variety of beach activities and watersports. All of that and so much more can be experienced with your car hire in Zadar Croatia from Imperial!

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