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Discover the old capital of the Empire of Trebizond and its rich historical past as well as its spectacular natural areas. Drive along the Black Sea coast and explore Trabzon from the comfort of your car!

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Cheap Car Hire Trabzon
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Trabzon Professional Rental Cars
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Rent a Car in Trabzon Free Delivery
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Trabzon, the heart of the Eastern Karadeniz region, lies on the southeastern shore of the Black Sea and overlooks the Kuzey Anadolu Mountain range. Once known as Trebizond and then the capital of the Empire of Trebizond for approximately 200 years, modern Trabzon has a lot to offer to its visitors. Trabzon was part of the historical Silk Road as well as a major trade route for both Persia and Caucasus regions. Its different civilizations, religions, cultures, and languages throughout the years have made Trabzon stand out for its history, landmarks, traditions, and culture. The first name of Trabzon was Trapezous, and the city was founded by Greek colonists from Sinope in the classical era. Trapezous drew many inhabitants from the surrounding Caucasian, Anatolian, and Persian peoples, resulting in a distinctive regional cultural blend that still has remnants today. However, the predominant language and culture of Trapezous was Greek, and the city paid tribute to Sinope.

Throughout history, Trabzon has played a significant role in trade and commerce. It served as a key port of call on one of the principal routes connecting Europe to Persia and other parts of the world. The city received a new port and a paved route leading to Persia following the Roman invasion. This road was used for both cultural and trade purposes, as well as for attacks on the Persian Empire. During the early Renaissance, many merchants from Genoa and Venetia visited Trabzon and sold silk and woolen fabrics, which resulted in a strong cultural exchange. When the Empire of Trebizond was established, it lasted for many years and saw considerable growth. It was the longest surviving Byzantine state after the fall of Constantinople. With such an interesting past, Trabzon attracts history lovers, nature enthusiasts, and people from all over the world who want to experience the city’s charm. Whatever you choose to do with your rental car in Trabzon, choices are unlimited, and we are here to provide you with the best possible service to make your visit unforgettable. Try us today!

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Trabzon has a favorable position between the Black Sea and the Pontic Mountains, making it an ideal destination for all kinds of outdoor activities in Turkey. With numerous peaks, gorges, waterfalls, woodlands, and camping grounds, Trabzon is highly preferred for agrotourism and ecotourism activities. For instance, the breathtaking Uzungöl Lake and village have become a popular destination due to their splendid nature and unique valley situated amidst the mountains and forests. One of Trabzon Province's most exceptional landmarks, the Sumela Monastery stands imposing at an altitude of 1,200 meters right in the heart of the Altındere Valley National Park. A majestic Greek Orthodox monastery and a site of great historical significance, Sumela Monastery must be included in your Trabzon bucket list.

Built on a steep mountain slope, you will be filled with awe as soon as you reach the monastery and admire the dense forest. Within a 30-minute drive away from Trabzon, you will find yourself among lush forests filled with conifer trees, steep mountains, and the chirping sound of eagles and sparrowhawks resonating everywhere. If you want to go camping in the Pontic Mountains and spend some days in nature, you can check Camping Livera and Dereici Camping, which are situated in remote mountainous areas and offer all the amenities you might need during your stay. As the Pontic Mountains pass through Trabzon, the city makes an ideal getaway for nature expeditions and for a variety of recreational activities or sports. There are other old monasteries built in the mountains within Trabzon Province, with the most prominent being the ruins of Kuştul Monastery, the Armenian Kaymaklı Monastery, and the 13th-century Kızlar Monastery. So, it makes sense to explore Trabzon’s monuments and natural areas with a safe and affordable car hire. Choose the car of your preference from our website, make your reservation, and discover Trabzon’s hidden gems!

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The city centre of Trabzon is characterised by a variety of museums, historic mansions, mosques, churches, caravanserai, and parks. The Old City of Trabzon is surrounded by historic defense walls and the Trabzon Castle, which retain the entire city’s past and feature remnants of different civilizations that ruled Trabzon throughout the centuries. Parts of them are the oldest structures of the city, with the Roman Eugenius Aqueduct being the most known. The best spot within the city to admire the walls is the Zağnos Valley Park, which also features gardens, an amphitheatre, ponds, and quaint cafes. The central Ortahisar district of the city includes all of Trabzon's major monuments, museums, and most of the tourist facilities.

There is too much to see and do in Trabzon, which can satisfy even the most demanding preferences. Still, some of the not-to-be-missed attractions are the Hagia Sophia Mosque of Trabzon, the Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, the Trabzon Museum, the Bedesten Caravanserai, and the 6th-century Church of Hagia Anna. These sights of interest are some of the few structures in Trabzon that represent its rich past and important cultural and historical heritage. If you want to delve deeper into Trabzon’s history, visiting the Trabzon Museum or Kostaki Mansion is highly recommended. The unique Hagia Sophia former church is definitely Trabzon’s most visited structure, with its impressive frescoes, intricate architecture, and mosaics. Fancy some traditional Turkish desserts? Jumbo Künefe Trabzon is renowned for its katmer, knafeh, and other delicacies. Lastly, Boztepe Hill and Tea Garden is the ideal place within the city to unwind, have a picnic, and take stunning photographs of the city.

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