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Located in the heart of Turkey is where you will find this vibrant capital city with Imperial Rental car Ankara. Featuring great museums, parks and lakes this modern city boasts a variety of attractions that will surely impress you when exploring them with your Ankara Rent a Car.

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Ankara Rent a Car

The historically rich Turkish capital is situated in the heartland of Turkey, right in the center of Anatolia. Ankara is the second largest city after Istanbul, boasting many ancient monuments and archaeological sites dating from different eras. Ankara has been inhabited by many ancient civilizations over the years, which resulted in the formation of its modern culture, which was significantly influenced by its riveting past. The history of the city starts from the 3rd century BC when Ankara was the ancient capital of the Celtic state of Galatia. But even before that, modern-day Ankara was inhabited by the Hittites, Hattians, and Lydians, among others. Around 25 BC, Ankara served as a Roman capital under the rule of Augustus of the Roman province of Galatia. In the early years of the Ottoman Empire, Ankara became the capital of the Anatolia Eyalet, i.e., a former administrative province of the Ottoman Empire. It is evident that Ankara has a rich historical past, although it is often sadly disregarded by visitors traveling to Turkey. Some of its most notable attractions and monuments include the impressive Ankara Castle, the Temple of Augustus and Rome, the mausoleum of Atatürk Anıtkabir, and the Roman Baths in Çankiri Caddesi. Apart from its main town and suburbs, Ankara makes a great starting point for exploring the surrounding inland regions, such as Alacahöyük and Çorum. So, the most convenient way to discover Ankara without relying on bus and train timetables is by car. Our large fleet of vehicles in Ankara is composed of well-maintained cars such as SUVs, Jeeps, sedans, hatchbacks, and minivans, among others. By choosing the car that suits you best, you also choose unlimited flexibility, affordable prices, and 24/7 guaranteed safety. Try our Imperial services today!

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Whichever time of the year you choose to visit Ankara, you will be rewarded with fantastic sightseeing options, browsing local markets, and admiring stunning forest landscapes. Due to its inland position and elevation, Ankara has snowy winters and hot summers. It can be a wonderful trip to visit Ankara both during winter and summer, depending on your preferences. While going towards the north from the central parts of the city, you will see where the North Anatolian mountain chain rises. In Ankara, you will find local festivals, gastronomy events, and film and dance festivals taking place year-round. One of the most popular ones is the International Beypazarı Culture, Tourism, and History Festival held in the Beypazarı district. The historic town of Beypazarı is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its cultural assets, such as mosques, Ottoman traditional houses, gastronomy, and diverse natural landscapes. Ankara’s city center includes several districts, and the most central ones are Çankaya, Ulus, Çalışkanlar, Gölbaşı, and Yenimahalle.In general, Ankara is a bustling hub full of people, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, hotels, museums, and monuments. You can also use the Ankara metro when visiting the city center. If you take your car, you will probably encounter a lot of traffic and parking is also tricky in the city. As for accommodation options, Ankara has numerous hotels, apartments, and Airbnbs for all budgets and tastes. If you want to stay in the city center and in close proximity to Ankara museums and attractions, then the guesthouse Büro Memur-Sen Konukevi, the hotel Bahçelievler, and ATGV Ankara Hakimevi are some of the best in the area. Ankara is a big city with lots of historical and cultural landmarks, outdoor activities to engage in, thermal baths, and numerous exciting activities to keep you entertained all day long!

Interesting Places to Visit in Ankara

⦿ The mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, otherwise known as Anıtkabir, is one of Turkey’s most significant and most visited pilgrimage sites. The whole site is composed of different parts and an impressive complex overall. You will walk along the Lion Road, relax in the Peace Park, and admire Atatürk’s tomb, which is housed in the Ceremonial Plaza. You’ll be filled with awe while wandering around the vast museum complex and marveling at the exhibits from the War of Independence.

⦿ Ankara Castle and its historic citadel, with its narrow cobblestone alleys and castle walls, are a real journey back in time. The castle was constructed during the 7th century BC, and the Byzantines, the Ottomans, and the Romans rebuilt its solid fortifications and walls. Walking uphill toward the castle, you will come across antique stores, craftsmen shops, and stalls selling goods and souvenirs.

⦿ The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is also located in the Citadel neighborhood and is a must-visit in Ankara. The Kale area is a breathtaking district in Ankara, and it’s also where you’ll genuinely take in the traditional ambiance of the town. In this museum, you’ll be able to delve deeper into Turkish history and admire artifacts, statuary, and reliefs from different archaeological sites in Anatolia. The collections and exhibits cover many eras, from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

⦿ The 3rd-century ancient Roman Baths are situated at Çankırı Street, and they were built by emperor Caracalla. The sprawling complex includes a sports hall and three different types of baths, i.e., the hot, warm, and cold baths. The Roman Bath and Byzantine ruins are an open-air museum of its own.

⦿ The Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum includes extensive art galleries, a restoration workshop, exhibition halls, and a concert theatre hall. Here, you will admire the development of Turkish paintings, sculptures, and works of art made by renowned painters and artists.

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Ankara is one of the best cities to visit in Turkey if you’re a history enthusiast and if you love sightseeing when visiting a new place. You will always be near a museum, an art gallery, a mosque, a monument, or a local market anywhere in Ankara. There is a multitude of mosques, public baths, and hammams, and some of the best are the Hacı Bayram Mosque and the historical Eynebey Hammam. The Hacı Bayram Mosque is near the Augustus Temple and the Ankara Roman Theatre in Ulus. This old mosque was built around 1428 and features a stone-based tiled roofed structure constructed in the Seljuk architectural style. The impressive Augustus Temple near the mosque was built around 25 AD and is one of Ankara's most critical Roman-period ruins. The Ankara Roman Theatre is also nearby, and it was founded in 1982 after excavations that discovered vaulted parodos, a cave, and statues. Moreover, in the Atpazarı district, where the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is located, you will also find the Erimtan Archaeology and Art Museum as well as the Rahmi M. Koc Museum. The Erimtan Museum displays artifacts and exhibitions from the Classical era and mainly focuses on the Greek and Roman periods. On the other hand, the Rahmi M. Koc Museum is an extensive science and technology museum featuring rare objects, tools, and cars. If you want a delicious breakfast before sightseeing, the Vitalen Han Kafe & Kahvaltı offers fantastic brunch options, diverse and quality food, and traditional Turkish coffee. And, if you want to leave the city for a while and relax with your friends and family in a green oasis in Ankara, then Kuğulu Park is your go-to spot. This is the perfect place to relax with your kids, have a picnic, watch the ducks swimming in the pond, and have a peaceful walk in the park’s greenery.

Rent a Car Ankara Esenboğa

Ankara Esenboğa Airport is Ankara’s international airport as well as one of the largest and most important airports in Turkey. The airport frequently serves both domestic and international flights, welcoming approximately 15 million passengers on an annual basis. It first operated in 1955 and was then totally renovated in 2006. Ankara Esenboga is conveniently located 28 km away from the city center and is connected to the Ankara Ring Road. You can get to Ankara city center in approximately 35 minutes by car, depending on the traffic. Furthermore, the airport was awarded in 2009 by the Airport Council International because of its success in major aviation operation areas. It also received an award in 2021 from the Airport Service Quality Awards. The first domestic and international terminal has a capacity of 10 million passengers and includes check-in desks, arrivals, departures, lounge services, shopping, dining, and much more. It is a fully-equipped modern airport that is fully capable of meeting the passengers’ increasing needs. There is also a second terminal with a 10 million passenger capacity, parking facilities, commercial venues, duty-free shops, and food & beverage services. There are regular charter, domestic, and international flights operating to and from Esenboğa Airport to major EU destinations as well as within Turkey. Major airline companies operating in Esenboğa Airport include AnadoluJet, Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress, and Turkish Airlines, among others. Ankara Airport tends to be really busy year-round, so you should plan your arrival well in advance. When you choose our Fly & Drive service in Ankara Airport, you get as flexible as it gets and benefit from an affordable and quality airport car hire. Our helpful staff will meet you at the airport at the time of your arrival to accompany you to your vehicle and answer any of your queries. So, check out our large fleet of cars today and make your reservation to enjoy your trip to Ankara worry-free.

Ankara Keçiören Rent a Car

Keçiören is situated in the north part of Ankara, just 13 km away from the city center. Keçiören is one of the 43 districts that make up the metropolitan area of Ankara. The district has been inhabited since ancient times, as it was written by the historian Herodotus, who said that Kecioren formed part of the Persian Royal Road. Nowadays, it is a rural region on the outskirts of Ankara, famous for its greenery, agriculture, and vineyards that produce more than 30 grape varieties that ripen later than others in Turkey. This is because its climate is semi-arid but mild, hot in the summer, with showers and occasional rainfalls. The whole area is surrounded by hills, vineyards, and the Çubuk River flowing in the middle of the city. Driving around Kecioren by car is very calming, and day trips or activities in nature are highly recommended when you’re staying in the area. When you trust our car hire in Keçiören, you get to go wherever you like and plan your days according to your schedule without relying on bus or train timetables. This area of Ankara is really worth visiting, and you shouldn’t miss the chance to tour around by car. Today, Keçiören is the largest municipality in Ankara, with over 900,000 residents, and tourism, agriculture, arts, and culture are flourishing in the area. Significant attractions in Kecioren include the Esztergom Castle, the Keçiören Gondola, the Keçiören Evcil Hayvanlar, the Meteorology Museum, and the Ethnography Museum. If you’re more interested in nature than sightseeing or if you prefer to visit Ankara’s center and go shopping and dining, Kecioren is the perfect place for engaging in whatever activity you see fit.

Ankara Sincan Rent a Car

Sincan is an important industrial district and metropolitan area of Ankara with a population of approximately half a million. The municipality borders with Kahramankazan, Etimesgut, Polatlı, and Ayaş districts of Ankara. Sincan’s proximity to important museums, historic districts, and cheap accommodation options makes it a preferred location for staying in Ankara. The Museum of Turkish History (Türk Tarih Müzesi ve Parkı), the Turkish Air Force Museum, the Butterfly Water Park, Baglica Aqua Park, and Sultan Çiftliği Forest are all situated near Sincan. The Museum of Turkish History is an impressive outdoor and indoor museum featuring statues, paintings, and thematic scenes from Turkish culture and history. You can visit the museum with your whole family as there is a cafe and library inside and also the panorama museum will definitely catch their eye. The Turkish Air Force Museum houses an extensive collection of military aircraft, model planes, and aviation equipment emphasizing the historical background of Turkish military aviation.

The Butterfly Water Park is a short 15-minute drive away from Sincan, and it’s the ideal entertainment option for both you and your children. It is a medium-sized area featuring playgrounds, sports courts, and fountains. On the other hand, Baglica Aqua Park is a real water park featuring pools, slides, and inflatable bounce houses and castles; the perfect way for your little ones to have fun all day long. If your mood requires something more relaxing or you just prefer peaceful walks in nature, Sincan is surrounded by many beautiful gardens, parks, and green areas. Sultan Forest is a 20-minute drive away from Sincan and is the perfect example of a forest creation in the steppe. It is a truly tranquil area with plenty of trees and plants, great for walking or chilling out. As you can see, Sincan offers loads of activities and things to do for solo travelers, families, and couples; choose your favorite ones and let the fun begin!

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