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Sami is a charming coastal town located on the eastern coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia, located approximately 24 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Argostoli. It is known for its natural beauty, historical sites, and a picturesque waterfront. Discover Sami and the rest of Kefalonia with a car hire from Imperial.

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Rental Cars in Sami Kefalonia Unlimited Kilometers
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Cheap Sami Kefalonia Auto Rentals
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Hire a Car at Sami Port in Kefalonia
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Sami Kefalonia Auto Rental Deals
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Car Rental Sami Kefalonia

The port town Sami is located on the east coast of Kefalonia, and it’s where ferries arrive from Astakos, Patra, and Italy. Sami has its own unique charm, but it also features the typical Kefalonian landscape; emerald crystal-clear waters with a backdrop of lush green hills and Venetian buildings adorning the village’s center. One of the most prominent archaeological sites in Kefalonia is the Acropolis of Ancient Sami which is perched atop a hill and offers stunning views of Sami and the Ionian Sea. What remains of the Acropolis is unfortunately sparse, but the site’s historical significance and the amazing vistas make it a worthwhile stop for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The 18th-century Holy Monastery of Agrilion is located within a short driving distance from the Acropolis, and it’s another must-visit sight with beautiful murals, an old bell tower, and an overall peaceful ambiance. Sami is considered one of the best places to stay in Kefalonia as it is surrounded by the island’s most important attractions, many hiking routes, and nature activities, and offers plenty of accommodation and dining options suited for all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re coming to Kefalonia with your family or your friends, Sami will definitely accommodate your needs. So, hire a low-cost car from our large fleet of well-maintained cars and explore Sami and its surroundings worry-free!

Best Activities to Do in Sami

⦿ Mt. Ainos National Park is located a 30-min drive away from Sami, and it’s a must-visit area on Kefalonia. The national park stretches over 3,000 hectares, with Megas Soros being its highest peak. The fir species Abies Cephalonica, as well as other flora and fauna species, thrive in the parks’ area. You can find many hikes inside Mt. Ainos National Park, from easy to moderate or experienced levels. An easy hiking circular route starts and ends in the Environmental Center of Ainos, and you will get to experience some of the park’s biodiversity and a tranquil walk in nature.

⦿ Want to go swimming near Sami? Karavomilos Beach and Loutro Beach are the main beaches in Sami. Karavomilos is a sandy, organized beach with Camping Karavomilos situated on the shoreline and Zervati Cave a 20-min walk away. Loutro Beach is a quieter pebble beach for those who seek relaxing, swimming, and sunbathing.

⦿ Sami is known for being near Kefalonia’s most important caves, Drogarati, Melissani, and Zervati (or Karavomilos). Zervati Cave has two small caves with crystal-clear stunning waters and offers a peaceful getaway from the crowds. It is set down a side road, so park your car to the left of the green gate and make your way down a short path.

⦿ Melissani Cave is one of the most well-known natural attractions, not just in Greece but on a worldwide level. You can get inside the cave aboard small wooden boats, which will navigate you around the underground lake, and you will get to see the imposing stalactites and the truly crystal-clear blue waters. You will be filled with awe from the overall breathtaking scenery.

⦿ Drogarati Cave is another must-see natural attraction near Sami, with exceptional rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites. There are tours available for both Melissani and Drogarati Caves, but you can also buy the entrance ticket and explore the cave on your own. Definitely, a must-see sight better visited during the morning hours. Tours are recommended if you want to learn more about the geomorphology and history of the caves.

⦿ Visit the Archaeological Collection of Sami, which is an interesting museum displaying artifacts and collections from the Hellenic to Roman periods.

⦿ The Church and castle ruins of Agios Fanentes are situated just outside of Sami on your way to Antisamos Beach. Admire the church interior dating from the Byzantine era, walk around the ruins, and enjoy unique views from atop the hill. Then head to Antisamos Beach, where lush green hills and turquoise waters create a unique landscape perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Rent a Car Sami Kefalonia

Sami is by far one of the most visited areas of Kefalonia, but it is also characterized by its wide range of activities, hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing options. A beautiful coastal stroll you can take from Sami is towards Karavomilos Lake. This 30-minute stroll is better done during the afternoon as the weather is less hot. You can rent a bike or go on foot to Karavomilos Lake and enjoy its serene atmosphere and coastal paths, and have your dinner in Karavomilos Taverna. From Karavomilos, you can also drive to Old Vlahata, situated on a hillside, and walk among the village’s ruins which are surrounded by wildlife and trees. If you’re in Sami during July, Saristra Festival near Old Vlahata takes place at the end of July, and it’s a great music experience for electronic and techno lovers.

Restaurants In Sami Kefalonia

⦿ To Raxati is a small local taverna located in Sami’s port and offers a great selection of traditional Greek dishes, meze, and vegetarian options. With great quality food at reasonable prices and a friendly atmosphere, To Raxati is considered one of the best tavernas in Sami.

⦿ The Cellar Seafood & Restaurant is an exquisite seaside restaurant situated in Akti Miaouli. A modern seafood restaurant with a wide wine variety, attentive service, and delicious dishes made with attention to detail, you will enjoy a unique gourmet dinner.

⦿ Karnagio Taverna is a typical Greek cuisine restaurant set in a seaside location. You will choose between many fish, meat, or vegetarian options and taste some of the best cod pies!

⦿ If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can drive to Kallithea Taverna, located near the Old Stone Bridge of Grizata. It’s a Greek family taverna with great views serving typical Greek dishes and local mezes.

⦿ Near the Nautical Museum of Sami, you will find the farm of Georgios Gkiafis, where you can enjoy delicious food with all ingredients sourced from the farm. There is no menu, just the products of the day, and the family atmosphere, as well as the agrotourism activity, is what makes the place stand out from others.

Sami Port Rent a Car

Sami offers numerous accommodation options, from villas located in the countryside to beachfront hotels and apartments. It is advisable to book your room or apartment well in advance as many hotels tend to be full during the summer months. There’s also Camping Karavomilos Beach if you prefer a more natural and relaxing stay just on the beach. Near the camping, you can rent a boat from the Seven Seas agency and spend a day out in the sea exploring Sami’s inlet. Sami really has it all, and there’s no way you’ll feel disappointed after your visit there. It is also a great strategic point to drive toward the south and central parts of the island. Its close proximity to Mount Ainos trails, serene beaches such as Koutsoupia and Lazarus, as well as the traditional mountainous villages of Valsamata and Epanochori make Sami ideal for enjoying a relaxing but adventurous stay in Kefalonia. So, wait no more and choose the car of your preference from Imperial and benefit from unlimited kilometers, a fair fuel policy, and free hotel and airport delivery!

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