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Cheap Car Rental Ialyssos Rhodes
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Ialyssos Car Rental Free Delivery
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Rent a Car Ialyssos No Deposit
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Ialisos Auto Rentals
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Ialyssos is the second urban center after Rhodes Town, located only 9 km from the capital. Nowadays, Ialyssos is one of the most important holiday destinations in Greece, with a large tourist infrastructure along the entire length of its beach. Next to the modern city of Ialyssos, the ruins of ancient Ialyssos are considered to be one of the oldest city-states on the island of Rhodes. It is estimated that it was built around 1,500 BC during the Mycenaean Era. On Filerimos Hill, you will find the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos as well as the Temple of Athena Polias. Ancient Ialyssos declined after the development of ancient Rhodes, from the 4th century BC.

In Ialyssos, you will find many busy areas and lively shopping streets, but there’s also the quiet side of the village towards the inland area. Ialyssos Beach is an organized beach offering sunbeds, umbrellas, many beach bars, seaside restaurants, and hotels. The favorable wind conditions from the north make Ialyssos one of the preferred spots to enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing, and parasailing. The promenade along the beach tends to be really crowded during the summer months, but several hotels have their own private beach. During July and August, it is tricky to find a quiet spot to chill out on the beach, but some smaller hotels, apartments, and villas offer great rooms and spots to relax before going out to bustling Ialyssos.

What to See in Ialyssos?

⦿ The ancient site of Ialyssos is a must-see attraction in the town. The ancient city of Ialyssos extends around Filerimos Hill, where the acropolis is located with monuments from the ancient, Byzantine and Knights periods. The temple of Athena Polias dates back to the 3rd-2nd century BC, but it was built on the position of an older temple of the classical era. In the early Christian period, a three-aisled basilica with an atrium was founded on top of the ancient church. During the Frankish period, this place was occupied by a medieval monastery and a church.

⦿ Walk the Golgotha ​​road with its 134 steps, on the sides of which there are representations of the Passion of Christ. The area is also of significant archaeological interest as it has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In the area of Trianta, ruins of a Minoan settlement and Mycenaean cemeteries have been found in the surrounding hills.

⦿ The 15th-century Gothic-style Filerimos Monastery is located on Filerimos Hill, and you can follow the “Road of Golgotha” which definitely worth the hike to Filerimos Cross.

⦿ Apart from the temple of Athena Polias, in the archaeological site of Ialyssos, you can see the Doric-fountain house, the Byzantine fortifications, the 14th-century Church of the Knights, and the underground Byzantine church of Agios Georgios Hostos with splendid frescoes from the 15th century.

⦿ Explore the interior of the Monastery of Saint Nicholas, dating back to the 4th century.

⦿ After a long day exploring the archaeological site of Ialyssos, head to Ialyssos Beach to relax on the loungers with a delicious cocktail and some tapas from the Bikini Beach Bar.

Ialyssos Rent a Car

As Ialyssos is ideally located near Rhodes Town, you can take your car and explore the capital as well as the nearby villages. A car rental in Ialyssos will make things easier for your holiday as you will be able to move around Ialyssos whenever you need to. If you have many children, we have many spacious cars to choose from and if you’re the adventurer type, you can choose among our 4x4s and off-road cars. You will always find what you need when you trust our professional services.

A not-to-be-missed road trip from Ialyssos is a full-day visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Medieval City of Rhodes. Walking inside the 4-km wall fortifications and exploring Knight’s Street and the Palace of the Grand Master will make you travel back in time. Ialyssos is also the ideal place to explore the villages in the municipality of Petaloudes, such as Kremasti and Maritsa.

Best Hotels in Ialyssos Rhodes

⦿ Located near Filerimos Hill and Ancient Ialyssos, Santa Helena Hotel is an economical but quality accommodation option in Ialyssos.

⦿ Are you coming to Ialyssos with your friends and looking for a budget stay? Sunday Hotel Rhodes offers a calming environment and many types of rooms to choose from.

⦿ Electra Palace is a 5-star all-inclusive hotel offering exquisite rooms, studios, and suites along with luxurious comforts such as a spa, a big pool, bars & restaurants, and a fitness center.

⦿ The Windmill Tower Beach House is a remarkable 3-floor upscale windmill equipped with everything you might need during your holiday. A perfect stay for a group of friends or a big family. There’s also a private beach and 360 views from the 3rd floor.

⦿ Located in the center of Ialyssos with all shops and Ialyssos Beach nearby, Takis Hotel is an affordable but quality hotel with excellent guest reviews.

Ialyssos Car Hire No Credit Card

In Ialyssos, you can also visit the small but impressive Museum of Mineralogy and Paleontology Stamatiadis, which was founded in 2008. The purpose of the museum is to promote geological science in a place of education and learning and make humans realize through knowledge that nature must be respected as the only source of life. The collection of the minerals and owner’s knowledge encourages people of all ages to become more involved and spend some time getting to know the wonderful world of precious stones and fossils.

Ialyssos has truly something for everyone’s taste. From sightseeing in Ancient Ialyssos to modern tourist facilities in Ialyssos Beach and from upscale hotels and villas to family-run traditional apartments. Its proximity to other coastal towns and inland villages make it the top choice for exploring the north and center part of the island. It is always recommended to rent a car in Ialyssos so as to make the most out of your trip to Rhodes. As Rhodes is a big island with many attractions, archaeological sites, and activities, you probably want to spend some time touring around Ialyssos. Choose the car of your preference, make use of our fair fuel policy and unlimited kilometers, and live your dream in Rhodes!

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