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Milos Airport Car Rental Deals

Milos Airport Car Rental Deals
Large Hatchback Diesel (D2)
Ford Focus Diesel
€27 / day

Milos Airport Auto Rentals

Milos Airport Auto Rentals
Vans 9 Seats (M1)
Fiat Scudo
€75 / day

Car Hire at Milos Airport Greece MLO

Car Hire at Milos Airport Greece MLO
Medium Family Automatic (C3)
Renault Clio Automatic
€26 / day

Milos Airport Rent a Car Free Delivery

Milos Airport Rent a Car Free Delivery
Medium Family (C1)
Renault Clio
€22 / day

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Milos Island National Airport MLO is a small airport situated near the old Alykes saltpans in the Zefiria area. Milos Airport has limited basic facilities and its apron spreads over a 7,800 sq.m. area. Furthermore, its short runway can only handle STOL type aircrafts. The airport has a small parking area, and a modern cafe, and future plans foresee the expansion of the runway and apron area. Milos Airport received a rising level of passengers from 2014 onwards. The only airlines operating to and from the airport are Olympic Air and Sky Express. During summer, there are frequent regular and charter flights from Athens Airport to Milos Airport and the duration of the flight is 40 minutes. The principal airport of the Greek capital is the only airport connected to Milos Island Airport. If you’re already in another Cyclades island and you wish to fly to Milos you will have to make a stop at the airport of Athens. So, it is preferable to take the ferry and get to Milos rather than spending time on stopovers. There are regular ferries year-round, but especially during summer, connecting most of the Cyclades islands to Milos. However, if your plans already include a visit to the Greek capital, taking the airplane is the fastest and easiest way to get to Milos. Renting a car to explore Milos is also the easiest way to move around the island. Our professional and friendly staff will be waiting for you at the time of your arrival at Milos Airport and will take you to your vehicle. You can check our website to view our well-maintained holiday cars, including Family Jeeps, SUVs, minivans, convertibles, and more. Our economical prices make us stand out from competitors and our additional services guarantee a flawless driving experience on Milos. Visit our website today to choose your favourite car for your Milos holidays, make your reservation in three easy steps, and pick up your car just outside the airport. Try our car hire services for Milos today, as well as for many other Greek destinations and let us surpass your expectations.

Milos Airport Car Hire

Milos Island National Airport is conveniently located 5 km southeast of the port and in close proximity to beautiful beaches and coastal fishing villages. As soon as you arrive at the airport and pick up your car you will breathe the fresh air of the Aegean and feel the island’s aura. An interesting fact about Milos, as well as for many Greek islands, is that churches, chapels, and monasteries are literally all over the island. Imagine that around the airport there are 11 chapels and churches! Churches and chapels on Milos are serene and peaceful places set in secluded areas where you can go for meditation, watch the sunset, or just take amazing photographs. It is advisable to go on a church exploration tour while in Milos. After you’ve landed at Milos Island Airport, you can either get straight to your hotel or apartment to settle in or you can go directly to the beach for an enjoyable swim. The nearest beach to Milos Airport is Achivadolimni Beach. This is the longest beach of Milos featuring a long strip of soft sand and clear shallow waters to swim in. The beach is partly organised with umbrellas, loungers, and showers. Alternatively, you can bring your own umbrella and towels and find a quieter spot to relax. You can walk along the beach and visit a small lake nearby. Achivadolimni Beach Bar serves great sandwiches and coffee and it’s ideal for a sundowner. Hotel Milos Sea Resort is a few meters away from Achivadolimni Beach, in a quiet area with breathtaking vistas. It’s a charming seaside hotel featuring infinity pools, sea views, a restaurant, delicious breakfast, and spacious modern rooms. If you’re looking for quality accommodation near Milos Airport there are plenty of options to choose from but another top-rated hotel in the area is Akrothalassia Hotel Milos. This newly built hotel complex features simple and elegant family-friendly rooms and stands out for its warm and welcoming service and recommendations. There are, of course, many more hotels, villas, and apartments in Milos that also provide excellent services and modern facilities but we choose to recommend those with the best reviews.

Must-See Things Near Milos Airport

⦿ The famous thermal springs of Alykes are literally a 2-minute drive away from the airport. Even though its location is somehow disappointing because it is right next to the road and factory, it’s a must-do in Milos. After parking your car, look for the bench on your right side facing the sea. Then search for the bubble and smoke popping up at low tide. This is where the bubbling thermal waters are located!

⦿ Milea Massage Milos is the ultimate relaxing massage treatment experience on Milos. Situated in Zefiria, Milea Massage offers a wide range of massage services including deep tissue, detox, couples massage, and much more. Milea and her team are professionals who know exactly how to relieve you from pain and stress points.

⦿ The Church of St. John is definitely worth a visit for its holy iconostasis and peaceful environment.

⦿ The Fyriplaka inactive volcano hiking area is the perfect spot for hiking enthusiasts and for those who want to experience the wild side of Milos. Its impressive crater of 1700 m depth and 220 m height offers amazing walks in nature. It’s advisable to visit the volcano with a local guide. After your visit to the volcano, you can head to Agia Kiriaki Beach. This non-organised half-sand half-pebble beach has crystal-clear waters and few trees providing shade. Many boat tours depart from here which will take you to Kleftiko, Gerakas, and other wonderful spots.

⦿ Paleochori Beach is a picturesque beach dotted with colourful volcanic rocks and a nice stretch of soft sand. A part of the beach is organised with beach facilities and a lively beach bar. But, even if you opt for a less crowded spot there’s plenty of space on the beach. Don’t forget to bring scuba gear or goggles to explore the seabed.

⦿ Looking for a traditional taverna to enjoy Greek food? Empourios Taverna is located next to Rivari Lagoon and offers a unique farm-to-fork experience. You’ll get to taste authentic homemade dishes at reasonable prices in a seaside peaceful setting. The road to get there is a bit tricky and you have to be cautious while driving but it’s definitely worth it.

Rental Cars at Milos Airport

Milos is the perfect island in the Cycladic complex for romantic holidays, and honeymoons, but also for people who are keen on outdoor activities, mainly hiking, biking, snorkelling, and kayaking. Milos has a wealth of volcanic minerals, coastal trails leading to abandoned mines, as well as inlets, and coves only accessible via boats. You will be enchanted by the otherworldly energy and landscapes in Sykia Cave, Kleftiko Cove, and Sarakiniko Bay. If you’re visiting Milos with your friends and you like partying, keep in mind that the island does not offer many nightlife options. Apart from some bars and beach bars that host parties in the summer, there’s not much to do until the early morning hours. However, you can fulfil your day with sightseeing, boat tours, jeep tours, and indulge in fine dining or enjoy a rebetiko Greek night in a traditional taverna.

Moreover, there are local festivals and celebrations held every summer in Milos, all of them dedicated to Orthodox saints. The most well-known local festivals are on July 25th and July 27th as well as a 2-day festival on August 14th and 15th. The local festival of Agia Paraskevi is taking place in Pollonia and the festival on July 27th dedicated to Agios Panteleimonas is held in the village of Emporios. On the day of the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the local festival is held in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary or in Agios Charalambos in Adamantas. There is also a celebration in the courtyard of Agia Triada, with music, local dances, food, and wine. These local festivals and celebrations are definitely worth visiting if you want to get a glimpse of how Greeks have fun but it is also a holy celebration and preservation of their cultural heritage. Milos offers visitors an authentic experience of tradition, culture, and the exploration of untouched natural wonders. A last tip for your Milos holiday is to go on an extensive boat tour. There are many boat tour and boat rental agencies on the island but the one closest to Milos Island Airport is Delfinia Boat Tours which departs from Kipos Beach. You will pass by Cape Pounda, Malolo, Cape Akrotiraki, and end up in Gerontas and Kleftiko. Words can’t describe what you’ll experience when viewing these jaw-dropping rocks, waters, and landscapes. So, plan your Milos holidays, book your Imperial car to ensure safe and easy driving, and live an unparalleled experience on this gem island!

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