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Drive around the “Cycladic Gem Island” with Imperial Car Rental Milos to experience the majestic ambiance and the island's rich history. Explore the magnificent, colorful landscapes, the countless exotic beaches, the secret caves, and the mysterious catacombs. Your Milos car rental experience will take your breath away!

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Rent a Car Pollonia Milos
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Auto Rentals in Milos Greece
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Milos belongs to the Cycladic Islands complex and stands out for its volcanic rock formations, impressive azure waters, and hot springs. Milos landscape is dotted with lunar-like bays, red and white hues on the rocks, thermal baths, hidden coves, and old mines. As a result, the island attracts more and more visitors every year who want to experience its authentic beauty. Milos is the ideal island in the Cyclades to visit with your couple, plan your honeymoon, or explore its beauties with your friends or family. Besides its natural wonders and jaw-dropping beaches, Milos has various archaeological sights and monuments that have shaped its past and present. The internationally known Venus de Milo and the Asclepius of Milos are some of the most prominent monuments found on the island. Its rich historical past, volcanic minerals, and strategic naval location, which used to be favourable to pirates, are still reflected today. Milos's history begins in the Bronze Age, around 15,000 years ago, when the extraction and trade of obsidian flourished on the island. The first settlement on Mylos was Phylakopi, which was one of the most significant prehistoric cities in the Aegean. The remnants and sights you will see in the Archaeological Site of Phylakopi represent three major millennia, from the early Cycladic period to the Minoan, and the Mycenaean. Milos, of course, was also influenced by the Romans and the Byzantines, and there are still some sights preserved on the island, such as the Catacombs of Milos, old chapels, and the Venetian Castle of Milos. With such interesting historical sights to discover, the old mines and the Mining Museum to visit, and volcanic trails to explore, Milos is a truly unique gem able to create lots of new experiences that will be etched on your memory!

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Even though Milos is a relatively small island it has plenty of fishing villages, picturesque inland villages, and overall charming areas to visit. The capital of the island is Plaka and it’s situated above the port with its characteristic being the white and blue colours dominating its paved alleys and Cycladic-style houses. Plaka is divided between the old town and the new town, with the old town having most of the attractions, including the Venetian Castle of Plaka and the Archaeological Museum of Milos. Plaka can be a great place to stay on the island as it offers many accommodation options but also multiple sightseeing and nearby beaches to visit, such as the sandy beach of Plathiena which is a must-visit for snorkelling enthusiasts. Plathiena Beach is a crescent-shaped beach surrounded by rocky cliffs and a sandy shore. You'll find a lively beach bar that rents umbrellas and sunbeds to visitors. Other villages to visit, stay in, and go sightseeing are Klima and Tripiti. Klima is one of the most beautiful villages on Milos located 3 km away from Plaka, set on a seaside location. The village and its beach are very small but the colourful traditional houses along its shore, its serene atmosphere, as well as Astakas Cafe Restaurant for lunch or dinner, make Klima a captivating location.

You can get to Tripiti from Klima in 20 minutes by foot using the stairs leading to the Catacombs of Milos. It’s a nice shortcut to take if you don’t mind going up the stairs. The famous Catacombs of Milos are an important early Christian monument dating from the 5th century AD. It was first used as a necropolis and later as a place of worship and shelter from raids. When you are in Tripiti, a visit to this ancient monument, as well as a visit to the Ancient Theatre of Milos, will make you delve deeper into the island’s history. These astonishing marble ruins date back to the Hellenistic era and apart from being a nice sightseeing tour, you’ll also enjoy perfect views of Klima. The site is near the location where the Venus de Milo was found, and there’s a replica at the exact same spot. A great walk you can do from Tripiti is to the Holy Chapel of Prophet Elias, especially during sunset to admire the breathtaking views of the Aegean. If you’re looking for hotels and apartments to stay in Tripiti, try checking Eiriana Luxury Suites, Georgia Rooms Milos, and Zanart Maisonette, which are great for large families and friends.

Amazing Things to Do on Milos

⦿ Go on a half-day or full-day sailing cruise around Milos to discover its hidden coves, swim in the emerald clear waters, and learn history from the locals. You will get to witness with your own eyes the natural wonder of Sikia Cave, Kleftiko bay, Poliegos, and, of course, Sarakiniko shipwreck and its caves, which used to provide shelter to pirates. Some of the best providers of sailing tours and cruises in Milos are Excellent Yachting, Horizon Yachts, and Polco Sailing.

⦿ Ready to taste local wines and mouthwatering snacks? Kostantakis Winery offers an extensive wine-tasting experience and a tour of their vineyard. They also have rooms and suites for rent, as well as the Milos Cave Winery, where you will taste different wines and try amazing cheese and local produce in a lovely garden.

⦿ Go on a hiking tour around Milos's dormant volcanoes, Fyriplaka and Trachila. The volcanoes have been inactive for the past 90,000 years, but fumaroles and geological volcanic formations are still visible in many parts of Milos. In Thiorichia, the smell and yellow colour of sulfur are particularly dominant. Moreover, hot springs and thermal waters can be found in Alykes, Gerakas, and Paliochori, which is also proof of the once-active volcano.

⦿ There are many splendid beaches on Milos, but the must-sees are situated in the southern part of the island. Fyriplaka Beach, Tsigrado Beach, and Gerakas Beach have gained a place in the hearts of many. Gerakas Beach is only accessible by boat, which you can take from nearby Agia Kiriaki, but the two others are accessible via a steep path. In Gerakas, you will be overwhelmed by the sand slides above the beach and its crystal-clear turquoise waters. Try finding the thermal spots while swimming in the sea. You can get to Tsigrado via a rope ladder, which is an adventure on its own! If you prefer experiencing the beaches aboard a boat, Zefiros Boat Tours offers organized and individual boat tours and cruises to all three beaches. Fyriplaka Beach is your go-to spot for a unique sundowner!

⦿ Are you an outdoor enthusiast and want to experience Milos by sea? Kayak rentals are widely available in Milos and you’ll get to experience the bays and hidden coves at your own pace while also working out! Most people prefer to go kayaking in the south part of Milos, with a great starting point being Thiorichio, which used to be an old sulfur mine or Paleohori Beach.

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Milos is one of those Cyclades islands that will steal your heart as soon as you step foot on the port. Its authentic island vibe has become widely famous as it combines the sea, sun, nature, and tradition. The island can offer the ultimate relaxation vacation for those coming with their couple and seeking privacy but also a lively holiday with many options of bars, restaurants, and some clubs. There aren’t many tourist hotspots on Milos and this is one of the things that make visitors choose the island for their holidays. Both couples and families who want to stay in an Aegean-style whitewashed villa or suite, walk in the bougainvillea-adorned alleys, taste local food, and swim in the azure seas, plan their holiday on Milos either by car or by boat. Most travellers choose to rent a car on Milos and go on a cruise or boat tour to the non-accessible beaches and sights. Driving in Milos is relatively easy, the distances are short, and most roads are paved. There are, however, some dirt and narrow roads but if you’re an experienced and careful driver, you can go everywhere in Milos. You can choose to rent a Jeep, SUV, minivan, and many more types of vehicles from our extensive car rental list. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance as well as a friendly staff to assist you any time of the day. Driving in Milos is fun and enjoyable, and you will get to see and do many things on the island when hiring a car. You can easily tour around the island as the distances are short, e.g. a 1-hour drive from Xilokeratia to Pollonia. The scenery you’ll encounter is breathtaking, with the deep blue sea, the white colours, rock formations, and the scrubby hills being dominant everywhere on the island. Milos is a truly unique island even though it shares many similarities with the other Cyclades islands. Its aura, volcanic nature, and hospitable people distinguish Milos from its neighbouring islands. Try to spend at least a week in Milos and prepare yourself for the ultimate Aegean experience!

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There are many accommodation options in Milos, as well as a number of activities you can do during the day. The west part of Milos is less visited than its east part, but it still has many attractions, remote beaches, family-run tavernas, and small rooms to let. An amazing must-visit beach, for adventure hunters, is Vani Beach, situated in the northwest part of Milos. It’s preferable to have a Jeep or 4x4 in order to get there, as you’ll have to follow a dirt road leading to the beach. Otherwise, you can park your car and then continue for 15 minutes on foot. Vani is like a small Grand Canyon in Milos with its odd shape, volcanic colours and spectacular rock formations, which make it worth the climb. It’s an overall mystical place which used to be a manganese mine. Moreover, the whole area there used to be right in the heart of the volcano.

Other great beaches nearby are Kalogria and Agathia. Kalogria is only reachable by boat and has ultra-clean turquoise waters to swim in or go snorkelling. The volcanic hot lava rocks surrounding the beach add an extra touch of beauty to the area. Agathia Beach is an isolated beach with no beach facilities, perfect for those seeking relaxation. The road to get there is like driving into the desert, and when you arrive, you’ll face a short strip of sand surrounded by scrubby land. It’s an excellent beach for naturists and for those who want to be away from the crowds, bronzing in the sun or reading a book below the shade of the umbrella. Keep in mind that the road can be tricky in many parts, so it’s preferable to rent an ATV or an off-road car. Another must-see beach but also with a challenging switchback road to get there is Triades Beach. Triades is composed of three sandy coves surrounded by rocks, shrubs, and wild vegetation. The feeling you’ll experience while getting there is like finding heaven on earth. Pristine beaches, soft sand, and crystal-clear waters are perfect for snorkelling and naturism. It’s also the ideal place for those who want to do coastal walks through the rocks. It’s definitely worth the visit and doable with a conventional car, but you will have to park your car 1.5 km before arriving at the first beach and continue on foot.

Car Rental Milos Port

The first thing you’ll see when arriving in Milos is its picturesque, colourful port with the whitewashed houses, blue-domed church, and Aegean aura. Milos Port is the main tourist hub of Milos, where you’ll find most hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. Browsing in the small shops, roaming around its streets, and having a cup of coffee or breakfast at a cosy café are some of the things you can do in the port town of Adamantas. You can also go sightseeing as there are many places of interest worth a visit here. For instance, if you’re religious or you like visiting churches and monasteries, the Ecclesiastical Museum in Agia Triada Church features great collections of icons, books, iconostases, wood carvings, and more.

The port town is very interesting to wander around and have some food, but if you’re not in a rush or if you don’t want to stay near the port, Milos has plenty of seaside villages and beautiful locations to stay in. If you’re on a night out and you’re looking for a traditional small-plate taverna, head to Ell’Oinon. Here, you will choose between a list of local plates, traditional Greek dishes, and small plates, otherwise known as mezedes. In the summer, you might also find live music, which will give you a better grasp of what Greek island nights are like. Generally speaking, Milos has now become a popular island preferred by many Greeks and Europeans for their holidays. This has created an expansion of its tourist facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, and residences built on the island, but the island still manages to preserve its character. No matter what kind of holidays you want to experience in Milos, luxurious or simple but elegant, the island has the potential to offer what you seek. Always keep in mind to be respectful of the environment and pick up your rubbish from the beaches. The locals are very friendly, and there’s an overall welcoming atmosphere. You’ll feel that as soon as you step foot on Milos Port!

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Milos is one of those Aegean islands that favours outdoor activities that can be done independently or in a group. The most well-rated service providers for outdoor and sea activities are Milos Experience, WeBikeMilos, Polco Sailing Cruises, and Milos Accommodations. If you book a tour with these travel agencies, you’ll get to experience guided cruises around Milos and go on biking tours, hiking, and jeep tours. When choosing a guided tour, you’ll get to learn more information about the island’s history and natural environment, as well as get a more tailored experience according to your needs. If you feel you want to visit the island at your own pace and more independently, there are various trails you can take and online guides you can consult. For example, if you prefer hiking to go to Kleftiko, the famous pirates’ hideout, there’s a trail you can take below the Monastery of St. John Siderianos or north from Xilokeratia. You can park your car in the parking area and then follow the downhill trail for 30 minutes. The trail is steep and rocky and the uphill trail will take you around 40 minutes because of the elevation gain. Remember to bring supplies, water, and wear your trainers to go down to Kleftiko. Of course, a hat and sunglasses are highly recommended, as well as a scuba mask for exploration of the cave. There are various easy-to-moderate hikes you can do on Milos, but it’s always preferable to look for information on the internet before getting to a place. Some beaches and off-the-beaten-track spots have tricky unpaved roads that might be dangerous for a conventional car to drive upon. Most travel agencies offer tailor-made private tours or for larger groups, which can take you to several places of interest in Milos. You can’t visit everything within a day, but you can go on a guided sailing tour for the non-accessible attractions, such as Sykia Cave, and plan to visit other sights independently.

Car Rental Pollonia Milos

Pollonia is a coastal village situated on the northeastern side of Milos. This lovely and quiet resort town is a favourite destination in Milos for those who want to stay in a boutique hotel and have close proximity to the golden sand beach. Pollonia is the second largest village in Milos and got its name from an ancient temple of Apollo, which used to be on the east side of the village. Pollonia has well-developed tourist facilities, and it is one of the most visited areas on the island. Its wide selection of hotels, apartments, restaurants, tavernas, and bars, make it a go-to destination for those who want to have everything nearby. The village is characterized by its typical Cycladic architecture, a picturesque small port, and a coastline lined up with tavernas and cafes. The main Pollonia Beach is quiet and lined up with tamarisk trees. You’ll find beach facilities along the golden stretch of sand as well as a great diving center offering courses and scuba diving equipment for both beginners and professionals. The waters in Pollonia Beach are clear and shallow, so it’s the ideal option for families with children.

In general, it’s a peaceful traditional settlement and even during the high season, Pollonia doesn’t get overcrowded. The other Pollonia Beach on the north tip of the settlement has many seaside restaurants and tavernas but it’s also great for a quick dip. A nice coastal walk you can take from there is to the picturesque chapel of St. Nicholas. The white and blue chapel overlooks the bay, creating a picture-perfect scenery and providing the ideal spot to watch the sunrise. From the small harbour of Pollonia, you can also get the ferry to neighbouring Kimolos island. The ferry takes half an hour to arrive at Kimolos and has frequent routes during summer. If you have some extra time, at least 2 days, Kimolos is a must-see, similar to Milos but in its own unique way.

Unique Stays in Pollonia

⦿ Captain Zeppos Boutique Suites features colourful suites decorated according to the Cycladic architecture. It is situated near the picturesque harbour and offers magnificent views and a superior but simple luxury. Perfect for couples in romance!

⦿ Delmar Apartments & Suites offers 6 fully-equipped rooms and suites as well as 3 amazing premium villas. They also offer outdoor activities in cooperation with local agencies as well as wine-tasting experiences and massage therapies.

⦿ Melian Boutique Hotel & Spa is a 4-star hotel offering sea view suites, a spa, exceptional services, and a lovely bar for delicious cocktails. It is the perfect romantic getaway for a newly married couple who want to experience a unique honeymoon on Milos.

⦿ Nefeli Sunset Studios is a well-rated 3-star hotel offering modern and spacious rooms and suites in a charming and warm environment. It is one of the most affordable but quality hotels to stay in Pollonia. Ideal for families, couples, and friends.

⦿ Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel built amid olive groves and offering breathtaking vistas of Pollonia. The service and staff here are hospitable and helpful and will be here to assist you at any moment. The contemporary design, upscale services, and magnificent suites with plunge pool and balcony are some of the things that will make your stay unforgettable.

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