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Welcome to a city with a great history and a rich cultural heritage. Historically known as Constantinople, numerous architectural wonders and remnants of the former empires still stand imposing here. Discover hidden gems and explore the city that connects Europe to Asia from the comfort of your Imperial vehicle!

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İstanbul is, for many, their preferred city for leisure, holidays, and seaside trips. This is because its charming atmosphere, cultural and historical depth, and modern neighborhoods resonate well with emotion and interest, thus attracting many different types of visitors. This diverse and bustling city welcomes you to discover some of the world’s most notable architectural structures and churches, as well as a vibrant city life with many secrets and surprises for you to uncover. So, it makes sense to rent a car and drive to Istanbul’s districts, seaside villages, wetlands, or verdant natural areas. Imperial Car Rental takes care of your needs wherever you are located in Istanbul and offers exclusive car hire services and well-maintained vehicles to provide you with enjoyable vacations and unforgettable experiences.

There are numerous areas and sights of interest in this diverse city, but if you’re visiting during summer and looking for an authentic and tranquil seaside village, then Ağva is the place for you. Located 100 km away from Istanbul’s center, this resort town combines multiple choices, from beach-hopping to woodland areas and from river escapades to trekking routes. Situated on the Black Sea Coast and right in between Göksu River and Yeşilçay River, Ağva is your go-to destination if you’re a true nature enthusiast but also if you want to visit pristine, untouched beaches. Hiking the Kurfalli route is recommended, which will take you into the forests and along the riverbanks of Göksu, finally ending up near the Black Sea coast. There are many beautiful beaches around the area, the most unique being the hidden cove of Rainbow Beach, Agva Beach, and Karacaköy Bay. Consider spending a day or two in the area to drive along the coast and discover numerous coves and seaside restaurants offering fresh seafood and freshly caught fish. One of the best restaurants in the area, for lunch or dinner, is Agva Liman Restaurant, which specializes in seafood and salads; it is recommended to try smoked mussels, grilled fish of the day, and Turkish raki.

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Some of the most unique historical structures of the past in İstanbul include Hagia Sofia, the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Walls of Constantinople. The iconic Cathedral of Constantinople has experienced lots of conquests and changes, but it still stands imposing in the historic center of Istanbul. The former church, and currently a mosque, was built in 537 AD by the Roman Emperor Justinian and was an Orthodox church for many centuries until it was converted to a Catholic church after the Fourth Crusade. In 1261, it became an Orthodox church again and then converted to a mosque after the Ottoman conquest. The church is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and featured the largest interior space when it was completed. It was an important architectural achievement of the Byzantine Empire, apart from being the most significant religious center of the Eastern Orthodox Church for nearly a thousand years. Its impressive interior decorations include mosaics, marble doors, vaults, urns, loggia, historical figures, hagiographies, and an overall dominating world of colors, architecture, and history.

Another significant and imposing landmark in the city is the Topkapı Sarayı or the Seraglio. It is a large museum and library that served as the main residence and administrative center of the Ottoman Empire from the 15th to the 19th centuries. The palace was used for four hundred years until the construction of Dolmabahçe Palace in the mid-1800s. Topkapi Palace comprises the Imperial Gate, four courtyards, and the Imperial Harem, each of them housing galleries, mosques, palace kitchens, kiosks, pavilions, towers, historic gates, and multiple collections. An 8-minute walk away from Topkapi will take you to the impressive six-minaret Blue Mosque or the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The Blue Mosque was built in 1609, and it is an Ottoman imperial mosque that is still functioning to the present day. It was constructed according to traditional Ottoman architecture, and it is an exemplary monument of this era. Some of the most impressive features of the religious complex include the domed mosque, the courtyard, the prayer hall, and the blue-painted decorated interior dominated by Iznik tiles and floral patterns. Explore the rich historical past of Istanbul and its numerous landmarks and rent a car to minimize travel time within the center.

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İstanbul is Turkey’s largest city as well as the most populous city in the EU. It served as the country’s imperial capital for 1,600 years and was given several names, the most notable ones being Byzantium and Constantinople. Nowadays, Istanbul surpassed several EU cities in terms of tourism and has received more visitors than London in 2023. Spanning across the Bosporus Strait and connecting Europe and Asia, as well as the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Istanbul has played a crucial part in history, culture, and civilization, not only for Turkey but for the whole world’s history. Many of Istanbul's historic areas have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985, including Hagia Sophia, the Walls of Constantinople, and the Hippodrome of Constantine.

İstanbul is the historic and cultural hub of Turkey but also the most westernized city in the country. Visitors from all around the world want to visit Istanbul to get a glimpse of its vibrant life but also discover the landmarks of its long-lasting and glorious history. Archaeological excavations in the region prove that Istanbul’s history started from the Neolithic era, around the 6th millennium BCE, with numerous findings, such as the Fikirtepe mound, revealed from that period. Are you visiting Istanbul during the summer? Then, consider taking the ferry from Bostanci or Beşiktaş districts, which will take you to the Princes’ Archipelago in the Sea of Marmara. Adalar district forms part of Istanbul province and is the least populous district of the city, consisting of nine small islands. Büyükada is the largest island and the one accepting most tourists, and Tavşan is the smallest one of the cluster of islands.

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Fatih is the heart of Istanbul’s European side and the most well-known district not only in Turkey but on a global level. Fatih encompasses fifty-seven neighborhoods, the historic city center, and the majority of old Constantinople landmarks. Historic Byzantine quarters are situated in Fatih, as well as the Theodosian walls to the west and the Bosphorus Strait to the east. There is a variety of things to do and see here that there’s no chance you get bored, no matter your age, taste, or budget. It is recommended to visit the Yedikule Dungeons Museum, the Basilica Cistern, and the whole area around Topkapi, encompassing Hagia Eirini Orthodox Church.

The 14th-century fortified historic fortress of Yedikule is a must-see for history lovers. The museum is comprised of several towers, including one that visitors can ascend to enjoy a panoramic view of Istanbul. While the museum primarily features ruins, the Golden Gate is a standout attraction, offering a unique sight. The Basilica Cistern is another important landmark that visitors often overlook, but it’s a true historical wonder situated near Sultanahmet Camii. It's a testament to Istanbul's rich history and is definitely a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the less conventional attractions of the city. Overall, with such astonishing attractions and not-to-be-missed experiences, Fatih is definitely one of Istanbul’s best districts to stay or visit for a few days. Hotels and apartments are abundant in the area, so there’s no chance you won’t find a room or apartment to let. Complete your Fatih visit with a reliable car rental and you’re good to go!

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