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İstanbul Airport receives more than 70 million passengers and serves more than 105 countries making it one of the busiest airports worldwide. Book your flight and car rental at Istanbul Airport and experience the city worry-free.

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Low-Cost Rental Car İstanbul Airport

Low-Cost Rental Car İstanbul Airport
Economy Automatic (B3)
Renault Clio Automatic
€23 / day

Istanbul Airport Rent a Car Free Delivery

Istanbul Airport Rent a Car Free Delivery
Full Size SUV Automatic (K3)
Hyundai Tuscon Automatic
€64 / day

Professional Car Rentals Istanbul Airport

Professional Car Rentals Istanbul Airport
Medium Family (C1)
Citroen C-Elysee
€20 / day

İstanbul Havalimanı Auto Rental Offers

İstanbul Havalimanı Auto Rental Offers
Compact SUV Automatic (G3)
Fiat Egea Cross Automatic
€44 / day

Rent a Car Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport, or İstanbul Havalimanı, is the main and the largest airport serving Istanbul. It is located on the European side of Istanbul in the district of Arnavutköy. Istanbul Airport was inaugurated in October 2018, and all passenger services began to operate gradually in June 2018. The new airport was built because the previous international Atatürk Airport couldn’t meet the increasing needs of passengers and needed more capacity but away from the city. The new location of the airport is in the north of Istanbul’s center in a 7,600-hectare area within a state-owned woodland. Istanbul Airport’s construction is not yet fully completed and is divided into four stages. The first and second stages entail the construction and operation of the airport’s terminal, runways, technical specifications, taxiways, indoor parking, passenger services, etc. Even though there is sufficient ground transport at the airport, the most affordable and reliable way to move around is by car hire. Like this, you will get your bearings easily and without dealing with time limitations. So, plan wisely, book your Imperial car from Istanbul Airport, and live the ultimate driving experience!

Car Hire Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Atatürk Airport was Istanbul's principal airport until Istanbul Airport opened in 2018. It was noted for its proximity to the city, but its capacity was restricted, making it unable to accommodate the expanding demand for air travel. Istanbul Airport (IST) is Turkey's newest and largest airport, located in the Arnavutköy area on the European side of Istanbul. It was built to replace Atatürk Airport and has much more capacity, with intentions to become the world's largest airport. Istanbul Airport is a recently constructed airport with modern amenities such as duty-free stores, lounges, restaurants, and cafes, making it an ideal spot to spend time during layovers or delays.

Furthermore, it is intended to manage enormous numbers of passengers and planes, resulting in a very efficient airport and an attention-to-detail service. Its innovative technologies and cutting-edge equipment help expedite operations, minimize wait times, and improve the entire passenger experience. For this reason, the airport has received numerous awards since its inauguration in 2019, including "Best Airport in Southern Europe" and "World's Best New Airport" at the Skytrax World Airport Awards in 2020. These awards honor the airport's excellent services, amenities, and facilities. Keep in mind that İstanbul Havalimanı is a massive airport, and you’ll have to allow yourself plenty of time to walk across the airport and reach your gate. No matter what you choose to do and wherever you want to drive after your arrival at Istanbul Airport, Imperial Car Rental takes care of your needs and offers fantastic benefits, such as a no excess policy, 24/7 roadside assistance, and no need for a deposit or for credit card payments.

Car Rental in İstanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport will be fully operational at the end of 2027 and will have a total passenger capacity of approximately 150 million passengers. Moreover, the area of its terminal building made it one of the world’s biggest airport terminals, able to serve approximately 80 million passengers. İstanbul Havalimanı has one massive terminal serving domestic and international flights and five runways. It has a high level of security, extensive cargo flights and operations, as well as numerous passenger facilities and services, including a mosque. It is currently one of the most well-expanded airports in terms of land area, services, and passenger capacity. As expected, it was one of the busiest worldwide airports in 2022, according to Airports Council International. It is also rated a 5-star airport in terms of the range of services and facilities provided. Multiple major airlines fly to and from the airport to central EU and worldwide destinations year-round. Some of the major airlines mostly operating in Istanbul Airport are Turkish Airlines, Red Wings, Wizz Air, Emirates, Iraqi Airways, and more.

If you have sufficient time and energy when you arrive at Istanbul Airport, you can take your rental car and drive to Yenikoy Beach, which is located on the Black Sea shoreline and is a short drive away from the airport. If you’re there during summer, you can benefit from a nice refreshing swim and enjoy the sunset while chilling out on the pebbly shore. Keep in mind that it can get windy and create strong waves, so consider checking the weather forecast before driving there.

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