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Lavrio port town welcomes you to explore its ancient mines, pristine beaches, and authentic seafood tavernas. Whether you’re visiting Lavrio with your Imperial car rental or you’ve just arrived at Lavrio port, this coastal town will reward you with its island-like atmosphere and interesting activities.

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Lavrio, or Laurium, is a coastal town in southeastern Attica, and it was also an important town during the Classical era. This was due to silver mining used for coinage and for financing the Athenian naval fleet. The mines in Lavrion were one of the primary sources of income for the powerful Athens city-state. Another important landmark of Lavrio is the westernmost island of the Cyclades, Makronisos. Makronisos was notorious for being a concentration camp for Communist party members. In 2019, the whole island of Makronisos was declared an archaeological site by the Ministry of Culture. Nowadays, Lavrio boasts modern shops, restaurants, and cafes, and its streets are dotted with palm trees. There are also numerous archaeological sites and neoclassical buildings to visit and admire in Lavrion. The Old Machine Shop and Foundry, the Ancient Theatre of Thorikos, and the ancient silver mines, among others, are some of the must-see sites you should visit in Lavrion. So, if you have some days in Lavrio before boarding your ferry or airplane or if you’ve just arrived from your trip, consider dedicating a few days to discovering the area. With our professional and trustworthy car rental services, your holidays in Lavrio will be unforgettable!

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Lavrio’s convenient location in proximity to the sea, the airport, and its homonymous port makes it ideal for exploring mainland Attica as well as the islands. Lavrio Port is the third largest port in Attica and serves many ferry routes to the Cyclades and to the islands of Northeastern Aegean. Lavrio Port is small, but there are regular ferry routes from May to late September and fewer routes during autumn and winter. The port is near Lavrio’s main town, and you can follow Mikis Theodorakis Avenue to reach it. Make sure to grab something to eat before your departure or after your arrival. Near the beautiful park of Finikodasos, which means palm forest, you will find Steakhouse Christos, where you can enjoy souvlaki, gyros, or burgers with a cold pint. A walk in the exotic Finikodasos will make you feel like you’re in the tropics. These palm trees were planted in 1880 and form an important part of Lavreotiki’s municipality and history. If you haven’t booked your accommodation in Lavrio yet, make sure to check Palmtrees Cottage, which is a great place to stay with your family if you seek calm but also want to be near Lavrio’s city center.

On a sunny day, you can take your car and drive to explore Lavrio’s beaches. Head south towards Kato Posidonia and consider making a stop at the ruins of the 19th-century lighthouse of Fonias. Near the lighthouse, you will find Pountazeza Beach, which is a half-organized sandy beach with clear waters to swim in. One of the nicest beaches in Lavrion is Limani Passa Beach, situated near the top-rated Camping OSYO. The waters here are shallow and warm, so it’s ideal for children. You can either relax at the beach bar and rent loungers and umbrellas or bring your own and choose a more remote part of the beach. There are more beaches to explore near Lavrio that you can easily find from the comfort of your car. With our unlimited kilometers and fair fuel policy, you can drive to any destination around Lavrio worry-free. We always strive to provide excellent services to our customers, and we’re here to assist you at any time of the day. So, wait no more, and discover Lavrio and its surroundings with our Imperial vehicles!

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Lavrio is full of attractions and archaeological sites, so if you are a history lover, you will find plenty of things to do here. For instance, after having your coffee and breakfast at Bouf Coffee & Brunch, take your car and drive to the mining remains of Soureza. Soureza and other mining areas and archaeological sites are part of the pine forest of the National Park of Sounio. The Lavrio-Sounio National Park is one of the smallest in Greece but contains several species of fauna and flora and has been widely used in the past for mining lead and silver. For this reason, the park can be considered an ancient open-air museum and geological park. It is an impressive area with ancient underground mining works and mainly with complexes of washing facilities for hydromechanical ore enrichment.

There are many hikes you can do from here in order to make the most out of the area. The paths around most of the ruins are well laid out and easy to walk on. Near Soureza, you will find the archaeological site of the silver mines of Lavreotiki, the Asklipiakon metallurgic workshop, the Mining Railway Bridge Lavriotiki, and the Marble Quarry of Agrileza. In the valley of Agrileza, about 4 km north of the cape of Sounio, you’ll find the quarries from which the marble was mined to construct the temple of Poseidon and Athena in Sounio. These sites are truly impressive and well worth the visit if you have the whole day to dedicate touring around. It is preferable to go early in the morning because most hikes are exposed to the sun, especially if you’re in Lavrio during summer. Try to dedicate at least 4 hours to sightseeing, and after your tour, go straight to the beach for a refreshing swim!

Lavrio Top Activities To Do

⦿ The Chaos Chasm, or Egoilon Chaos, is a unique geological formation referring to a huge crater. This monument of nature is 55 m deep, and it was probably created by the collapse of the roof of a large cave during the Quaternary geological period. Rock, shale, and limestone zones are visible in the chasm.

⦿ The Ancient Mines of Lavrion are an excellent place to combine walking and knowledge. You will learn more about ancient Greek technology and the mining process and take a closer look at the mining washes. The routes around the site are easy, and the signs inform you a lot about the utility and the purpose of each building. You will mostly see water collection tanks, cisterns, ancient large purification workshops, and various other structures.

⦿ The Archaeological Museum of Lavrion is a must-visit if you wish to delve into the ancient history of Lavreotiki. You will admire a variety of exhibits from the mines, marble structures, and interesting collections, among others. The museum covers an extensive period, from 5000 BC until the 6th century AD.

⦿ Another interesting place to visit is the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrion. Here, you will deepen your knowledge about minerals, ores, and metals. The museum has an extensive collection of metals, minerals, tools, and machinery.

⦿ The renowned Temple of Poseidon is a 15-minute drive away, and it’s one of Greece’s most important archaeological attractions. This 5th-century BCE temple will fill you with awe and knowledge about the ancient Greek world. It is better to visit in the afternoon to enjoy a breathtaking sunset!

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